How to transport SAP QUERY

Hi All, We have created some SAP QUERY through Transaction SQVI,but not able to transport it to the Production system.Can anyone help me telling how to do that? Thx in advance. Atrai.Hello, To convert Quickview made in SQVI to Query, follow these ste

How to transport SAP Query SQ01??

Hi All, I am faced with a proble regarding the transportation of SAP query from the development system to the Production system.The following were the steps that I had taken: Step 1. Run RSAQR3TR in 'old' system. Select EXPORT and specify the objects

Transporting a query created in system development to quality and prod ...

Hi All, I'd like to know how to transport a query created in system development to quality and prod? ThanksFrom the menu on top in SQVI or SQ01 transactions, choose Query -> More functions -> Generate program.  Then choose Query -> More functions

How to transport Query?

Hi All, Kindly teach me how to transport query. Thanks, SidHi, In SQ01, select the desired query from the appropriate query area. From the Menu select Query -> More functions -> Generate Program. After this the ABAP program is generated in memory fo

How to transport Enqueue and Dequeue Objects / Lock Objects / R3

Hi Gurus, i have created two lock Objects. I transported those objects in Q system but the table tab has no objects. But in Dev every thing is correct. Could you please indicate how i can get the objects correctly transported? ThanksEasy and best app

How to make SQVI report accessible to others?

I know that SQVI is suer specific. Is there a way that we can make the SQVI query generated by me , avilable to other users. I do not want to transport it from Development system to production environment. Thanks, VenHello, In transaction SQ01, selec

Short Dump for Query in Quality server

Hi Experts, i have a query, when i execute it in developement server, it successfully execute. But when i execute the same query in Quality, it gets short dump, giving following error. ABEND RSBOLAP (000): Program error in class SAPMSSY1 method : UNC

How to compare to query definitions ?

Hello community of experts, Does anyone know how to compare two query definitions without looking at either the query builder or query results?   I want to prove that two queries are identical only by looking at the BW system itself. BACKGROUND   For

How to create sap query with "or" relationship

dear experts, I need a report to display the employee whoese WSR is changed in the month for infotype 0007. that is ,we want to search with selection begda OR endda between 2008-01-01 and 2008-01-31. how to create sap query with "or" relationshi

How to build a query based on(UNION) 3 vendor InfoObject

Dear Experts: I have a requirement to build one query based on 3 vendor InfoObjct: 0VENDOR + 0VEN_COMPC + 0VEN_PURORG. I tried to build a multiprovider upon these 3 infoobjects, but when I Identify(Assign) the key for each InfoObject, supposely there

How to analyze sql query?

Hi, can i analyze the performance of my sql query? How to analyze my sql queries performance? How to write optimal query? Thanks & Regardscan i analyze the performance of my sql query? Yes! How to analyze my sql queries performance?With a stopwatch.

How to transport table Index

Hi All, Any ideas how to transport a table index on an IO, we can create the index but its not allowing us to change the package name, its still in $tmp. Thanks in advance, BW Dev.Hi, You will have to collect it. Choose the table on which your index

How to fetch the query string in BW?

Hi Gurus, How can fetch the query string from BW Server to implement  Bex web application Iview. *Now to get the information "BEx Web Application Query String". open the SAP Log on and open the BW Browser, double click any of the queries availab

How to transport mapping format for ELM ????

Hi All,      I want to know how to transport the Mapping Format that we create for external list management (ELM). I clicked on the Customizing Transport link given in toolbar. But that doesnt seem to create any subtask. Is there any other procedure

How to develop a query in BI Publisher Report

Hi Experts, I am new to BI Publisher. Could somebody help me how to prepare a query. Thanks.What version of BI Publisher are you using? The best way to get started is to look through the Report Designers Guide here for http://download.oracl

How to transport requests from development  to production server

hi gurus i am new to SDN can u pls give me detailed information how to transport requests from development server to production server?if possible give me screen shot documents regards suryaHi Transporting There are help pages that discuss creation o

How to transport the sap script

Hi gurus, I am new to the SAP scripts. I finished the development of my form by usiing SAP Scripts. How can I transport it? Any help is appreciated! Thx in advance! Kun Baocheck these links it will be very useful... How to transport SAPSCRIPT?? SMART

How do I import with highest quality ?

How do I import with highest quality ? Should I chose ''optimized media'' when importing or chose nothing ?Hey Marcs, The answer is no, but I suggest you have a read of some of the excellent articles out there about this to understand whats going on,

How to write sql query with many parameter in ireport

hai, i'm a new user in to write sql query with many parameters in ireport's report query?i already know to create a parameter like(select * from payment where entity=$P{entity}. but i don't know to create query if more than 1 parameter.i

How do u do Query Caching/Aggregates/Optimise ETL

Hello How do u do the following?A document or step wise approach would be really handy 1.How do u do Query caching?The pro and cons?How to optimize? 2.How do u create aggragates?Step by step method? 3.How do u optimize ETL?Whats the benefits of it?Ag