Runtime Error when Posting Invoice with text added (MIRO)

Hi Gurus, We are getting a shortdump (runtime error) when we post certain invoices in MIRO. This happens when we input some text in the text field or add some text to the NOTE tab. We are having exception ERROR_DP raised in the program c_textedit_con

Data is not refelct by Set_data method in post method of ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST

Hi OO gurus, I'm calling Set_data method to set line item data of PO in POST method in ZME_PROCESS_PO_CUST. But data is not updating. Can any body give logic how to call set data method in POST method? Thanks in advance. Edited by: v bheem on Jan 27,

Whose post was removed?

Dear moderators, I just received 3 "Apple Discussions - Post Removed by Host" messages. Personally, I don't think any of them deserved to be removed. They directly answered the questions posed by the original posters. No doubt the original poste

Newbie can't figure out how to post

I have been trying to figure out how to post a question for an hour. THere IS no button to click that says POST MESSAGE when I pull up the IPHOTO topic. Where could it be?Welcome to Apple Discussions. You've posted two questions successfully in this

Billing Doc error posting to Accounting

Hi, I am getting an error message while posting the Billing doc to Accounting. "Reconciliation a/c 222 or short key 00 is not permitted" Message No. F5788 what may be the reason Rgds SunficoHi This problem usually occurs when the reconciliation

Module FI : General Posting

Hi, Which tables are used to store values of General Posting against WBS element in finance. Points will be rewarded, Thanks VinayakHi Vinayak, go to domain of data element of WBS element and check what conversion exit is behind it. You have to searc

Kerberos Ticket via Java to BW to access BW Querys with HTTP POST

Hi and thanks for reading, im Working with 2004 and the NWDS SP10. We have a project which must show some reports from the HR system via backend and some BW Reports done with Web Application Designer 3.5. The user of the project application is able t

Http post not returning getting the weather

I want to use this code I got from here []     try {         // Construct data         String data = URLEncoder.encode("key1", "UTF-8") + "=" + URLEncoder.encode("value1"

Material  stock to be  posted to restricted stock( urgent please)

Hi genius,                  This is below my scenario, Please let me the solution . 1.  Material to be received thro’ GR ( MIGO ) and which has to be posted to unrestricted stock. 2.  Material will be reserved by the users as on when required thro’ M

BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST how to post a document relate with assets

Hello all, I'm using this BAPI to replicate the financial accounting flow. I've achieved to post almost of document types but asset documents. I've got the following error: "Account 'Contra account: Acquisition value' could not be found for area 01&q

AHEEEE! How do I post my Applet at my website?

AHEEEE! How do I post my Applet at my website? This is my first attempt at making an applet working from my web page.. I got a simple Applet posted at one of my websites about a week ago. It just draws a button. I asked a friend of mine to see it and

MB5B - Stock on posting date show in other Unit of measure

Dearl All, Pls support me this case: I would like to see this report (MB5B - Stock on posting date) in other Unit of measure. This report shows stock in Basic Unit only. E.g Material A, base unit = M, other unit = ROL Report needs show stock in ROL.

Condition type in PO not posting to desired transaction

Dear experts, I was wondering whether someone could help me with the following: I have defined a condition type for which specific additive costs for a purchased finished good should be added. The material is valued at standard price with the specifi

Posting Intercompany documents using program RFBIBL00

Hi, I want to know if we can post intercompany documents using program RFBIBL00(Direct Input Method). If this is possible, please let me know how can this be achieved as I am getting an error "Cross-company code postings not defined". Thanks Har

Can't get K8N Neo4 Platinum Edition to post with Dual Core 3800 Processor

I'm doing a sytem build with a K8N neo 4 Platinum board bought second hand off Ebay and can't get the board to post - when I power up all the fans etc come on but there is no beep and the "D" bracket lights stay on solid - 2 amber and 2 red. Hav

I've found a solution to 1327 error why can't I post it?

I tried to download acrobat reader 10 recently and got the 1327 error invalid drive mapping.   We don't use Microsoft servers and redirecting folders on windows 7 is a real hassle - so the suggestions to do that weren't real helpful.  However, there

Enter a name and city for one-time account posting is the message i get

Enter a name and city for one-time account posting is the message i get ,when i am trying to post a onetime vendor .I have entered name ,country and language when the pop comes.But still throws me this message ,pls help.Hi, I didnt understand what u

870A-G54 V3.1 instant FF on POST, all board LEDs and fans on.

Trying to get  a 870A-G54 V3.1 working. I get instant FF on a PCI POST card, all the blue LEDs and fans are on, so is the red LED on the overclock button. I have 16 gig of new Patriot DDR3 plugged in and an AMD Phenom 2 X2 555 CPU I know is good beca

Natures of classes of accounts for posted document are not balanced

Hi Can anyone help me with this error: "Natures of classes of accounts for posted document are not balanced" I am getting this error while doing GR(posting goods) using 561 movement type for a material. While I am able to post Goods with another

Duplicate post deleted by Moderator.

xxxxxxxxx*Dear Vishwa.* *This is My Problem.My Problem Not Solved.So Will Try For Diff Methods.I'm Not Playing.* *I'Know How to Use Forum.* *How to insert the Pageno. in consider PONO.* You definitely dont know how to use the forum. If you did know,