Lsmw by bapi for qm to upload inspection plan qp01

I want to upload Inspection plan by Transaction qp01 <Edited by Moderator - Bhavesh Kantilal. Removed all Capitals post. User has been warned and request to move this thread to the appropriate forum has been raised.> Edited by: Bhavesh Kantilal on D

LSMW Direct Input Inspection Plan Not Writing Inspection Char File

Hello Experts,    I am using Direct Input Program RCPTRA01 to Load Inspection Plan. Created 3 structures - Inpection Plan/Operations/Inspection Characteristics one below the other in that order. We have a internal numbering system for assigning Group

How to create inspection plan in mass for material

Dear Guru,                 How to create inpection plan for material in MASS, usually we will create inspection plan in QP01 but in mass for more than one material how to maintaain? Please help Regards Karthik.Hi raja refer following lonks QM- LSMW F

Create Inspection Plan -error in control Indicators

Hi, I am creating Inspection Plans using LSMW-DIRECT INPUT Method. Although MIC's control indicator parameters are correct while creating a plan it is changing the control indicator parameters. how can we suppress this? I want to use MIC's default pa

How to use Same Inspection plan for Multiple Plants?

Hello, When I create a Process Order for material (M1), release and save it for a Plant A then I get the Inspection lot automatically. Now I have another Plant B that we have created. We would like to use the same Inspection plan that has been create

CWBQM to remove MIC from Inspection plan

We have requirement to remove few MIC from multiple inspection plan. SO I wanted to use CWBQM trx for that purpose. We maintain inspection plan with unique id of group and gp counter. Group 111 Counter 1 Gp 111 Countr 2 .Group 111 Counter 110 and man


I am Creating the Inspection Plan by using the BAPI's but (BAPI_INSPECTIONPLAN_CREATE) i got this error message. here FU26FR is the INpection method and master inspection characterstic. the error related to inspection plan charactrstics how to over c

Revision no of Routing/Inspection plan in Purchase order

Hi MM friends, I have two requirements from client 1. Is it possible to update the revision number of Routing/inspection plan or attaching any document in Purchase order to inform the vendor the relevant changes. 2 Also the Routing changed revision n

Remove mass MIC from inspection plan?

How can we remove mass MICs from multiple inspection plan? These are complete copy model MICs. Can we use CWBQM? How? Edited by: Tom_Eric on Apr 15, 2011 5:38 AMI think this is same question with your another thread. You can remove mass MIC at transa

Sale Order / Project specific Inspection Plan

Dear All, I want to create Sale order or Project specific inspection plan for a material. This is because, my  customers want some specific inspection requirements for individual materials, which are assigned to Sale order or project. I want to inspe

Inspection plan expert advise rquired

Dears as i don't want to have much more master data in my production server i was decide to work without inspection plan to achive this i have created 4 dummy material in the system and create inspection plan for these four material so when ever any

Procedure to Assign Inspection Plan and to Execute it

Dear All, pls explain me the step by step procedure to ceate an inspection plan and assigning it to an manufactured item and also explain me how to clear the goods from QM after the production confirmation. Regards, SriniHi muthu First include qualit

QP01 Inspection Plans

Hi, I am trying to upload inspection plan master data in QP01 tcode. I was given a program in BDC which does the same. but the problem with this program is that....its not updating inspection characteristics after 13th record. line is not getting inc

Errors while creating Inspection plan using BAPI_INSPECTIONPLAN_CREATE

Hi All, I am writing an upload tool for inspection plans. In this program I use bapi: BAPI_INSPECTIONPLAN_CREATE. I made an extraction of a excisting inspection plan with SXDA_TOOLS which uses the same bapi and filled the bapi structures with the sim

QM Inspection Plans migration - How to migrate deleted plans.

Hello All, I'm currently working on a migration project from 4.7 to 6.0. Our customer wants to migrate all QM inspection plans, including those are marked as deleted (PLKO-LOEKZ = 'X'). I'm using BAPI_INSPECTIONPLAN_CREATE. The BAPI works fine when t

QM : First inspection lot - inspection plan, other inspection lot another insp. plan

Hello. Is it possible with standard SAP  when it is create the first inspectio lot for material/vendor  ( origin 01) that it takes an inspection plan, and for the next inspection lot that will be created for the same material/vendor ( origin 01) that

Long text problem while uploading Inspection plan through BDC.

Hi, I am facing some problem while uploading the inspection plan. There are few MICs for which we are having long text, while uploading the inspection plan through BDC - some other long text is getting copied into the MIC's long text. After checking

Inspection plan copy model

Hello, How to extend the Inspection plan from one plant to another plan by copy model. The Master inspection characteristic were not getting extended, for ex when we coped from A- B , Header, Operation , Material assignment get copied , but the  Mast

Inspection plan creation

hi all, i am creating inspection plan using bapi 'BAPI_INSPECTIONPLAN_CREATE' . it is creating but the issue is in table 'INSPCHARACTERISTIC' there is a field 'SEL_SET1' which is getting populated automatically in transaction and i want that value to

Inspection plan Vs Material specification

What is the difference between this and their limitation ,,when we have to use Inspection plan and when for the Material specification ?..Any detailed explanation   please Thanks for the helpInspection plan and when for the Material specification Ins