HT201250 Time machine backup permission issue

Hi, We setup time machine backups in an office environment which is managed by a mac OS X Lion server. Each device on the network (all mac minis) is configured to take hourly backups to the drive on our server. On some occasions, a device requests an

HT201250 is there any way to retrieve deleted time machine backups?

is there any way to retrieve deleted time machine backups? it has now deleted the oldest, but most important backup. It was made right before before upgrading to mountain lion. Because I had some issues with placing the files back the way I wanted, I

HT201250 Time Capsule-Time Machine / MB Pro-Partition-Boot Camp

Can I back up my MacBook Pro/Mountain Lion w/ Time Capsule if partitioned using Boot Camp?Welcome to Apple Support Communities Of course. Time Machine will back up the OS X partition as usual without any problem. Also, you can make backups of your Bo

HT201250 my time machine will not open... I keep getting an error message... what do I do?

I keep receiving the error message Unknown error - error code -43 everytime I try to open my time machine and it won't back up... I can't update to Lion and I'm getting really freaking frustrated!!Don't rely upon just TimeMachine as a sole backup sys

HT201250 I can't update my mac book in sofware update

help meWe need a lot more information. What is your current OS and what are you trying to upgrade to?Read other 4 answers

HT201250 must I keep the computer on all the time for time machine to do back ups

Must I keep my computer on at all times to get the time machine to do  updates ? If not how do I go about updateing time machine on a regular basisIt depends on how much backing up you want. Time Machine will do backups if you have it turned on (in T

HT201250 Aperture 3 library file permission problem

On trying to open Aperture 3 I get a message saying "Aperture cannot access this library.To use this library, make sure its file permissions are set correctly". When I click OK Aperture shuts down. Can anyone help? I've been stumbling through tr

HT201250 Can I include external drives to be backed up using Time Machine.  Not only do I want to back up my IMac, but I have several extenal drives for one iPhoto, one iTunes and one for other files & documents.

Can I include external drives to be backed up using Time Machine?  Not only do I want to back up my IMac, but I have several extenal drives for one iPhoto, one iTunes and one for other files & documents.  How do I know if they are included in the bac

HT201250 My new external drive is not asking if I want to use it with Time Machine?

How do I get Time Machine setup on this hard drive?Open the Time Machine pane of System Preferences and set it up. (65783)Read other 2 answers

HT201250 What does it mean to "partition" an external hard drive? Is it something that I want to do?

What does it mean to "partition" the external hard drive?  Is it something I want to do?  How do I save files from another hard drive to the new one?  I have to reformat the old one as it was not set up correctly.  The drive I have is Seagate bu

HT201250 After installing wireless KB and MouseTime Machine cant find external HD after a year of no problems

Please HELP  I know there is a Mac Genius out there some where. The only thing I can think of is I accendently unpluged External HD USB. I tried alll the basics.Hi, Where were you booted from to use Disk Utility? Sounds like it wasn't the Restore par

HT201250 An unexpected error occurred (error code -6584). what does this error code mean ?

mac airport time machine i tried to open up error code 6584 would not open please help !First, I strongly suggest that you make another full backup to a locally-attached external hard drive. You should do that anyway. One backup isn't enough to be sa

HT201250 How can I reinstall Time Machine on my Mac? I just put it on my back up and all its content has disappeared.

Could someone tell me if I can reinstall Time Machine on my mac? My back up has all my photos on it and time machine has deleted them all.Go to the Time Machine Preferences window and turn the big slider to OFF.  You might also select the "None"

HT201250 I have moved TM folders to the Trash, and now I cant delete them or move them. What do I do?

Time Machine told me the back up disk was full. So I selected older folders (from 2011) and moved them to the Trash. Now every time I try to delete them, I get the error 8003. It wont allow me to move them back to TM. They disappear when I unmount th

HT201250 I have wanted to restore my Quicken and does seem to work

When I closed my Quicken 2007 application then reopened I noticed I was missing a lot of files.  I went into my Time Machine and highlighted Quicken 2007 and hit restore.  I said to  keep both files.  One file I could not get into because it stated i

HT201250 Passport on my mac as a backup

I have a passport for my mac, do I need a time machine, too?  I keep getting a message telling me I haven't backed up in time machine when I have my passport connected to my computer at all times.You are comparing two unlike things. "Passport" i

HT201250 How do I delete a sparsebundle?

I backup 3 computers to my Time Capsule. I'd like to limit it to 2 for additional space. How do I delete a sparsebundle without having to reformat the entire Time Capsule?See the tan box in #Q5 of Using Time Machine with a Time Capsule.Read other 3 a

HT201250 Can Time Machine backup files stored on external hard drive

Can Time Machine back up files that are stored on external hard drive and save them on a different external hard drive? I have my pictures stored on an external hard drive connected to my iMac. I want to make an exact copy of the pictures folder on a

HT201250 i'm getting message: can't be opened because you don't have permission to see its contents. and he operation can't be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8003).

I took my computer in to have the Backup restored onto my computer after having a new harddrive put onto my 1year 1/2 old MacBook Pro. When i got it home there was a new User that i had to logout of to getting into my normal user. Don't know why this

HT201250 Time Capsule Problems - Flashing Amber

Hi, I just purchased Time Capsule to use as a storage device for Time Machine. This was my first attempt to use Time Machine. I tried connecting via AirPort, but ultimately couldnt get the restart to i just went with the ethernet cable. I b