Spare part accounting

Hi Friends, We have requirement for spare parts. When creating purchase order, the purchasing associate will determine if unit codt of spare parts and select respective GL account in sap system : If the spare part value is : Above 5000 USD then item

Spare part indicator in material master

Hi Gurus, Where can i select spare part indicator in material master. regards KaisarHi Gurus, i have created a process order and did not do its confirmation, but did its delivery. After that, mistakenly 553 movement type was done by my colleque. To q

Material Sale as a spare part

Hi, We are buying materials as bought out items, assembling them and selling the assembly as a machine. Now we have stock of one of bought out item and the customer wants to purchase it from us as spare for already sold machine by us. Say the bought

How to change spare part item price in sap

Dear All, Can you tell me how to change spare  part item price in sap , like in our company hike new price of spare part item so how can update a new price in bluk order thankx and Regards PritpalHi, Try MR21 & MR22. First assign the appropriate G/L

Looking for spare part number for Touch Smart 9300

The problem is the RJ45 connection does not show up in devices, have swapped out assemblies and others work fine in that kiosk.  Have installed in other kiosks and problem follows the device assembly.  The device assembly is a little module that has

Spare parts and Equipment [ External service]

Experts, Would like to check the process to handle the external service for equipment [w/o material master] and for spare parts. Scenario is that these equipments / spare parts are send out for service outside country and then come back after servici

Spare parts -DIGI business procedure

Hi everyone, I'm testing how to use spare parts-DIGI direct issues goods. I have create and release a service order ,but no following-up document is created automatically. At the same time ,I try to find if there is any documents in Customer Demand V

Need to know the exact name and P/N of a spare part, cannot find it anywhere.

Hello, I would like to know the exact name and P/N of the -Touch Panel Control Assembly- for the HP Pavilion dv3510nr?.   or is it -Touch Panel Kit-? or is it -Multimedia Touch Control Panel-? Recently, mine got physically damaged and none of the tou

MRP design for Service Spare Parts

Hello, I am in process of designing the MRP run for service spare parts for construction and mining equipments business. There is a central warehouse and small depots. Help me out to design following MRP requirements. 1.     MRP process is expected t

Spare parts for repair

Hi, Are there anywhere in the material master where i can indicate if the product is repairable or not repairable. It shouldn't indicate where or more information, but only a click off or a sign that it says that the part is repairable. Thanks.Hi, I

Advice to create a material type (Semi finished, finished or spare parts)

Hello all! I am facing a big problem to how to create a material type ? In my case, this material (engine) is finished good in one plant (let's say 100) and in the same time it's considered as Semi finished good in another plant (200 for example) and

Dealer Management System,Dealer Communication System,Spare Part System SAP?

Hi, Can anybody explain me "what are the oppurtunities for Dealer Management System(DMS), Dealer Communication System(DCS) and Spare Part System(SPS) on SAP ? All are for Auto and Track Dealers ? Thanks and best regards, Behcet Ahmet Aksoz.Hi Behcet

Spare parts for Nokia 8910i!!!

Hi all, Can you please help me with some spare parts for this model. I cannot find anywere anything anymore Any part will be most welcomed. Thank youYes, but there are very few and very expensive. I thought that maybe someone have an old phone or som

Spare Parts Mod (CHEAP CHEAP)

so i've decided to take some of the parts from some of the systems i have, and put them together into a formal machine.... so far... the color scheme looks like blue,silver,black... the parts i have already for it: AMD Duron 1600 the HS/F on it... is

Looking for MSI K8N Neo 'Spare part'

I have an MSI K8N Neo-FSR that I recently bought from Newegg. Awesome board, very happy with it so far, didn't come with the back plate! You know, the part that fits over the ports - USB, PS/2, serial, parallel, etc - that mounts to the PC'

Where to get genuine apple spare parts?

Hi, Not sure if this is a taboo subject so I apologize in advance if it is. My wife knocked my iPad off my desk today and the screen cracked when it hit the floor. My house insurance will cover it but the cost of excess would mean its better I just b

Source of Spare parts

The DC connector has been damaged (power supply conected when the computer fell from a table) and I cannot find the part (Foxconn 110825). I have sourced a close relative (from a different Presario model) from Impact in the US (a very good service BT

Hp IQ spare parts

I have recently acquired a HP IQ804 computer. I need to replace the stand in the rear of the machine. Does anyone have a spare from  a broken machine or can you direct me to a site I may purchase one. ThanksHello @willic, I understand that you are lo

Hardware spare part for HP HDX X18-1190EZ Premium Notebook PC wanted!

Hello Community! During the replacement of the notebook keyboard a very small part which fixes the keyboard on the motherboard is broken, what a pitty! Now i am searching a replacement part on the internet! Perhabs anybody at the community could help

Display spare part number for Pavilion DV6-2020ev Black

Hi All, Recently my display was broken. I need to replace it, but I don't know what its part number so that I can search for it. My laptop is Pavilion DV6-2020ev Black. Thank you for your help. Bests Ahmed This question was solved. View Solution.Here