HT1414 iOS 7 does not let me resize my wallpaper pics to normal size to make a smaller wallpaper.

iOS 7 is a good idea.  But for apple consumers that are familiar with computers this is a sad upgrade.  This was forcefully released with many issues.  First insure is my air play.  I can only airplay sounds and my IPAD 2 plays the picture.  Second i

Iphone 4s error 1 on itunes

Hi. I bought an Iphone 4s on ebay and it´s stuck on recovery mode. The seller told to me that the phone works ok on Ios 6 but when he tried to upgrade to Ios 7 the phone stucks on recovery mode giving error 1. I tried everything to get out of recover

ERROR 27 :: iPhone 5 16GB Won't Restore, Stuck in DFU mode

I continue to recieve error msg when trying to restore my iphone... (end of the loading iPhone firmware) As you show my itunes updater logs ======================================== 2014-02-14 14:46:09.341 [21904:15f8]: restore library built Jan  7 20

Mode DFU, can not update error 14

this is the log: 2011-01-18 15:49:38.193 [5272:149c]: restore library built Oct 15 2010 at 22:47:15 2011-01-18 15:49:38.193 [5272:149c]: iTunes: iTunes 2011-01-18 15:49:38.193 [5272:149c]: iTunes: Software payload version: 8C148 2011-01-18 1

Weird Situation involving boot disk

Okay, here's my dilemma and I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the web. I shut my computer down when I left work today. When I got home 45 minutes later, I turned it on and got a Flashing Question Mark. I looked everything up and ended up doi

I have got error 6 problem this is the Log file of what came back

Any ideas on how to solve this 2009-08-11 23:37:30.897 iTunes.exe[4696:1788]: restore library built Jul 8 2009 18:40:00 2009-08-11 23:37:30.897 iTunes.exe[4696:1788]: iTunes: iTunes 2009-08-11 23:37:30.898 iTunes.exe[4696:1788]: iTunes: Softw

Type display issue in Preview mode

The font I am using does not display in iBooks Author preview mode on the iPad. Is there a restriction as to what typefaces can be used?The restriction applies to fonts that are supported on iOS and your iPad w/iBooks 2. Thus is matters not which fon

Arch and windows dual boot. [SOLVED]

Hey archlinux.. First of all let me say that the best thing that I have ever done on a computer is install Arch. I am enjoying myself learning stuff. But now i need to dual boot arch with windows. The problem being that I used autoprepare disks while

IBook and external HDD - Advice needed

Hi all, I am using an old G3 white dual USB iBook with OS X 10.2.8. The backlight cable broke a year ago, and I finally worked up the nerve to replace it myself...and while I'm in there, I'd like to drop in a new 120GB Seagate hard drive to replace t

Does anyone else have the problem where the iphone 5c basically shuts down wi-fi access for everyone?

Here's what happens: Go into Settings -> Wi-Fi, and connect to the home network. The connection is made successfully. If you open Safari, yes, you can surf the web via Wi-Fi, not cellular network. After a few seconds, Wi-Fi drops out. But it not only

Firewire drive is suddently unformatted !

Hi: I have an external 250Gb FW drive connected to one of my Minis. I have my iTunes and iPhotos libraries as well as other things like backups etc. I've had this drive for approximately a year and a half. This morning the drive shortcut was gone fro

Beachballing and "disk0s10: I/O errors" after upgrading to Snow Leopard

Here's my situation: I recently upgraded my iMac (2.93 Ghz Intel Core Duo, 4GB of ram, model id is 9.1) from Leopard to Snow Leopard. I did a basic install (not a clean install), the installation went smoothly, no errors were reported and in less tha

[solved] system crash: / read-only and /home not mounted

After a complete system crash due to resizing my partitions I am now at the point of restoring everything step by step. Having had bunches of kernel panics I can now already boot again into my old system. However, / is mounted as read-only manifestin

Is there a way to download ios7 while the ios dev center is down for maintenance?

I enrolled yesterday to the ios dev center,  I received my confirmation e-mail but I can't subscribe because the website is in maintenance. I really need to have ios 7 and be able to push apps before tomorrow. Is there anything I can do? Thanks, Xtre

HT4623 Looking for input about a paid app that lost afunctionality call due to iOS upgrade but the dev hasn't changed the wording in the app's description?

I wouldn't make much of an issue for this but to be honest I'm kind of ****** because it's exactly the call I got that app for and it's greyed out stating iOS has privately control of this function, I must probably let you know I am familiar with iOS

Thank you devs for creating such a beautiful new iOS , this is the biggest thing since the first iPhone , it's greatly appreciated that the geniuses at apple have taken the time for the little details of things !

Thanks for the amazing iOS it's great and smooth running it was worth the wait because you guys did GREAT and I'm very proud to own an iPhone thanks devs and CEOs!Thats awesome of you to say to apple. +3 internets to you for being positiveRead other

What can't we resize our pictures to fit as our wallpapers on the ios 7 system? nice photos are being zoomed in and cut off and theres no way to fix it, this need to be changes asap! back to the way it was on ios 6

what can't we resize our pictures to fit as our wallpapers on the ios 7 system? nice photos are being zoomed in and cut off and theres no way to fix it, this need to be changes asap! back to the way it was on ios 6.... FIX FIX FIX!!!!!!!!Hello keraal

I can't resize my wallpaper in iOS 7

I want to resize my wallpaper and move it around but this new software won't let me.  Can anyone help or is this just a glitch in this new systemSame thing is happening to me I am so mad with this ios and apple because they didn't advice is to not do

Unable To Login to iOS Dev Center

Hi, I can login to iTunes Connect but unable to login to iOS Dev center ( I am  using same crediantials to login for both). My Role is "Technical". When I am trying to login to iOS Dev Center it is asking me to "Verify Email Address" a

IOS upgrade - can no longer resize pictures for messaging or email

Hi before the recent iOS upgrade, if I wanted to send a photo from my iPhone by either MMS or email I had the option to choose the file size of the photo before I sent the message. This option now seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know if this o