Caps lock blink 5 times on Compaq 615 laptop, but screen doesn't come on.

My Compaq 615 laptop screen doesn't come on, instead it blinks capslock 5 times. What shlould I do? It has an AMD Athlon X2 processor, with Radeon 3200 graphics. I didn't install any new software or hardware recently. All I did was work with the syst

Black screen with caps lock blinking

I was using my laptop and it was turned on and after some other work I wanted to use my laptop, the screen was black and caps lock was blinkingI turned it off manualy and it was again doing this. Caps Lock blinks 2 times after a pause of 4 seconds co

Pavilion DV6, Black Screen and 3 Caps Lock Blink

HI, I have an Hp Pavilion DV6 and I am getting the 3 blinks on the caps lock. When I turn on the PC it starts up, the caps lock blinks 3 times and the screen is just black. I have already tested the memory sticks, drain the battery, and hooking it up

My HP G56 Wont turn on (Caps Lock Blink)

Heyy guys so i turned on my HP G56 Laptop this morning and nothing happens but the caps lock blinking and the wifi and power lights are red. i found online some codes but the caps lock codes when upto six, my laptops caps lock keeps on blinking and d

How come my 8's on my lock screen time look like bar codes?

How come my 8's on my lock screen time look like bar codes?Try a Reset by pressing the home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.Read other 4 answers

How is it possible that in preference the lock by Time Machine is unlocked the day after i locked it

How is it possible that in preference the lock by Time Machine is unlocked the day after i locked itThe crossdomain security policy stuff is annoying, but it's there to prevent this sort of scenario: Joe Blackhat writes a flash game about Bob the Gol

Hp pavilion g4 1104dx display white screen and caps lock blink twice

Hi i recently used my hp laptop screen to test another laptop acer aspire 5517. After the test i reconnected back the cable only to power it on a white screen appeared with caps lock blink twice. I thought the problem might be screen shot so i decide

CAPS Lock and Scroll Lock blinking / Display is Black

Hi, I am using DV5 with processor AMD Turion X2 RM70. CAPS Lock and Scroll Lock blinking once every 4 secs. Is it Blink Code Error? Is my CPU dead? Should i take to service centre(No Warranty)? If CPU failure, how much the CPU costs? Please help me.

Remove name in "screen locked by tim"

How can i remove my name in the remote computers locked message "Screen Locked by Tim" any help appreciatedI found this elsewhere and haven't tried it myself. As with any such hack, have a backup or be prepared to reinstall. Hope it works for yo

Lap top wont start up , caps lock blinking 3 times

I have an envy 6 sleekbook and all of the sudden it wont start up and the caps lock is blinking three times i have already saw the blinking code and tried resting the memory but it still wont work , i have ran into problems with the laptop before lik

HP 6735b - no post and Caps Lock, Num Lock blinking 5 times

I'm nearly at my wit's end.  Laptop failed to boot a few weeks ago.  Blank screen, flashing LEDs x5, HDD light blinking amber (with or without drive installed).  I've since swapped out the system board (same error code), and recently the processor (a

Why no system preference lock on Time Machine option?

I have two Macs. One MacBook and one iMac. Both run recent and same version of OS X. Why do I not see the lock in the Time Machine option in system preferences on the iMac. The lock is present on the MacBook. How can I get the lock to appear?In the S

Lion Install locks all Time Machine Bundles

I don't know if anyone else has run into this, but while my wife's new Macbook Air was importing documents and applications from her old sparsebundle on our Time Capsule, the Lion Installer kept EVERY other sparsebundle on the time capsule locked.  2

Caps lock blinking

I have a g6 laptop that the caps lock light is blinking once then pauses and keeps doing that and does not boot. I have tested hard drive  and it works on another laptop. And i have looked at the page that shows the blinking issues, the one blink is

How can I lock a Time Machine folder?

I have a folder on a Time Machine disk that I don't want Time Machine to automatically overwrite when it needs more space on the disk. When I "Get Info" on the file there is an option to "Lock" it, but, the option is greyed out. I've c

Disks Locked after Time Machine restore

All my disks appear locked in the finder after having to do a Time Machine restore. I can't write to them. If I go to "Get Info" there's nothing indicating that it's locked. I also tried changing "Permissions" to everyone Read & WR

How do I get time stamped Wav files created in L7 to lock to time code?

Hello everyone, I did a search about time stamping audio files and was VERY happy to discover the "broadcast wave" format timestamps audio files! So I'm running tests, but cant seem to get logic to actually place the audio file according to the

Envy Dv6-7210us Windows 8 caps lock blinking continuously

Hi, I noticed that there was a password set on my BIOS and I read in the forums that I could reset that by taking out the CMOS battery. Well I did such and while I was doing that I decided to clean my keyboard and fan unit, so I undid the screws for

Unlocking external hard drive that was locked with time machine

I use a MBP Retina (Mid 2012) with OSX 10.9.4.  I left the MBP at Apple for repair and they changed the mother card and reformatted my HD (SSD).  Since I had a backup on a WD My Passport external drive I was not too worried to restore.  I had clicked

Databse locks and time outs

This probably has a simple answer but I am not having any luck finding the answer. How long will a blocked transaction wait for a lock to be released? I found reference to the parameter DISTRIBUTED_LOCK_TIMEOUT, but what if it is not a distributed tr