Need drivers Win 7 Pro 32bit

Hello, I just installed Win 7 32 bit and realized that some of the drivers are missing and can't be found on internet. These are the drivers I need: PCI Device: PCI \ VEN_10EC DEV_5299 Ethernet controller: PCI \ VEN_10EC DEV_8136 Network controller:

Can't go through installing drivers (Win 8)

Ok I got my MBP 13.3 yesterday. Went through the Boot Camp assiatsnt, followed everything on the guide, installed Windows 8 (not yet 8.1). Windows 8 ''almost work'' except I do not have all required drivers (for instance, wi-fi is not an option - I c

Win OS Type (bit)

Hi! Is there any way to get the win bit type from labview? (32/64) I wanna use other exe in my app, but when my OS is 32bit, i have to use the proper 32bit exe. In the installer, I will attach both exes (32and 64) and what exe is needed it is decided

Help!! Down grade from 64 bit Vista to XP Pro x64 Edition

I am in need of down grading because of driver issues for this equipment that I've purchased and it will not currently run on 64 bit Vista.  Can someone give me the simplest step by step way to make this happen?  I am not knowledgeable in this area s

T61 Wireless Drivers

i downgraded my T61 from Windows Vista to Windows xp SP2 using the recovery CD of the same system ,, now my Wireless is not working i tried to download the drivers from the Lenovo site but they are not working. The system is not showing any device dr

Help with Drivers for Ethernet Controller (on a T42)

When I go to my Device Manager .. i see this category called 'Other Devices' .. under which I see: - ? Other Devices       --? Ethernet Controller I can't seem to locate the right drivers for my T42. I was able to find my PNP Device ID for this and i

Drivers for IBM Thinkpad T40 2373-82U?

Had to recover to factory contents. Wireless not working & Ethernet not working so I thought that needed to get drivers, but have been unsuccessful. Cant even get to Device Manager, any advice?Ethernet driver:

Question about defining [bit] attribute for products in MXI file ( bug ? )

Hi, When I define the [bit] attribute for a product element in xmi file (set to 64) and create the package, Adobe extension manager CS6 denies to install it on a 64-bit system (by saying:) because it is a 64-bit extension!! I tried it in two differen

Geforce 7 series vivo drivers

Hi I checked drivers at nvidia and the wdm 4.09 drivers for vivo doesnt support geforce 7 series and im getting a warning by windows that nvidia wdm video capture (universal) doesnt respond. So what can i do? the card commes with 4.05 drivers, same p

Wireless drivers for 2373-82U (Thinkpad T40)

I've rebuild a T40 and I'm having problems connecting wirelessly. I've tried both of the following drivers below:​

Lenovo Power manager gauge stop working

Hello, my Power manager gauge stop working, i dont know what is the problem. I uninstall it with driver and intall a new one. It worked only if I dont restart my notebook.  after restart it shows this again: http://i.imgu

Installation of ATI driver for Radeon X1300, X1400, V5200 graphic cards on Windows 8.1

Dear Thinkpad users. After many failures and zero support from official resources, this is a comprehensive, unbiased installation procedure for the official ATI driver with Catalyst Control Center for Radeon X1300, X1400, V5200 graphic cards on Windo

W540 Cant adjust the screen brightness

I have a  W540 with 3K Ips panel and Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I recently installed a new hard drive and installed windows 7 pro 64 (previously on the other hard drive was Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit ( there I could change the brightness ) ) My problem is that

Will Windows 7 64Bit Install on Macbook?

I have been trying to educate myself on whether or not Windows 7 will install onto my Macbook 4,1. Have seen a lot written about MBP's, but little on just MacBooks. I currently run Vista and XP on my machine in 32 bit through BootCamp and Parrallels,

Onscreen help is not working

I upgraded to Mavericks, and I know longer have onscreen help.  Is there an easy fix?Hey I got the same problem, here is my solution, hope it helps. I am using Thinkpad T400, Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit Go to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\HOTKEY\OSD , copy the whole

X201 multi touch driver for windows 8 x64?

Hi I'm using X201 (3093-96G) and I'm testing Windows 8 Release Preview. The most is working fine. But two things are not working: - multi touch - finger print reader Have anybody better experiences? Are there driver for windows 8 already? thank you f

T40, network adapter gone?

New to all this.  The machine is a T40-2373-72U, 2G ram.  I formatted and reinstalled XP, SP2 after a failed Linux dual boot installation attempt,  and am now unable to see anything, not even the catagory 'network adapters' in device manager, only an

T41 has Network Controller problem

I was given a T41 2373-7JU that I loaded with XP Pro. My problem is it will not  connect to the internet via it's browser. In Device Manager it shows a Network Controller problem and I've been unable to correct this no matter how many different drive

Ethernet card driver rollback

Hi all. This is both a solution and a request. There seems to be a common problem with wireless WPA not functioning after SP3 is installed. I went through this some time ago, and learned that this problem can be solved by rolling back the Ethernet ca

T42 Network driver after fresh install!!!

Hi everybody, I reformated my T42 2373-4WU with a fresh copy of Windows XP sp2 from 2002 (not a manufacturer copy, a boxed Microsoft version). But since then, my network adapter hasn't worked.  On my device manager, "ethernet controller" and &qu