Press button to execute MYSQL query on database

Hi, I was looking for a solution to this: I want to create a button in a jsp page. When a user presses the button, it executes a SQL Query on a database. There is no need to take any info from the jsp page. Is there a solution to this problem? For ex

Basic Client-Server query

I'm in the early stages of writing a client-server program. I've got the client and the server communicating (I think). I send text from the client to the server. I then want the server side BufferedReader in to be read into a variable. I've tried do

SQL Server as dehydration database

hi all, i want to use the SQL Server 2005 as a dehydration database for the BPEL that comes with the SOA, i use the data direct jdbc downloaded from the oracle site, i executed the corresponding sql server schemas located in the bpel/scrip

Accessing *.mdb from java

Hello, I�m working in an aplicattion (developed under Linux), that reads an access file and update an Oracle Database. It works under Windows, but not in Linux. I can�t install a driver, because I need to be root, so I can�t. Can anyone help me? impo

How to retrieve image from MS sqlserver2K

hi there! Using jdbc-odbc bridge to connect MS SQL2K, I can write a big file into database by prepareStatement() & setBinaryStream(). But I can't get it back to the client by using ResultSet.getBinaryStream() due to an "Invalid cursor state"

How to install downloaded JDBC drivers?

I have downloaded Do I just extract the contents to a folder and put that in my classpath or should I be using the Oracle installer (if so there is no .PRD file). Also if I am using the Thin JDBC how do I know that Oracle has a Java

Where I can download JDBC driver for AIX

Only NT and SUN Solaris JDBC drivers are available in the download area. Where I can download JDBC driver for AIX 8.1.7?What if you try deleting the /Library/Printer/EPSON and the/Library/Caches/Epson/ folders and then reinstalling the updates? The s

Unable to download JDBC drivers

Trying to download the Oracle JDBC drivers for Oracle 8i rel 2 from and cannot. Actually cannot seem to download any files from the JDBC drivers pages. To verify I also tried do

Where can I download 'V8Compatible' 9.2 JDBC Driver?

Where can I download 'V8Compatible' 9.2 JDBC Driver? My 9.2 driver translates timestamps to TO_TIMESTAMP() - which doesn't exist on 8.1.7 server. - Mike ReicheThe manifest in the driver on the downloads page says it is (from April 25,

Performance degradation in j2sdk1.4 than jdk1.3 for jdbc with oracle

Hi All I am working on performance issues regarding response time . i have upgraded my system from jdk1.3 to j2sdk1.4 . I was expecting the performance gain in terms of response time in j2sdk1.4. but to my surprise it shows varied results with my app

Cannot open & install downloaded J2SDK1.4.2._04Netbeans bundle

I downloaded J2SDK1.4.2_04Netbeans bundle OK.However when I double-click folder to open & install the image of the folder merely "flickers"! Will be grateful for any advice.I suggest that you d/l just Java, install it, then go to Netbeans si

Where can I download the working jdbc for JDev-10.1.2?

Hi! I've read a lot on this forum about the bug in JDev-10.1.2 - there are errors ora-00604 and ora-12705 in establishing connection with Oracle DB by using own jdbc. The solution of this problem is substituting jdbc from previous release JDev, for e

Where can i download oracle oci jdbc driver 1.2? some error in this page. several days.Please be more specific about the file(s) you are having trouble with. Regards, OTNRead other 2 answers

[b]Connection to Oracle DB per JDBC URGENT HELP NEEDED PLEASE![/b]

Hallo, I'm a newbie. I want to make a connection to the oracle db on the server and I have been having serious problems. See CODE and ERROR MESSAGEs below: import java.sql.*; public class SqlConnection01 {      public static void main(String[] args)

Difficulty Installing the MySQL JDBC Driver

I am trying to install mySQL JDBC driver "mysql-connector-java-2.0.14.tar.gz" to link up with the mySQL server on a Windows XP OS. The error is: Cannot find database driver classes java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver I have r

[b]JDBC help needed[/b]

Hello, I'm using Win2000 SP4 and J2SDK1.4.2_05 and I'm trying to connect to a remote server where Oracle9i ver. is installed. I have simply downloaded ojdbc14.jar into [Java_HOME]\jre\lib\exp\ directory, without setting a CLASSPATH I've wri

Loading balance/failover in JDBC

Hi experts, we have a 4 nodes oracle 10g2 RAC in linux we created a service as TNS have info for failover and loading balance as (LOAD_BALANCE = yes) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER = DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = dbservice) (FAILOVER_MODE = (TYPE = SELECT) (ME

-net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver ERROR WHILE CONNECTING TO SQL SERVER

Hi, While making a new connection to Sql Server Express Edition Database, through Oracle Sql Developer i am getting a problem when retrieving the database.The error is "-net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver" .I have downloaded the "jTDS - SQL S

How can i use the weblogic jdbc driver for sqlserver?

hello i have downloaded and installed the weblogic on my windows2000 server,then i want to use the weblogic jdbc driver for sqlserver2000 outside of the weblogic,as follow: 1 add following string to my classpath environment of the wndows2000: E:\bea\

JDBC classes too large

I created an applet just to test to execute the sqlj statements. The entire applet is using java classes except for the registration of oracle driver which is using the oracle classes. DriverManager.registerDriver (new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver