Hi Experts Please assist. If i try and save an Initiative after Creating it, i get error in portal : "No Authorization to update activity on" In tx st22 it says that : An internal error in the database interface occurred during access to the dat

CProjects to IO, IO to RPM - costs not showing up

Hi, Having created an internal order from cProjects, I can see the costs in IO. To start with, costs from cProjects Role-Task assignment is all I am trying with (using role rates). Simultaneously, I have created the Finance Categories, Groups, and Vi


I'm feeling rather dumb about not being able to get ValueBindings to work. I have them half working, the 'getter' portion seems fine, but my 'setter' code is never executed. I've tried using both Java code and JSP, but both approaches have the same p

RPM_FIN02 taking too long

Hi, RPM_FIN02 is taking too long to execute it actually takes about 10 hours running on the background, How can we resolve this issue. Regards, SiyabongaHi Siya Have you setup variants for all the projects? In order to them run as 'batch jobs'? Let m