IMOVIE  IDVD multiplexing error

For the first time, after many dvd done on iDVD 5.01 I had the multiplex error when trying to create a disk image . It says error 34506 . I tryed to burn real and image disk, no difference. I t gives me error even if i try from I Movie 5.02 to export

Burning in iDVD 08; Multiplexer error at end of burn?

Burning in iDVD 08 (vers. 7.1.2), came with new iMac, late June 2011. This is a project with (3) iMovie projects, on (3) DVD-9 (i.e. Dual-Layer) disks, encoded to Professional Quality for replication. Disk 1 burned fine, has 220 min of content, 8 vid

IDVD '08 multiplexing error

I continue to have these multiplexing errors when I get to the burn/writing stage. Is there anything new about a resolution to this issue? Do I have to let iDVD complete the encoding before I go to "Burn"? The Apple experts have not been able to

Multiplexing error in iDVD

I've read some of the other posts about this, but none mentioned the same symptoms I'm having. iDVD throws a multiplexing error if I have chapters in my video. If I remove the chapters in iMovie and then use iDVD to burn, it works great. But adding t

Multiplexer Error message when using iDVD

I have been using iDVD successfully but now have a problem. I set up the program and everything is working fine then, just towards the end of the build, I get a 'multiplexer error' message and everything stops. It does NOT say 'not enough memory'. Wh

Absolutely ridiculous- multiple 'Multiplexer errors'.

I keep having this problem trying to burn a DVD I made that I've imported into iDVD. I've done every suggestion I have found on these forums (trust me!), but no luck. I have a show I have to get to a client, and they are becoming increasingly impatie

Multiplexer Error Message

Dvd burns through and says it has been completed with a multiplexer error. Please help i need this information as soon as possible.Hi mryan: Welcome to discussions. iDVD 4: "Multiplexer Preparation Error"

Multiplex Error

I got my DVD made and thought I was home free. I have tried burning a disk directly from iDVD & have tried "Save as Disk Image". I keep getting a ''Multiplex Error". Either way it won't finish burning my movie. My DVD is 2.41 GB. I have

Multiplexing errors... all the time...

I made a nice dvd project out of my imovie projects and it looks great while trying it out on the mac. But at the end of the whole decoding and trying it to save as image, every time I get a Multiplexing error. IS there a way to fix this? My harddriv

How much faster iMac i7 vs iMac PPC G5

I'm running an iMac PPC G5 which seems to be getting a little long in the tooth. I have not been able to find reviews comparing the iMac G5 vs the current iMac Intel i7. Pointers?  Comments? Running: iMac PPC G5 w v10.4.11"btw the PPC processors are

Multiplexer Error Why?

Why do I keep getting the multiplexer error the last 10 mins. or so when encoding assets. Why has apple not fixed this yet. There was an error during muxing preparation (project conversion). I have tried everything. This is supposed to be an easy qui

IDVD 6 error -8850 !!!!!!

Folks... am tearing my hair out on this one, and am hoping someone can shed some light on the subject! I'm running iDVD 6 on an Intel MacBook Pro, still at OS 10.4.9. Am trying to create a DVD Image, and after it runs through the sequence iDVD report

IDVD burning/multiplexing error

In iDVD 5 I get a message that says "errors were found during the burning process" and then it says "error while burning/multiplexing". I have not been able to burn a DVD thus far and I don't know what the problem is. I would appreciat

Idvd 08 error rendering menu

I try to make a dvd from final cut express, but idvd always tell me the same error (error during rendering menu), even if I change themes. I tried with roxio toast and it works well, but I can't have chapters. I don't know if the same film would have

Multiplexing Error - Sony

I've read most everything and done most everything regarding the multiplexing burning errors. I'm working on Ibook G4 - only 6GB free on HD and only 250 MB ram. Just purchased external Sony DVD RW connected by Firewire. I've successfully created a di

TS4185 downloaded facetime on imac computer but get "internal error "message fault. I downloaded the MACOSx10.6.7 upgrade

downloaded facetime on imac but get internal error .Downloaded upgrade 10.6.7 but get the same resultsDid you figure this out? I have the same issue!!Read other 2 answers

Imac boot fails with kSMCKeyNotFound error

Switched on my imac this morning and boot up failed with the final line (I'm on verbose boot) SMC : :smcReadKeyAction ERROR: smcReadData8 failed for key BEMB (kSMCKeyNotFound) Anyone know how I can remedy this so I can boot up the machine? I'm runnin

IDVD Encoding Error on Menu in Snow leopard 10.6 - Not replicated in 10.5.8

Hi All, Why would iDVD have fail at the start of encoding MP4 files in snow leopard 10.6.?1 But the same project encodes with no problems or errors in OS 10.5.8? Is this a bug? Any ideas? ThanksI have the same issue. Same mouse. Its definitely snow l

Imac PPC G4  sluggish, don't have install discs, any ideas ?

I have an old PPC G4 17" w/ 1 GB DDR SDRAM running 10.5.8 , I do not have any original discs. It has gotten more and more sluggish in spite of the RAM upgrade a few years back. HArd drive is 75% empty and I ran Onyx routines, any suggestions what I c

IDVD 4 Error Message: The error #-1 was reported-

I am an old hand at making and burning DVDs. I've converted VHS tapes onto almost 600 DVDs. Recently I upgraded from OS 10.2.8 to 10.5.1. In the process I messed up and had to reinstall OS 10.2.8 on a different internal drive. Since then I have not b