Ichat wont connect to anyone

I can't get ichat to connect to anyone either using audio or video - i get the message about no response etc.. i have checked the recipients mac and it works fine so problem is on my end - though in checking recipient can call out using the same rout

Ichat wont connect to american buddies

i can connect via ichat with my friends that are in my geo. location however, i am having problems connecting to a friend in boston. i hear the ring for the call but cannot connect for audio or video call. here is the error report. Date/Time: 2009-10

Ichat wont connect with anyone

my ichat used to work fine, but now it will not connect with anyone, even people who have a brand new mac book with ichat.. we both have the streaming set to 1.5 with no bandwith and the firewall changed for ichat.. however when i invite my friend to

IChat wont connect during webcam

When i try and connect to the webcam with another buddy. It always says communication error. how can i ichat??Hi, Go to your Home folder (little House icon) Open the Library and then Logs and iChatConnectionErrors Open the last one (by date) and post

IChat doesn't connect to AIM over wireless connection

I'm trying to connect to AIM over an open wireless connection. What happens is iChat sits there for a few minutes saying "connecting" and then eventually tells me that it can't connect. I can still connect to the internet but it won't connect iC

Ichat isn't working... won't connect to AIM???PLEASE HELP

For the past three days my ichat has not been working. At first it would not connect and I kept getting the message "Could not connect to AIM(xxx) :The connection could not be completed because it timed out or I would get host refused connection.*&qu

IChat can't connect to AIM due to socket error

Hi, Every time I try to connect to AIM via iChat, I get the following error message: Could Not Connect To AIM An undefined AIM socket error has occurred Has anyone figured this one out yet? I tried deleting the PList and allowed the firewall to make

Suddenly can't connect to AIM/iChat.

I'm sorry if this has been asked many times, and answered many times but I can't find an answer to my problem. Please help. Recently I am not able to connect to iChat while I am at home. When I'm at school and using their wifi, iChat works fine. Afte

Unable to connect to AIM error

I keep getting this error message when I try logging on to ichat: Could not connect to AIM The connection to the host was unexpectedly lost. I have checked all of my proxy settings in firewall and have even tried my aim and .mac account. My bonjour c

Problems connecting to aim

I cannot connect to aim via ichat. I keep on getting an error that I have tried too many times within the past few minutes and should wait 10 minutes before trying to connect to aim again, however I haven't logged on all day. Its been like this for a

Problem connecting to AIM

I am having problems connecting to AIM on my school's network. Whenever i log in, it connects and says I'm available, but none of my buddies show up and nobody can see me as available. I can occasionally fix the problem by enabling and unenabling the

IChat "Lost Connection" | iTunes "-50 Unknown Error Occurred" Problems

Hello Everyone! Since installing a wireless network in my house my MacBook Pro is having problems. Now, iChat won't connect and just says "Lost connection with AIM" as soon as I attempt to connect, although AOL Instant Messenger works perfectly.

Can't not connect to AIM. "Auth:DbSendError"

I've been using Audium for a few weeks, but need to switch back to iChat for a video chat. I disconnected from Adium and launched iChat, however, when I try to connect, I get the error message, "Could not connect to AIM. Try again. The server message

Suddenly can't connect to AIM :(((

After months and months of successful AV chats, I'm suddenly completely unable to connect to AIM. The message I get is "Could not connect to AIM. Auth: ResvLinkError". I did a search and tried changing from port 5190 to port 443 in the prefs, bu

IChat loses connection incessantly

IChat can't seem to maintain a connection to AIM. AOL instant messager maintains its connection just fine, however. Any ideas?Hi, In that case it is unlikely to be any port setting on the Modem as the AIM application uses the same log in port that iC

Hello, my iphone 4 has just stopped working it has gone blank..i plugged it into my laptop and it the apple sign keeps flashing it wont connect to itunes either :/ HELP!!!

hello, my iphone 4 has just stopped working it has gone blank..i plugged it into my laptop and it the apple sign keeps flashing it wont connect to itunes either :/ HELP!!!Try the following: 1. Reset Hold the Sleep and Home button down until you see t

HT203128 my itunes wont connect to internet

my iTunes wont connect to internet and devices wont sync ipod ios 6.1.6Look at your security software settings. Make sure iTunes.exe and iTunesHelper.exe are allowed to connect to the internet.Read other 3 answers

Ipod wont connect to computer for erase/restore

I connect my ipod mini to the computer and I try to erase/restore it but i can't because as soon as the ipod comes up in my computer, the ipod restarts, breaking the connection, so i cannot reformat it. I have downloaded the ipod updater but it won't

How to fix iphone 4 code 10 error wont connect to itunes

how to fix iphone 4 code 10 error & wont connect to itunesEither force the phone into recovery mode, as described here, & restore it: Or, login to, locate the phone, then erase it. Either method will r

Installed IOS 7 now phone wont connect to my wifi

installed IOS 7 now phone wont connect to my wifi. I keep getting "unable to join network". Am i missing something? Computer is connected to the wifi and the password is correct.Hi there, You may find the troubleshooting steps in the article bel