Double sided copies J6450

I cant seem to make my hp printer do double sided copies, any suggestions?This printer does not have duplex capability in teh ADF. so you cannot do automatic 2 sided copying. it has to be done manually. Make it easier for other people to find solutio

How can I copy a double-sided document and make double-sided copies on an officejet 6830?

how can I copy a double-sided document and make double-sided copies on an HP officejet 6830?Hi,The 6830 only provide double sided printing, it does not offer 2 sided copying, a such can only be done manually. You may find the printer specifications b

Double-sided print no longer showing up since upgrade to 10.10.2

Since updating to 10.10.2, I can't find the double-sided print option on the Print menu (single-sided print and copy have worked fine) for my Epson WF-3640.  I am upgrading again now to 10.10.3 to see if that helps.  Any ideas?Since updating to 10.10

How do I disable my double sided printing?

I have an HP Office Jet PRO 8600 N911a printer and a MacBook Pro (OSX 10.9.2). I can't seem to disable the double sided printing. I do not have a copy doublesided box to check or uncheck when I use the drop down menu to print.  Can you tell me how to

Output.Print printing all PDFs double-sided

Hello According to the following article it is possible to configure a PDF to print single or double sided in the Adobe LiveCycle Designer: 85 I follow these e

Printing double-sided selectively

Is there any way I can set up my printer or my Indesign pages itself to selectively print some pages double sided and some as single pages? I have a 60 page document which was originally set up to print as single-sided sheets. The client now decides

Acrobat + Duplex / Double Sided Scanning

Hi, I have a user who is currently experiencing a problem duplex scanning. She has a duplex scanner, and when she tries to create a pdf using scanner, sets the option to '2 sides', then hits scan, it scans the first page, then prompts for her to manu

When using AirPrint is it possible to select double sided printing

I am trying to use AirPrint to print from the Pages app on iPad Air running IOS 8.1.1. Is it possible to select any of the printer options, such as double-sided printing, when doing this? Many thanksOnce you start to print using AirPrint, a display a

Enhanced / Double Sided DVD

Hello All I have a project that I need to create an enhanced DVD. This DVD can play in a standard, run-of-the-mill player, but then can be inserted into a PC to view additional information (PDFs, QTVR files, etc.). Can Studio Pro do this? I am up aga

Why do double-sided copies run off the edge when single-sided do not?

Hi... I just made a document in Pages that is essentially one big table (or in other words, a spreadsheet without having to purchase Numbers).  When I print it as single-sided, it fits perfectly on the page.  But if I click double-sided, without chan

Can I print an ALV in double-sided?

Hi! Can I print an ALV in double-sided on the page? Thanks very much!Hi, the function has parameter IS_PRINT which is a reference to SLIS_PRINT_ALV, which in time has, among others, structure PRI_PARAMS. Some of the many fields that the structure has

Printing double sided odd number of pages

I have Adobe Reader 10.0.2 instalied on my iMac running Mac OS 10.6.7 with a Canon Pixma iP4200 printer. Since installing this version of Reader I have come across a curious problem with printing PDF files double sided with an odd number of pages. Fo

Please explain how to make a two-sided copy

Hello:  I would like to make a 2 sided copy, not a print from a program, but a copy.  I put a one-sided page in the tray, hit the 1:2 option and only one side prints out.Hi @caajpa10 , I see that you are experiencing issues copying two-sided. I would

Cannot get double sided printing as a default with Internet Apps

When printing from an Internet App on the 8500A Plus, how do you get the printer to print double sided as the default KayPee, The apps found on the printer have their own options.  If a particular app can support double sided (duplex) printing, it w

Double sided VPC/enhanced VPC and MST

Hello, I have some doubts/clarifications regarding MST with VPC-- There are two N7K core switches and four N5K switches and eight N2K. there will be double sided VPC between N5K and N7K. there will be enhanced vpn between N5k and n2k. N7Ks will be co

Printing: Double-sided or Duplex | Learn Acrobat X | Adobe TV

How to print PDF pages double-sided or duplex in Acrobat or Adobe Reader X (not 10.1.2 or later). print dialog that appears with Adobe Acrobat 10.1.1 does not match this video in crucial ways and has no Properties tab for th

Double sided printing from an Epson sx425w in mac

Hi everyone, I've been reading posts by others regarding problems with double sided printing on mac. Since I changed to a mac, I havent been able to print double sided from my epson sx425w printer. This can be quite annoying if you a lot of pages to

Double sided printing with 6700 e

Hi I'm using MS office on a Mac 10.8.4 I ahve searched simialr posts, but advice given conflicts. Some say this printer will not do duplex printing. I haven't the time to do the manual odd/even pages workaround, I print docs with many pages, it's too

How to print double sided using an HP photosmart printer

How to print double sided using an HP photosmart printerFollow the instructions for your Printer? We don't even know which one, there must be hundreds of Photosmart models. PeterRead other 5 answers

CS5 Print Booklet not working correctly - double sided issues

Hi, So I'm very familiar with Print Booklet and have done many books in the past double-sided, but somehow in the last few months, my InDesign is having trouble with page sequence when printing booklets. Instead of printing the odd spreads how it sho