How do you consolidate audio files in Premiere? (Make multiple audio files on a track one file)

How do you consolidate audio files in Premiere? (Make multiple audio files on a track one file). Also, my client is having a hard time making an omf that Pro Tools can read. The files can not be found by Pro Tools. How do you make an omf that Pro Too

How do you get audio with your .avi files?

I'm trying to do a project that has some .avi files but there isn't any audio. Is there a way to get it?There's a free downloadable program called Streamclip ( that will let you convert the audio format to .aiff audio that can be pl

New to the board, and how do you change audio during conv.

Hi all, brand new IPOD owner and convert from the tired Sony MD format.:) Now for my question. I recorded an anime video to the IPOD, but unfortunately it's in japanese. Anyone knows how to fix this?well that depends on a lot of stuff... did you rip

How do you move audio books from ipad to imac

i've moved music etc to my imac from ipad to free up space but audio books don't show up as being downloadable from the ipad to imac. how do i transfer then?transfer purchases to itunes on the computer and sync the other device afterwardsRead other 2

How Do You Transpose Audio?

I've never run up against a situation where I needed to do this, but now I have. What's the best way to transpose audio in Logic 9? I have stereo mix that's in the wrong key for someone and they asked me if I could change a dummy I said...

How do you change audio trac format?

How can I place a stereo clip on two separate mono tracks? ArikwSorry       I found it thank you very much ArikwRead other 5 answers

How do you change audio track of iMovie?

I looked in Help and didn't find an answer to changing out my audio track. Anyone?The track number refers to the number it is on the original album that you got it from. You can change it in the playlist you have, but it's going to keep that change y

Can you edit audio

How do you edit audio (eg noise removal) and save finished video ThanksIf you want decent noise removal: Neat Video - best noise reduction for digital video Red Giant - Products - Denoiser II RE:Vision Effects, Inc. : Products: DE:Noise Read other 3

How do you turn off audio in a clip

How do you turn off audio in a clip.  I am trying to eliminate wind noise.  I am using premier 12.Welcome to the forum. In addition to Steve's suggestions, there is another way, that comes to my mind: Open Audio Mixer, and for that Audio Track, check

How do you reset an ipod touch when it is still stuck in recovery mode?

how do you reset an ipod touch when it is still stuck in recovery mode?Having the same problem. Plugged into the computer, iTunes doesn't connect to it. Plugged it into the wall and the low battery bar shows up but then it goes to the black/apple scr

How would you capture AIR audio on iOS (inside ANE)?

Hi! I'm wondering what would be the best way to capture AIR app audio on iOS. I was able to capture video with OpenGL(that was tricky), also I'm able to do microphone capturing, both from ANE. Now I'm wondering how does AIR do audio output on the nat

How do you match the audio and text with the typer writer effect in Final Cut Pro?

I am making a video and I want to sync up the text with the audio using the typer writer effect.  For example I want when the music makes a bing noise I want a letter to pop up.  How do you set the exact time for each letter that comes up instead of

HT4946 need iphone recovery password retrieval - how do you get it?

how do you get a password retrieved when doing an iphone recovery?Follow basic troubleshooting found in your user Guide for your phone. other 2 answers

How do you transpose an audio track

I was wondering if anyone knew how to transpose an audio track other than using the pitch shifter plug in. I want to take a track down 1 or 2 semitones. The pitch shifter works but wanted to physically change the track. ThanksI guess that seems easy

How can I register audio extra Serial AUX60-5021-0129-4035

How can I register audio extra Serial AUX60-5021-0129-4035Mr Dean I know I`m so importunating. I just starting to learn Lingo and have some problems I`m trying to make some games to help my sister (she`s a logopedic) with work with autistic children

How do you Combine separate LMS Tutorials into one Long

I have created a 55 minute tutorial with audio. It is 6 captivate projects (~400 slides). I have created a stand alone package so the user can view the entirety and jump to each chapter using the menu in the skin. I have published the same taking out

HT5610 How can You authorise your Windows Vista computer??? I do not get this drop down menu nowI cannot get this here, have been trying for hours, why is this so uncooperative? My first impression of I tunes is not so good after that.

How can you authorise your windows vista computer to play stuff you downloaded from itunes???  I cannot get this drop down menu shown on your support pages whatever I do.    I have been trying for ages.  This is not a good first impression.Authorize

HT1414 if an ipod touch is locked and you cant pull up settings on the ipod, how do you unlock it?

If an Ipod touch is locked & you can't pull up the settings screen, how can you unlock it?Try:                                                - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on - Also try DFU mode after try recovery mode How to put iPod touch

HT1414 how do you change you ipod password if it is locked but you dont reamember you password?

How do you change your ipod touch password if it is locked and you dont remember you password?If you cannot remember the passcode, you will need to Restore your device... Connect to iTunes on the computer you usually Sync with and Restore... If neces

How do you unlock an ipod touch when its been disabled

how do you unlock an ipod touch when its disabled Troubleshooting 101 Some topics covered -Basic troubleshooting steps -Hard reset instructions -Manual restore instructions -Hardware troubleshooting -Preventive Maint