/pls/admin_/gateway.htm - No DAD configuration Found ?

Hi All ! For some reason I messed up my configuration and now I can't retrive the page http://myhost/pls/admin_/gateway.htm I realize that the forum may not be for PORTAL configuration but is imperative for me to fix this issue as I am testing and ge

Installing Oracle Portal

I'm trying to set up a test environment for development in Oracle Portal and I downloaded and installed Oracle 8i Release 3 (8.1.7) and then installed Oracle Portal after that. When I try to access my site at I get

Installed 9iAS, but what is the URL? and Port?

How do I know what the URL is? Is there a specific place where I can look for it? I remember it didn't ask for any port number or anything. I got a screen explaining the following: 1) 9iAS portal home page http://<machine>:port/pls/<portal_dad>

Unable to edit listener gateway settings

I am unable to edit listener gateway settings. The response is you do not have enought privilages to perform this operation. I have tried using both dad_admin and sso_admin users both have failed. How should i proceed. Any help would be appreciated.

Please help to install oracle and 9iAS

please check the sequence : oracle 8.1.7 9ias 3.0 winnt 4.0 sp5 installation on one machine : product path 1. winnt : ----> c:\winnt 2. sp5 3. explorer 5.5 4. oracle 8.7 -----> d:\oracle\ora81 5. 9ias -----> d:\oracle\isuites error encounter [1]

OAS and PL/SQL cartridges

I installed the PL/SQL web toolkit into our database and it seems to have crashed all of the OAS listeners. When I use the "owsctl start" command, I now get the following error: Error initializing CORE Please check if the ORACLE_HOME is set corr

WebDB and Apache

I am trying to install and configure WebDB to work with Apache server and have a few questions. My system is Red Hat 5.2 with Oracle 8.0.5. 1)Should the port number for WebDB install be the same or different from the port number used by Apache server

ERR: Intermedia Searches in Portal

Currently we are able to perform one search with Intermedia, it works great. Then, if we try to perform additional searches we get one of several errors. After about half an hour of not searching, but making no other changes to the server - we can do

Web enabling custom packages

I have created a custom package in apps schema and granted execute rights to public on the package. Now when i am trying to execute that package i am getting Basic login screen. How do I web enable my custom packages? Also I am not able to get to /pl

Looking for Great Examples of Keynote to demo for HS students

I'm looking for some excellent examples that demonstrate Keynote's capabilities that I can show to my students. Thanks for any help!Hi Leo, The only thing I could suggest, perhaps, would be to google for sites using: inurl:pls/APEX OR inurl:pls/htmld

Webdb instalation problems

Please help , I' am having have trouble time installing WEBDB 2.0.5 on NT 4. I read all the responses on The OTN but still very confused. First of all I have Oracle 8.1.5 installed in 'oracle8_1_5 home', I try to install webdb in ' webdb home ' from

Gateway Setup Assistant on a 10..x.y.z subnet

Hi, I'm trying to use Gateway Setup Assistant on a 10..x.y.z subnet..... BUT the assistant tells me that it will siwtch everything to 192.168.0.x !!!! which i obviously do not want Hence, how can i use that assistant without screwing up my current su

Use of default gateway on switch

hi, there is option to specify default gateway on switch. what is the purpose of it? Regards skraoHi, Layer 2 switches have to be configured like IP hosts, which are not capable of routing. In the same manner that you assign default gateways to hosts

What are the uses of MVC, Extension and how to create it for begineers pls

what are the uses of MVC, Extension and how to create it for begineers pls dont give link for tutorials please explain , thank you, Regards, Jagrut BahratKumar ShuklaHi, Check out this link : <a href="

Using XE with ODBC Gateway

Hi, I've found this in XE licence: Generic connectivity: but I would like to be sure- am I allowed to use Oracle's ODBC Gateway [Generic Connectivity] with XE, at no cos

Implementing Application gateway for 2 enterprise portals with backend syst

Hello Experts, We have a scenario where in we have 2 different portal with backend SAP systems attached to them. We want to expose those to internet. we have an SSL certificate with a FQDN Can we have a mechanism in the applicatio

XML gateway example

Dear Gurus, Is there anyone have an example inbound and outbound messages using xml gateway ? Thanks in advance EldinPlease see these docs/links. XML Gateway Setup Testing and Diagnostics [ID 337428.1] Troubleshooting XML Gateway Inbound And Outbound

What is this Oracle XML GateWay

Hi All Our client need to generate .txt file using Oracle XML GateWay.. may i know this xml gateway is related to XML ublisher report? Can any one tells about this XML GAteWay? Can we generate the .txt file Using this.. If so can any one tell the flo

Regarding  EDI / oracle e-commerce gateway module

Hi Is any one aware of EDI / oracle e-commerce gateway module? if so, pls tell me the steps how to implement it. i was given ECEPOI file and asked to move it into interface tables. krishnaKrishna, Have you figured out how to implement EDI. We have st

Po requisitions with oracel xml gateway

hi all, i was given a requirement to use oracle xml gateway in importing data from an external source... client gave me 2 files to play with. XML <?xml version = "1.0"?> <MSG_IP_MAT_ISSUE ID = "WMIS-616002" SRC_SYSTEM_CODE = &