How can i install bangla font in my nokia asha 311...

How can i install any font in my nokia asha 311 manually. Help me....please (signhnsk). It's my last chance. I cannot distrub you any time. Help me.....Ah? As already said, it isn't possible for you to manually install languages. You need to flash a

No connection between Asha 311 and Nokia Suite.

A few months ago i could connect my nokia asha 311 to nokia suite (windows 7). Then one day it suddenly stopped connecting but i didn't care because i didn't need it. Now i have problems with software and need to reinstall the S40 OS, but i can't do

How to install Bangla language ?

I have nokia 311.but it can not support Bangla language. Now i want to install Bangla language without going Nokia Care.But how ? Help me...please......(signhnsk , where are you ?)Good day, Bengalilanguage. What's the phone model you are using? BTW,

Req for new features in nest asha 311 update

Nokia must add several features of asha 311 next upcoming update . They should include max. features of their nokia 501 asha platformPlease contact Nokia if you want to make suggestions. These forums are populated by other users of Nokia products jus

Re: NO viber app for asha 311 !

Please i really want to use viber for asha 311.I request u guys to do something Solved! Go to Solution.Hi ali44, best to check with Viber (publisher of the application) as they determine which phone model their app will be compatible with and where w

Asha 311 - add music from memory card

Hello, I've encountered an issue with my Asha 311. I copied my mp3 files into phones memory card and I wanted to access and play them from phone's Music shortcut in the front page, however, it only finds music that is in the phone memory and ignores

Asha 311 Video Player Problem.. Please Help !

hello everyone asha 311 video player plays most of the formats but cannot play's next video when pressing Next (next to play/pause) the repeat, shuffle fuction is useless, why this 2 function is there if its going to play one video and wont play next

Query about calendar entries - Asha 311

Just purchased an Asha 311 and need some info. about the calendar entries that I made (a To-do list). To the right of the entry there appears a gray-scale dot, which, when touched, turns green.  The entry vanishes to the bottom of the list.  Touch th

Nokia Asha 311 Malfunctioning

My asha 311 which is 7 months old, has now started malfunctioning. Charge barely stays for 8 hours. Screen keeps switching on and off automatically. Home screen shortcuts automatically deletes and handset switches off often.MP4 videos of 720p and ove

Asha 311 error message

I've problem with my asha 311 phone.. When I sign in nokia account a message appears "Certificate invalid according to phone date".. I've changed phone date,but that's not worked.. I've also restart factory setting, not worked. Now what should I

Sim Card Clip Loose on Asha 311

I have a new Asha 311 - still under warranty, buit that takes too long - where the SIM cardholder has come loose. It has two parts; a fixed under-side, with brass coloured metal, and a plastic template in the middle for the six SIM contacts. That has

Notes on Asha 311

I can't find notes on my Asha 311. But according to official specification in nokia website, asha 311 does have notes. So where canI find my notes? Thank you.. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi la_frengerita, Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum. Yo

Asha 311 : a waste;a joke

If nokia provided 1GHz processor to asha 311, then whats da use of it? It doesnt support multitasking! And moreover its os is getting worst day by day ! Even samsung 's galaxy y has a processor of just 853 MHz and still has multitasking !!!! Just ima

About my Nokia asha 311

When are they gonna lunch the new software for Nokia asha 311 in India? What are the new things that i get in it? Solved! Go to Solution.Hi please see the following link:

How to screen capture on asha 311

I've seen forumers with screen captures of some windows on asha 311. how did they do it ? or is it possible to screen capture on asha 311? Nokia Lover since childhood. my phones are 3120c, 303, and 311. Solved! Go to Solution.One "workaround" wa

Asha 311 radio application does not close.

The radio application in my asha 311 does not close. I tried using the back button first, but when I swiped the screen the radio showed up so I used the end call button and then it showed "Radio Off". But then again when I swiped to check whethe

Software update for Nokia asha 311???

when will Nokia release a software update for asha 311 plz? Solved! Go to Solution.5.92 is currently the latest SW version for Asha 311 (and it should be available to most customers). There will be eventually further SW releases for the device, and w

Successor of the Nokia Asha 311

I have an Asha 311 and though it's a nice phone (besides the problems like missing mutlitasking, copy/paste etc) I think the biggest problem is the tiny screen. Even for a feature phone, a Fulltouch-phone should have a display, which is at least 3.5

Beside the camera of asha 311

ever managed to take a peak under the back cover? There seems to be a circle (or a hole) beside the camera. Anyone knows it's purpose? (or is it a "future-to-be flash location?) naaa. just kidding. but maybe Nokia Lover since childhood. my phones are

Asha 311 - Thai font

How can i install thai font in asha311 Moderator's note: We have provided a subject-related title to help other forum users easily view and respond to this post. Solved! Go to Solution.It is not possible to install fonts on 311. You might want to ask