Help on how to set value on LinkButton type column

Hello, Can I programmatically set a value on Item No. in matrix on Sales Quotation which is of type SAPbouiCOM.LinkedButton? This code helped me set values to an edittext type column Dim et As SAPbouiCOM.EditText = oMatrix.Columns.Item(matrixColumnID

How to set value to dimension1,2,3 column in AP Invoice?

Dear All, I have a problem when creating AP Invoice using SAP B1 2005 B DI/API. The problem is when i can not find dimension1, dimension2, and dimension3 properties in oDraft.Lines. (oDraft is my variable for object  oPurchaseInvoices). How to set va

How to set values of a parameterized message in ADF Faces?

Hi all, i've got the following problem: I want to set the values of a parameterized message before i add the message to the FacesContext. Contents of the message resource bundle: testPage.successMsg.create=The device {0} was created successfully! Cod

How to set value for table lines in web dynpro ?

Hi experts, I'm new in webdynpro. My requirement is to set value to the second line when user press expand on first line. In method ONACTIONLOAD_CHILDREN , I use  get_static_attributes_table to get the current table records and change return table va

How to set value of "Entity" in entityMap at runtime for attachmentTable

Hi, I am using attachmentTable item on my OA page. As per the standard functionality, attachmentTable should have entityMap defined for it and its property "Entity" should be given some value to define primary key relationships. Now, Is there an

How to set value for  skip condition in train stop property of train compnt

Hi, Iam using JDev version, i have created a TaskFlow where having train components pointing to different jsff pages, moving from one jsff page to another jsff page. I want to validate the input fileds in one of the jsff page, then only have

How to set values to bpel variables from Java

I have a java class to create files and populate some contents into it. On success it returnes "File Created" I used the following code to achieve it :- WriteFiles objWriteFiles=new WriteFiles(); String para=((oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLElement)get

How to set value for Next Auto Restart for components

Hi All When I checked my SPS13 portal in component monitoring area, I found that one of file server repository  etc is not running. To get rid of the problem, we had to restart the portal. On the same page there is a column for Next Auto Restart whic

How to set Application Parameters in web dynpro application

Hello everyone, I have a requirement where I need to set a table as a scrollable table , as i go through this link [] I found that there is a application param

How to set datasource dynamically in sqlj files

Hi, I'm facing problem in connecting DataSource dynamically in sqlj files. <b>Code:</b> #sql public context Ctx with (dataSource = "<b>jdbc/SAPJ2EDB</b>"); Currently I have hardcoded value as "jdbc/SAPJ2EDB" It

How to pre-set values to iView form WebDynpro

Hello I'm using  MDM 5.5 Business Package with WebDynpro. I want to set the values got by WebDynpro to MDM iView. for example, In the screen(iView) for creating a record, all input fields are empty at first. And then, the values will be set on each f

How to set a Object value by JDI

How to set a Object value using JDI? For example: class User{   private String name;   private String id; set and get method; public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {         VirtualMachineManager vmm = Bootstrap.virtualMachineManage

How to set fixed value in doDML

Hi, My application is ADFBC. i am getting fixed value in backing_bean.this value is not coming form to set this value in doDML.because i want to save this fixed value(this value changing in backing_bean from UIpage) into database. actually i a

How do I add a set value to a form field calculation?

I'm creating a form where I need a set value added to the sum of other editable fields - e.g. Field A + Field B +$125 = Sum For the addition of Field A and B I've been using the pre-set functions in Adobe X, but I'm clueless as to how to add the $125

How to set default values on the screen painter parameters?

Hello ABAP Gurus, I would just want to ask how to set default values on the screen painter parameters. Thank you for your replies.Hi, To set default values for screen painter parameters initialize the field names with default values in the PBO module

How to set default value to date type attribute.

Hi, How to set default value to date type attribute. E.g I want to set u201C01/01/1999u201D to date attributes. First i want to set value and then i want to fetch the same & want to check equals. please suggest solution. Regards, SmitaHi, In wdinit()

How to set dynamic parameter in list of values in parameter property

Hi, I am using cr4e-all-in-one-win_2.0.1version.I have created .rpt file in that how to set dynamic parameters(from database) in list of values parameter property Regards, amolHi, I am using cr4e-all-in-one-win_2.0.1version.I have created .rpt file i

How to clear value set values from node info

Hi, I have set some values on value set to display on a dropdown in my view.  using following method.   l_node_info->set_attribute_value_set(  name      = 'XYZ'  value_set = l_value_set ). Now i need to clear node info value set. Otherwise particular

How to set defalut values for html:radio

Hi all, can you please tell me how to set defalut values for radio buttons (html:radio) in struts?You may have more luck if you ask this Struts specific question in a forum devoted to Struts at their own homepage over there at It may also

URM How to set default value in the "New Check-in" - "Folder" field

Hello everyone, I'm trying to find out how to set the default value for the "folder" field in a check-in profile created using the Configuration Manager. If I browse to the folder in the "Browse Content -> Folders" menu and check-in