Ever since I installed Safari 5.1 I can no longer access the pdf files on my website. I keep on getting an error with Webkit2webprocess.exe telling me that LogTransport2.dill was not found. Please help..

Ever since I installed Safari 5.1 on my PC (XP) I can no longer access the pdf files on my website. I have no problems with Chrome and  Firefox. I keep on getting a message from WebKit2WebProcess.exe that the LogTransport2.dill was not found. (I HATE

WebKit2WebProcess.exe, HTML5 video, and CSS3

The issue I'm having is specific to Windows and Safari. Safari version 5.1 and both Windows XP and Windows 7. The application I'm working on uses the video player. The application reloads the in page video by rewriting the DOM

Safari for Windows:  WebKit2WebProcess.exe - Application Error

Scratching my head over this one... Running the latest version of Safari 5 for Windows XP and after clicking the RSS feed icon in the address bar, Safari loads the page...and then hangs.  I'll close the application and receive the following notificat

What is webkit2webprocess.exe?

what is webkit2webprocess.exe? It keeps crashing and is quite the resource hog...There was a similar discussion in the past. I suggest you to read it: other 2 answers

WebKit2WebProcess.exe has stopped working

This is getting tiresome.  Happening on the Safari browser on my PC using Windows Vista.To minimize the problem associated with webkit2web.exe, turn off  "RSS" in Preferences.  Click Preferences -> RSS -> don't check "Automatically up

What is WebKit2WebProcess.exe *32? It is making my laptop slow and will not let me open Windows Works. (172,760 K in memory usage)

I installed Safari 5.1 and this [email protected] *32 is running up some memory, just a couple a moments ago up to 192,363 K of memory. I can't open Microsoft Works documents, it will not let me change a file destination. What does it do? Do I need i

I get many times in safari( webkit2webprocess.exe has stopped working) why?

How can i solve this problem?Uninstall Safari and reinstall: Safari 5.1.7 for Windows - Support - Apple If this doesn't work, I suggest migrating to a different browser given that: Farewell Windows Safari, as Apple excludes its homegrown browser ...R

Hello.  I updated  Safari and now I get an error, "webkit2webproces.exe has stopped working.  I have added the problem report below:

Problem signature Problem Event Name:          APPCRASH Application Name:          WebKit2WebProcess.exe Application Version:          7534.57.2.4 Application Timestamp:          4f97642d Fault Module Name:          ntdll.dll Fault Module Version:   

Webkit2webprocess stopped working / Broken Tabs

Hi I'm having lots of problems with the Windows version of Safari - the 5.1.4 update did not fix any of the main problems; webkit2webprocess.exe has stopped working I've had this message about 20 times today, after the update to 5.1.4 With multiple t

Safari 5 and hotmail

I get the error that Webkit2webprocess.exe has been closed by data execution. Also other windows and tabs REFRESH automatically. Safari 4 worked fine and now this...Oh yes.. A solution! But does anyone have any warnings about NOT using https, and ins

Windows Vista: Try to send hot mail and 5.1 crashes

Windows Vista: I try to send hotmail message & 5.1 crashes w/ message:WebKit2WebProcess.exe has stopped working. Please help.Use a Mac and all shall be fixed. haha kidding. Heres some other discussions here:

Safari 5.1 not playing embedded mp3s

I am trying to initiate the playing of an MP3 file at a very busy common site for listening to online voicemails and setting up greetings at Ring Central ( This works fine on my PC via ANY browser but not on my Mac on

Safari 5.1.7 crashes on win7

regular crashes, when running multiple tabs, safari.exe and webkit2webprocess.exe occupying HUGE amount of memory (e.g. 200.000 to 800.000K)Hi... I reinstalled the current version of Safari (5.1.7) without troubles, You can only reinstall Safari usin

Safari not connecting on Windows 7 - good net connection

I apologize if this was addressed before.  I looked through the forum and did not see anything about it.  I have updated at least 5 systems to Safari 5.1 (PC and Mac) and all have gone fine except one Windows machine.  Since updating this machine a f

Safari for Windows keeps freezing up &/or crashing

I have to open Task Manager to close it out, & force it to close. It happens on EVERY site, but it seems to really overload on FaceBook...ALOT! & many tikes even after closing it out properly, I will try & relaunch it later on, & nothing h

Will Apple ever update beyond version 5.1.7?

Hello, longtime Safari for Windows user first time poster. By now we're all probably wondering if/when Apple will release a version of Safari for Windows newer than 5.1.7. Are there any plans to do so? *kicks engineers in the butt There, that should

Safari crashing and closing on reset

I'm using Safari v. 5.1, build 7534.50, for Windows 7 SP1. When I enable Private Browing, upon opening a new Safari session, and then reset Safari to remove website traces, I receive an error message, then Safari closes. Error message: Header: ab4: W

Safari 5.1.7 for windows wont work DLL error

I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, repairing etc... nothing clears the errors Keeps getting error "Safari.exe - Entry Point Not Found" " The procedure entry point _CFXPreferencesRegisterDefaultValues could not be located in the DLL Core

Unable to configure Reporting Services 2012 after using 'netsh http delete urlacl' command and .EXE file also.

One of my servers quit responding during some troubleshooting of another issue and when I try to reconfigure it I am receiving Results as follows: Reserving url http://+:80 The URL has already been reserved. It appears to me that there is something w

STpass.exe application error

Lately when I turn on my computer it starts up OK but I can't open any application-I click or touch the icon and nothing happens.  So I restart the computer and I get the following message stpass.exe.Application error "the computer encountered error