HT1688 iPhone continually drops the image I set for a contact

My iPhone continually drops the image I set for a contact. I have set a picture for my wife's contact multiple times and several days later I will notice it is not there.  Any ideas on why this is happening?  Pictures for other contacts are stable.Ok

I've been editing images with ease for a long time but now the changes are not being saved.

I've been editing images with ease for a long time but now the changes are not being saved. Also, it is not liking me adding a large ammount of images in one go?Remember: we cannot see your machine. There are 9 different versions of iPhoto and they r

Error: unable to resolve '/images/title.png' for transcoding

Error: Error: unable to resolve '/images/title.png' for transcoding Code: [Embed(source="/images/title.png")] private var title:Class; In FB3, I get this error when building. At the root of the project I have an assets folder, which I have added

How can i set each still image to show for 1 frame?

im trying to create a 60fps timelapse but i just can't get each image to show for less than 2 frames, i've gone to edit>preferences>import and set the still footage length to 0:00:00:01. and i've set the sequence footage to 60fps(although i'm not po

With Adobe Flash, the image is looking for a "zoom" setting and does not find it. The result is that the imbedded image is too large for the space allowed. Is there a zoom setting for Firefox?

When running FB game apps, the image loaded is too large for the FB space. The program looks for a "zoom" setting and does not find it. This was from the error screen. I have not been able to locate where the image zoom is located (found the fon

Image thru Blogger for Itunes

How do I post an image for my podcast through my blogger account in Itunes? ThanksBlogger probably doesn't allow you to edit your feed file, but if it has a method for posting podcasts it very probably provides a way of having a podcast image: but th

How I can set the background image in Muse for the menu I have in PSD

I have design a layout and I want to get them converted from PS to muse. Can someone know how I can make this. I am trying to set the menu's top and bottom image in muse. Let me know how I can do it better. Thanks kristinaHi Kristina, You need to cut

Custom table for DRAW

Hi,     I need to create a custom table for document. For each document, there may be some people comment it, so one DRAW record may have several comment record in ZXXX table.     I try to use user exit CV110001 to implement this, but when I try to s

How to make a rollover image, but not for a button

Hello, I should probably not care so much about this, but I'm wondering how to make an image have a rollover state without making it a clickable button. See the link below, and when it all loads, move your mouse over the "go home" button at the


PLEEEASE HELP ME!!! sorry to be thick - im only a beginner   ---   is there any way to covert a jpeg image into like a line drawing where there is a block colour background and solid lines that make up the picture like you sometimes get in brochures

Still images in iMovie for slideshow problems

I am bringing in 72dpi jpegs of some of my design work into iMovie. I am trying to make a slideshow and have the images change by using the music as a cue, new sound-new image, etc... I then want to export it as quicktime movie. When I am in iMovie a

Raw Image Sequence Workflow For Stop Animation

Hi There, I'm making a music video using a bunch of stop animation stills shot using a DSLR. I'm trying to improve the speed of my current workflow so I can use the color correction features of Raw Processing to adjust and re-adjust shots. The curren

Store image from a "for" structure

Hey everybody ! For a project, i need to take four different images and compare them later. So I've made a structure "for" to enable me to change parameters for each image. My problem is I don't really understand the way "autoindexation&quo

Original (Full Quality) Bug - Lores Images Being Offered For Download

I just discovered today that iWeb uses 800x600 images for download even though Original (Full Quality) is selected for the album and a 1200x1600 version of the file is available. I got around this by selecting Large (Higher Quality). This actually of

App for drawing

Is there an app that will allow me to take a photo from my camera roll album and draw on top of it.  I have a custom drapery business and I would like to take a photo of a clients window and then draw a drapery design on the photo.  this way the clie

My Canon Rebel is no longer recording RAW images but set for RAW in manual mode.

I've tried changing memory card. My card's been recently formatted. I tried setting quality as RAW only not both RAW + Jpg...but still not getting RAW images in upload. Lightroom settings are fine and able to upload RAW from my Canon G12. I tried cle

Drag & drop; image degradation; preview for web screen

Hi. I'm a photographer and was wondering how to enforce a no drag and drop option for each of my images on my page. I'm also having problems with dragging an image from the desktop to my template and the image not transfering over well, i.e. it looks

Best image EXPORT settings for best quality

What should i have my export settings at when exporting to a jump drive to give to clients for web and printing use??? When i see my images uploaded on Facebook for example, the qulity looks poor which worries me that when printing the quality will b

Outlook 2007 - Blocked Images "Red X" for HTTPS Links

Exchange 2007 SP1 / Outlook 2007 SP1 - One of my users receives their airline tickets via email from Delta.  The barcode image in the email is linked to a secure HTTPS site.  Outlook blocks this image but other ISPs (GMail, Charter WebMail, etc...) d

Hairline white line around images in PDF for press

CS3, Windows XP I searched the forum and didn't find this exact question, so..., I place PSD file in ID. When I export to PDF for the press run, I get a thin hairline white box around the photo. It only seems to happen when the placed image is over a