Problems with Inbox and Imported Mail

I just got a new iMac G5, and I have woefully messed up Mail on it. I use Mail to access an Exchange account (via IMAP) that I can also access from other computers (PowerMac G5 10.4.2, iBook G4 10.3.9). Upon initial iMac setup, Mail worked fine. Then

Erase Mail settings and import mailboxes

I'm having trouble with Apple Mail 3.5 and think that it's isolated to my personal settings within the home dir. Often, when I receive attachments on my IMAP email account, they come through as plain text rather than an attachment. The same message w

Export from Thunderbird and import into OS X Mail

Hi guys, I'm growing tired of Thunderbird and I want to go back to OS X MAIL. Problem is : it doesn't import properly. Here's what I've done : In OS X MAIL, I select IMPORT and then THUNDERBIRD and finally select the THUNDERBIRD PROFILE FOLDER in my

Error while Export from 10g and import to 11g

Hi, I get the following error on few tables when i try to export from 10g and import to 11g DB. import done in US7ASCII character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set import server uses AL32UTF8 character set (possible charset conversion) . importin

Create two or more data sources and mapping to DSO

Hi, I´m using SAP Netweaver BI 7.0. If there are two or three data sources which have to be mapped to DSO which field from Data Sources has to be mapped to which field in DSO? Is it possible to have only one DSO or should it be three DSOs because of

Urgent : OBIA - Handling multiple Global, Local and Document Currencies

All, I need input on how to configure multiple currency codes in DAC for OBIA 7.9.6.x My client's business goes around the the world and with multiple local currencies.They also need reporting currency to be multiple like in Euro, USD etc. I went thr

Imported mail (from OS X to OS X) marked as unread

I just got a new macbook and imported mailboxes from my G4 (same software/versions on both). It seems to have worked but random messages have been marked as unread. Is this normal or is this indicative of further problems?This is normal in the sense

Exporting and Importing Destination Controls Error

When I export table within destination control and import the table to another Ironport again within destination control I receive error - "Wrong format of the destination config file: ip_sort_pref is required for the global settings." We are up

Source and Program  preview look good,  AME renders linked aftereffects very poor

I have searched high and low but cant figure this out: I have CS4 Master Suite installed on HPZ600 workstation Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5550  @ 2.67GHz, 2661 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical     6GB ram. I created a 720p PremierPro (

Simultaneous Export and Import

Hi, I would like to know a way wherein I can kick off the export and then simultaneously read the export dmp file and start importing. I am using source database Solaris and target databse 64bit Linux 4AS X86_64. I tried using pipe fo

Question regarding Export and Import

First let me say that any software that comes without a save button should be sold with a warning label. Question 1:  I have having an issue comprehending how to save a photo.  In my case  I select the photo, zoom in on the subject, export it to my d

WSUS - Server 2012 R2 - Export and Import

Greetings, I have a Server 2012 R2 system with the WSUS role installed.  This server resides on a disconnected network so we must bring updates from an online WSUS server.  I have experience performing successful exports and imports in the past with

Source and Preview monitor blank or displaying hidden windows

In Premiere Pro CS4. Seemingly for no reason my source and prview monitors are no longer working. Instead of playing back the media they just display blank or whatever was on screen before changing focus back to CS4. For instance if I went to import

Export and Import of mappings/process flows etc

Hi, We have a single repository with multiple projects for DEV/UAT and PROD of the same logical project. This is a nightmare for controlling releases to PROD and in fact we have a corrupt repository as a result I suspect. I plan to split the reposito

Problem after importing mail to Mail 2.1.3

Hi, Imported mail from another G4 and all email within the Sent Items folder is displaying as from and date received instead of to and date sent. Anybody any ideas on how I can fix this? It's driving me potty!Try Control-clicking on the information b

Import mail boxes from Thunderbird crashes mail!

Has anyone any idea what I can do to ensure Mail does not crash when I import mail boxes from Thunderbird? I would love to us Mail but unless I can bring my mailboxes it isn't happening. Is there a file size limit or is Mail for Mac just flakey?Could

Error saving map. Stored procedure returned non-zero result. Check if source and target schemas are present.

I am using VS 2012 and BizTalk 2013 and attempting to deploy an application to BizTalk when I get these errors: Error 47 at Microsoft.BizTalk.Deployment.Assembly.BtsMap.Save()    at Microsoft.BizTalk.Deployment.Assembly.BtsArtifactCollection.Save()

How can I get imported mail back into standard inboxes? 10.3 to 10.5

I'm moving from 10.3 to 10.5 and have managed to copy all my mail and settings over from old system manually. Then used Import to point mail to the mboxes. Now all my mail is in Imported mail folder. It's a good start but is there a way to get it all

One problem with constraints missing in source and target database....

DB Gurus, In my database I am going to export and import data using datapump but dont specify CONTENT clause. so when I start working on my application, I came to know there are some constraints are missing. now how to check what are the constraints

Importing mail from Exchange to MS CRM

Hello all, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 receives all mail since it was activated, the emails were in Outlook before CRM be active not appear. I do not have the backup of independent Outlook but Microsof Exchange Server. How do I import mail from Excha