Question on P45 Platinum bios setting for "Adjust PCI Frequency (MHz)"

System: P45 Platinum updated to bios 1.6 Intel Q9400 CPU with Xigmatek Heatsink 620W PSU 8BG (2x4 slots) Cosair TWIN2X4096-8500C5D PC2-8500 1066MHz PowerColor 1GB ATI HD 3670 Video card System runs almost fine at the default setting.  As it boot to b

GT70 BIOS continued boot

Just recently got a GT70 2pc and have been having a problem that is very troublesome. While most people seemed to have trouble getting into the bios, at least from what I've read, I have trouble getting my computer to NOT boot to the bios when it sta

Need to update bios of hp 430

Hi all, i have a hp 430 dualcore notebook and its bios has been corrupted (it gives me a blank screen and capslock led glows two times between a long delay), i have found its bios on hp site, made its usb but cannot find a way to update the bios in t

MSI brought out the newer Bios?

So , if i get my new bios for my motherboard (msi KT3 ULTRA MS-6380E ) + 30.30 driver for my G4 MX 460 -VTP card will i have video in with msi's wincoder and winproducer ? ?(  thank you  g Not ther

Motherboard won't boot to bios

Hi. After completing a pc build using a A88XM-E35 board and a A8-5600K Black Edition Processor the system will not boot to the bios screen. I suspected a bios update may solve the problem so I installed a lower spec A4 processor which booted up fine

How to change my fn to ctrl in bios? i have all my info ready.

how do i set it up where my ctrl is at fnQuote from: wqtb on 26-September-10, 10:59:14 i got the email but i dont really understand what to do  i chose the first option to put the patch you sent in the email into the usb and boot it. but the FN and c

BIOS not found?

Hello, I just assembled my new computer. When I boot up, it immediately searches for "devices," and then it says "BIOS not installed." Anyone care to help? Athlon 64 3000+ MSI K8T-Neo FIS2R 2x 512 MB DDR400 ATi Radeon 9500 Pro WD 7200

MSI GT680 Bios "bug?"

Hello everyone, Firstly I want to say sorry for my english, it's not so good : ( My problem is little stupid, some time ago I noticed my notebook is staring longer, and it is because of Bios Screen. Now is the stupidest moment, so.... When I connect

T400 won't boot unless more than 50% charge after BIOS update

After updating the BIOS (which, ironically, were supposed to fix this problem I didn't have before), my T400 will not boot unless the machine is either on AC power or the battery has more then ~50% charge left. The bootup sequence will start, the BIO

MSI X99S SLI Plus - Can't find BIOS setting for enabling VT-x Virtualization

Hello, I am running the newest BIOS upgrade "MS-7885" released last month on my MSI X99S SLI Plus MB. I have a Intel 5820K CPU that supports VT-x. I am NOT able to run my VMWare workstation VMs w/o this setting enabled. I can't find it anywhere

NF980-G65 BIOS Update Nightmare!!

There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for stupidity like this!! Okay, I'm pretty sure someone or several people at MSI have their head up ass! I have an AMD 1090T x6 going into a brand new board.  The factory shipped bios is v1.2 which doesn't identify the C

Z97m 4790k infinite loop at bios code 03 with 2 sticks of RAM

Hello, Just built a computer with i7-4790k, Silverstone te01 cooler MSI Z97m Gaming MOBO    Bios 1.3 (current) 780 gtx Silverstone Strider ST75F-P   v1.1    on the haswell list.. Now the issue.  The computer will not boot with two stick of RAM. First

K8N Neo2 Platinum 1.B Latest Bios Release

I've installed the lastest Bios revision from MSI site for the model K8N Neo2 Platinum. Everything works fine, except that when I want to get into de BIOS menu after presing F2 at the POST screen, nothing happens. The cursor is blinking at the top le

G460 bios update at service center only????​555620 Recommend to visit a service center as the bios update can only be done "in-house".... As i am out of warrenty what does it mean? do i have to pay or can i do it myslef?That is exactly wh

USB keyboard not working before the OS loads after upgrading BIOS on T60...

Hi all, I have another problem with my T60. In order to try adding a fingerprint reader, I upgraded the BIOS to version 2.25 last night. The upgrade was successful but, however, my USB keyboard could not function before the OS load, not in the boot s

Changing Dedicated Video Ram in BIO's

Over the past few weeks, I have tried to change my dedicated video RAM in the BIO's, but in the advanced section, it does not contain a spot for video RAM, I have tried other tutorials on Youtube, but they don't seem to work neither, is there any way

975X Platinum PUE, 7.2 bios not detecting my SATA2 RAID?

Just bought this mobo 3 days ago and had everything working great with XP and all, until I decided to update the BIOS to 7.2 (no specific reason, just wanting the latest!). Now XP wont boot :( It goes through post and all, but it doesnt show the SATA

Satellite X200 - How to find BIOS setup for Intel Storage Matrix?

Hi everyone, I'm willing to enable the Matrix Storage feature on my Satellite X200-24X. The problem is I can't find any relevant option in the BIOS setup... Thanks !Hi The Intel Storage Manager is a driver and not an option in BIOS. The only option t

Will the Bios Update effect on Config

Hi, I have installed EPM in the virtual box, it was running fine. And later I have Updated windows BIOS. Since then Planning URL is not working, not able to see application option in workspace, essbase not able to open. your suggestions are

Set default brightness in BIOS ? x220

Hello, It would be great to have the possibility to set the default brightness level in bios (for the boot). Because max brightness can be a little agressive sometime. does this has already been discussed before ?Puppy wrote: No, it does not help. B