JSPM: NWDI-controlled SC in REVISE due to SC Version Error

Hello, We are still very new to working with the J2EE Engine and NWDI, so naturally we are finding our way through our mistakes.  We are in the process of implementing Enterprise Portal for ESS/MSS, and we have made some custom modifications to both

JSPM Error

Dear All, 1.  I am trying to patch enterprise portal 7 . I have downloaded the sp-stack and xml file . At the time of sp-statck I have choosen the target - SAP NETWEAVER 7.0-19(06/2009 ) and in the source  system---- 14(01/2008) Q.1 - What is 14 (01/

SP-Stacks 10 theough JSPM in NW2004s

Hi,    I have installed NW2004s and my Support Package Stack level is 9 & now i am tring to update it to SP-Stacks through JSPM but at check Queue i am error in KERNEL & Status is REVISE. Details Messages: Kernel with support package

Can Disk Utility get SMART status from external drives?

I recently updated my backup plan with a NewerTech quad-interface dock and a WD Caviar Green hd. I'm using the FW800 interface to connect to my iMac (10.6.7) Everything works perfectly, as expected. I noticed, though, that Disk Utility cannot report

Application install starts but status is failed

Hi guys, I'm running into an issue where I'm deploying Microsoft Office 2010 Pro and although the install starts the status in Software Center is "Failed". Once application finishes installing and I click on "Reply" button status chang

Check Deposit List - cannot post Processing status not correct

Hi Expert, I was trying the edit a check deposit list and I encountered error message during save. "Cannot post. processing status not correct." Procedure: Go into statement/list processing and save again. The processing status is then changed t

VTP (revision numbers) and one client not getting updates

Hello. Somewhere along the line one of our switches (3750x) got messed up. Once they were finally configured about 6 months ago we never touched them again. I noticed yesterday when I created a new vlan it was not getting populated to one of our swit

Versioing: CVS Status not displaying new repository files

I did some quick searches and did not find this in the forum. Hopefully it is not a duplicate. If so, please point me to the original thread. We have a multi-developer project underway with Creator. We are using CVS for the shared source repository.

SMART status failing on a WD Scorpio Black WD3200BEKT 320GB 7200 RPM

I just recently purchased a Western Digital Scorpio Black WD3200BEKT 320GB 7200 RPM drive to put in my 1st Gen MacBook Pro. Ever since installing the drive, I've had random beach balls happen usually when there is a fair amount of disk I/O. Thinking

Send back the report for revision in BPF

Hi all, I have a scenario to create BPF 1.I have one report and user 1 make changes to that report and submit to BPC 2.i have a manager who have two options either to send back the report for revision or to approve it. How can i proceed wit the secon


Hi Gurus, We are in the process of upgrading our BI JAVA Production system (HA Cluster Mode) to EHP1 SPS 04 for NW 7. We have BI ABAP + DB running on hsap1 and BI JAVA running on hsap2 with common DB for BI ABAP and BI JAVA (MCOD Installation). We ha

[svn] 4463: Use svn: ignore to suppress some new build output from appearing in 'svn status'.

Revision: 4463 Author: [email protected] Date: 2009-01-08 18:33:41 -0800 (Thu, 08 Jan 2009) Log Message: Use svn:ignore to suppress some new build output from appearing in 'svn status'. AIR SDK Readme.txt frameworks/projects/air lib/fxgutils.jar modu

Battery status + drive clicking

Hi, I need to know if there is a systematic problem with the battery before I lose income by taking it in for a service. The battery status is random and goes all over the place. Sometimes it shows 10:00, then 4:49 then drops to 3:30 then i go look a

How can I implement a status bar at the bottom of a resizable application?

Hello all, I am a JavaFx newbie and I am implementing an application (a Sokoban game), with a menu at the top of the frame and a gaming area covering the rest of the frame. To support the game, I have to load images at certain positions in the gaming

Macbook pro 17" 3g battery status indicator stuck on 100%

Battery status indicator stuck on 100% Worked normaly until today resetting smc does not help Battery Information:   Model Information:   Serial Number:          9G95201YS4M0A   Manufacturer:          DP   Device name:          bq20z951   Pack Lot Co

Programmatically retrieve revision # from Perforce?

I'm starting to use scc with Perforce, and I'm interested in programmatically determining the revision number in Perforce.  I found the property to retrieve LabVIEW's revision number (essentially how many times it has been saved), but I need to get P


An error occured during the execution of JSPM_MAIN phase You can find more information in the log file /usr/sap/<SID>/DVEBMSGXX/j2ee/JSPM/log/ Can not initialize application data. Could not detect deployed components. No access to the table with sys

AP801 admin status is disable automatically after router reload

We've got cisco 887VGW with wireless AP801GN and registering to the controller 7510,  ap801 admin status is disable automatically after router reload. Is there any opportunity to fix it? AIR-CT7510-K9 os version: 7.6.100(Cisco Controller) >show sysin

Extending resource status and reason code category

Hi Experts, I have a couple of questions regarding the extensibility of status and reason codes in ME15.0 in the context of machine integration: 1. Is it save to add new status fields (records) in WIP.STATUS for STATUS_GROUP="RESOURCE"? Is there

Not heard about iPhone unlock status since received initial email, please help?

I submitted the online form to get my iPhone 5 unlocked last week and got the email to say it had been received. However, I need to find out about the status of my submission as I am going abroad this week so would like to use new sim card in my phon