IPod Nano Freezes / Resets / Skips

My new 3rd Gen iPod Nano randomly freezes on certain videos (in the same spot EVERY time), resets in the middle of certain videos (again in the same spot EVERY time), and even skips (i mean entirely to the next song, not just a stutter) when I listen

IPod Nano freezes if powered off for 45-60 minutes

I just bought a refurb 2G nano from Apple for my daughter. It connected to my USB port right away, but after a charge we noticed it sometimes wouldn't wake up from being powered down, so I found out how to reset it. Sliding the lock switch wakes it u

What to do when my ipod nano freezes

i had plugged in my ipod into the  computer then it didnt show up on itunes so i unplugged it plugged it back in then it completely frozed wouldnt do nothingHave you tried resetting it to see if that makes any difference? How to reset iPod B-rockRead

My ipod nano 4g Randomly dies and freezes and is often unpredictable.

Hi, I am going to delete my account after I write this (to Remain anonmous). I have a serious Issue With my Ipod Black 4th Generation Nano. My Friend Had it for a couple years and he had lost it at his house just after he got it. he said he found it

New iPod nano; computer freezes; iPod says Do Not Disconnect

We purchased an iPod nano about a month ago. The very first time we hooked up the iPod it did work and we downloaded songs onto it. Since then (about 1 month) we haven't had any luck getting the iPod and computer to work together. It has charged the

Computer freezes when i connect ipod nano

I have all the upto date versions on my ipod nano and itunes. I haven't had any trouble since i started using the nano in December but in the last week every time i connect the nano to the usb port my computer screen freezes and I can't down load any

Ipod nano 3rd gen. freezez up randomly

My ipod nano 3rd gen. freezes randomly then fixes itself but now it wont show up on itunes when it is plugged unto the computer. it has done this twice now. I need to know how to fix this problem.HELP??????i have a ipod nano (2nd gen) and i just went

IPod 6th gen.  nano freezes at adding playlists

I reset iPod to factory settings, apply 2 artists for 86 songs, sync'd good. Went to apply another artist or  playlist iTunes froze up. Had to press button to restart computer for each time it freezes up. iPod Classic works fine.Do you have any bette

HT1320 my ipod nano wont charge and it freezed when i started it

hello am joao i brought my new ipod today and once i started it up my ipod just freezed and i dont know whyYou have 14 days to return the iPod Nano w/no questions asked.  Plus you have 30 days of FREE phone tech support on top of your standard 1 year

Ipod nano red Freezing all the time

Hello, i got a nice ipod nano RED 4gb for christmas. But it doesn´t seem to work very well. I loaded some music onto my ipod, but when i try to play it, it will play for like 4 mins and then it freezes...i have to force restart it to make it work aga

ITunes freezes when transferring to iPod Nano (2nd gen)

Hi All - Slightly atypical issue. I purchased a refurbished 2nd-gen iPod nano, but am having continued difficulty getting music onto it. I am not auto-synching but adding them manually. The nano connects fine, iTunes sees it fine. However, when I sta

HT1320 Ipod nano 7th generation freeze

my ipod nano 7th generation just froze and is not responding to sleep /wake button or home button. Tried plugging into power as well but the screen remains dark. pl helpHi Skaroa1! I have a website here that can walk you through some troubleshooting

Charging iPod nano issues

I have no problem updating my iPod nano. I connect easily and iTunes opens and updates the iPod. When I initially connect, the charge signal comes on. However, after updating the iPod stops charging - even though it is still connected. The only way I

Help with 6th Gen iPod Nano please

Hello, I have a 6th gen ipod nano currently for about 1 and a half years, which has been working fine as of late, but today it lost all battery completely (I had used it for the first time yesterday paired up with the Nike+ attachment). Not knowing t

Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 won't sync to 5G iPod Nano

I recently had my PC upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7.  Prior to the upgrade, all my Apple devices interfaced well with iTunes (11.0).  After the upgrade occured, I reinstalled iTunes (, imported my iTunes library file and synchronized

Several things wrong with iPod Nano [1st gen]

I have been trying to fix my friend's iPod nano but cant find the solution, several things seem to be wrong with it; every time you connect it to the computer it shows the do not disconnect sign ad then completely freezes adn you have to reset it aga

Anyone have trouble with ipod Nano earphone jacks stop working?

I have had 2 ipod Nano sice 2007 have earphone jacks that have sytopped working. My latest one was purchased in April 2010, and earphone jack stopped working 2 days ago. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks!!I have done some experimenting and testing w

IPod Updater does not recognize iPod Nano

I installed the iTunes while charging my new iPod Nano 4GB from my USB port. iPod worked and was recognized during this process. After successfull ejecting and disconnecting I got the 'Folder icon with an exclamation point' in the iPod display. I fol

Potential Ipod Nano buyer

Hi I am thinking about getting an 8gb ipod nano (the third generation). However, my friends tell me that their ipod nano 3g freeze constantly and sometimes, even resetting the ipod (by holding down two buttons do not solve it), and they literally hav

IPod Nano does not get recognized as it should

Hi I have got a problem that just popped up. The iPod itself works fine but I can not sync any longer. When I plug in my iPod Nano it does not open iTunes anymore and when I open iTunes it does not appear. It get recognized in Windows Explorer as a n