How to remotely boot into ipxe

Hi,  I am able to boot into using the bootable ipxe files. But , I am not able to boot remotely using URL. Please help me for the same.I don't understand what iPXE is, or why you would be using it, or how


Hi, using C6K5 in hybrid-mode. QOS-features for the ATM-Interfaces which is seated in a FlexWAN-Module has to be done on the MSFC. I created a map-class which matches all ipx-traffic. class-map match-any IPX-CLASS description QoS Class for IPX-Traffi

MDT 2012U1 / Windows 8 deployment - impossible to add a role when deploying windows with language pack

Hello, I am having a problem deploying Windows 8 with language packs and adding at the same time a role/feature (netfx3). What I have done is creating a Standard Client Task Sequence. In the task sequence I have added, in the State Restore phase, the

MDT to OEM PC's and Laptops

We have a small PC repair and PC supply shop Have been using MDT for a couple of years to deploy to new PC's as well as re-image customer PC's and it works fine. My issue is that when we receive a new OEM UEFI laptop that has been downgraded to Win7 

OSD with MDT reporting

Hi, we have SCCM 2012 with R2 CU3 and MDT 2013 and we recently switched to using the MDT database to import new computer information. Before we could use the built-in SCCM reports to view the status of a task sequence for a specific computer, but now

MDT 2013: bootstrap.ini not applying username and password for share access

I customized my bootstrap.ini file to skip the welcome screen, set keyboard locale, and enter a service account username and password for share access.  The welcome screen skip and keyboard locale work beautifully but it's not applying the share user

Install Roles and Features Behavior MDT 2013

I'm setting up a Task Sequence in MDT 2013 to try out installing Windows 8.1 for the first time. We need to add .NET Framework 3.5 so I thought I'd add a Install Roles and Features step in the State Restore section to take care of that. When I kick o

MDT 2012 - Application Bundle Install Issues- Logged in as Admin randomly between reboots

Hi Everyone,  We are on MDT 2012 / WDS... Moving to SCCM soon but not soon enough. A new problem started in our environment and I'm not sure if it's a networking, storage, or wds server / settings issue. The OS deployment happens completely fine, but

MDT 2013 Task Sequence return to command prompt

Hey All, I created a fresh MDT 2013 share on a 2008 R2 machine that also holds the WDS for PXE. Right after it applies DISM, it restarts back to a command prompt, my logs don't report any errors. When I type exit, the machine reboots and the task seq

MDT 2013 - Create New User

Hello, I've recently setup MDT 2013 to deploy some customized images that we deploy to student laptops, that were sysprep-ed and captured with ImageX.  I've uploaded the custom image WIM files to MDT, and setup a task sequence.  Almost everything wor

MDT 2013 - Concatenate command lines in an application?

Total noob to MDT. Have a few years experience with SCCM. My ongoing project is to create bootable media (DVD's only, no USB allowed...) to rebuild seats not attached to our network. I know one can concatenate command lines in SCCM task sequence step

Remove Persistent Network Drive Z:\MDTLogs$ after Complete Deployment through MDT

Hi  I just completed  my Windows 7 Deployment using MDT 2013. I use a Light Touch installation. After completing i log into my computer, everything looks fine. But I have a persistent Network Drive Z:\MDTLogs$(Shared folder for MDT Logs on MDT Server

MDT 2012 U1 - Windows 8 Pro and LTISuspend

Hi guys, Part way through testing our deployment for Windows 8 and I'm looking at automating the image creation with MDT (as is the best practice).  I'm trying to use LITSuspend in the task sequence to install a couple of apps that need special atten

Reorganizing Applications and Bundles in MDT 2008

I took over our MDT 2008 administration awhile back and have always wanted to do some spring cleaning of the applications and bundles in the DeploymentToolkit and to create a new folder structure a way that makes more sense to me. I'm paranoid to do

SCCM 2012 R2 & MDT 2013 OSD Refresh - BDEDrive Assigned letter

Hello, I'm having an issue with my MDT OSD refresh for Win 7 machines. I've capture a Win 7 reference image from a VM using MDT capture TS and I can successfully deploy that image to a bare metal VM using an MDT integrated SCCM TS. The disk partition

MDT 2013 Driver Import Failure

This has been happening on every version of MDT that ever existed.  Never found a solution. Newer versions of MDT have been failing more frequently. Now it fails every single time: Scanning directories for the count of INFs to import. Performing oper

MDT 2013 - Deleted Litetouch.vbs

Alright, well... stupid mistake on my part. I was trying to clear litetouch.vbs from the recent files on a Win10 technical preview, and without fully thinking about it, just selected it and hit delete. At the same point, the realization that it was a

MDT Application - Running a batch file and copy file locally without absolute path??

I have an application defined in MDT along with its respective files. One of these files is an install and needs to be run locally. How do I copy this file locally then have it run? I've used a fair amount of batch scripts so I opted for that, but ev

MDT install application fails

Hi, I'm trying to copy cmtrace to c:\windows\system32 on a Windows 2012 server as part of a task sequence. This is the applicaton quiet install line in MDT: xcopy cmtrace.exe "c:\windows\system32" /E /C /I /Q /H /R /Y /S It looks like it's succe

Install SQL Express With MDT 2012 now or wait for SCCM and full SQL Server?

We are planning to get SCCM 2012 R2 in several months and it will come with SQL Server 2012 when it is installed and configured at that time. If we would like to start experimenting with using a database in MDT 2012 now, can we go ahead and set up a