Read Hire date in TIME Schema

Hi All, In our company we have the following requirement Employees hired before Nov 1at 2008 gets 32 more hours of vacation than the regular employees. My question is how to read hire date in schema and compare it against Nov1st 2008? We can use HRS

Change to Time Schema TM00

Hi Guys, I have a requirement at my client's place in which we have to do overtime based on 40 hours a week calculation, i have checked in IMG and tried to include TPOW but didnt calculate overtime on running time evaluation.We use Time evaluation fo

Set Appointments in Items according to an Availability Time Schema

Hi All, in need to plan several appointments on item level. Is there a function module or anything that provides setting the appointment times according to an Availability Time Schema? Thanks, JohannesHere's what I settled on to drop a database that

HR Clusters and Time Schemas

Can anybody throw some light on HR clusters and Time Schemas. any documenattion may help. amit [email protected]refer doc. k

Help needed to understand GOTC in Time Evaluation

Hi, I've been trying to get GOTC to work in Time Evaluation and haven't been successful.  I've spent weeks on this.  I've checked all the related documentation and posts but they do not help. My requirement is:  at the end of a week, differences of p

Check last time schema was accessed 10g

Oracle I am validating a list of used/unused schema in a Oracle 10g database. I have a list of schema that I think do not have any dependencies on anything in the database( Not sure why it was created) . Just to make doubly sure, is there

Need help in Time Evaluation  schema and rules

Hi Gurus,   1)Can anyone help me with Time Evaluation schemas and rules with some example?   2)Where can I find good documentation on Time Schemas and rules?   3)what are the practical Interview questions I can expect on Time management? I would real

Time Card entry for future period

Hi , We want to enter time cards for future period ,like now we're in jun and we want to enter time cards till sep 2012 but the self service screen allowing me to enter till aug 2012 only. Can any one explain me what could be the reason. anything we

Report to show Vacation entitlement before time evaluation

Hi Gurus, We have this strange requirement for the vacation hours. We need to write a report that shows the remaining vacation hours for the coming year. My functional guys told me that we will get this after we run the time evaluation for each emplo

Time Evaluation (Time management)

hi everyone...... i just want someone to explain me with some little examples the difference between time recording with clock time & without clock time, i really have some confusion in it, also if there is any useful document or link that can help i


a session is executing a query.I want to know at what time the query has started execution.Its a long running query and not yet finished execution? Thankx..hi user, try with this sql. CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW time ("SCHEMA",                       

Treating Sunday as deducted holiday in LWP

Hi, i want to deduct leave for Sunday in case of an LWP accordingly i have made changes in Table T556C and ticked marked "Sunday" in the conditions for the current day. Still it is treating as a Holiday. means not included as LWP is there some c

Clock in and clock out issue

Hi All, I am looking for  a solution for the below issue. Please help me out Clock in and clock out details from third party terminal are stored in SAP in IT2011. My requirement is if the duration between first clock in and last clock out is less tha

Clock in , clock out and absence issue

Hi friends, In our company, planned working time is 7:00 to 16:00. I have an approved absence request from 8:00 to 10:00, but instead of 8:00 I left company at 8:20. So my time events are as below: clock in = 7:00 clock out = 8:20 (instead of 8:00) c

HOW TO Change behaviour of attendance type

Hi guys, I have a question for you: - I have an attendance "9500 Extra Time", for overtime, introduced through IT 2002, which belongs to attendance type "O" (Overtime). When time schema is executed, attendances of this type are added t

Double clock in error

Hi all, When an employee clock in by his magnetic card on time machine, some times the machine take two clock ins and the same in out, and that occurs error in time evaluation in TD20. i want the system take the first clock in and the last clock out

XAI Schema Editor: Run-Time Error 380

I created a new Page Maintenance object that I am planning to expose via XAI. I deployed the compiled JAR to my local development copy of CC&B. When I started Schema Editor and tried to create a new service schema, I was able to find my service in th

Comparing SYSDATE with Times.Time_Id in SH schema

Hi , I am trying to compare Times.Time_Id from SH schema with SYSDATE .Can anyone guide me on this . Cheers, RakeshHi.. You have not mentioned what kind of comparison it's and where you want to do that?? Anyhow, if you want to compare sysdate with ti

Problem with an old schema at deploy time BPEL

I recently upgraded a schema DLReportCommon-1.1-SNAPSHOT.xsd. I cleared all my references to the old schema 1.0. I have no compilation errors. Once I tried to deploy however I got the response bellow. I have tried to: * Undeploy the instance first. *

Time Evaluation Schemas

Hi All Please suggest me regarding Time Evaluation Schemas. We have schemas like TQTA, TM04, TM00 Etc. when we use PT60. What are the different uses of these schemas & what are the situations when we need to use these schemas. Which schema to use whe