Function Module for equipment Link

Dear all, is there any function module or badi to get list of link from an equipment thanks Lukman Hakim.hi Anjaneya.., the link that i mean is link from an equipment to other equipment. when we create maintenance order (IW31), there is  a tab  'Obje

Function module CVAPI_DOC_VIEW for opening document by webdynpro applicatio

Hello all, i have a requierement to open the document when user click in filename i am using this function module but it is giving me error 'Screen output without connection to user.' CALL FUNCTION 'CVAPI_DOC_VIEW'       EXPORTING         pf_dokar   

Function module for disconnection document (SAP Utilities)

Hi , Can any body tell the function module or bapi for creating disconnection document(EC85) for an installation? vineel.Can you check the Following  Link

Is there any function module to download abap data to a word document?

Hi all, I know that the downloading to word can be done by ole automation...But is there any function module in sap which can do the same....?? please let me know your expert comments.......Hello Rich, I have tried the function module word_ole_formle

What are the function modules to create a follow on documents for SC

Could any one please tell me What are the function modules ( like PO , Preq ...)  to create a follow on documents for Shopping Cart? Thanks MuraliMurali, That depends on what scenario you've got implemented. Classic scenario: FM BBP_REQREQ_TRANSFER E

Function Module to Update Shipment Document with FURTHER DATES

Hi All, i need to update (create an event entry) with the 'Begin Plan Date' and 'End Plan Date' of one Event in the 'FURTHER DATES' TAB (2nd Tab) of the Shipment Document. I got to do this using the separate program after the shipment gets created fr

Function Modules Split Billing Documents

Hi expert, Does anyone knwo some function modules can help to split billing document when it exceeding the limit. I did know in IMG we can configure the max amount to split the billing documents but it doesn't help. I want some function modules which

Function Module for link Change number to classification

Hello Expert. what is the Function Module name which will link Classificaiton (tcode:cl03) to change number (cc01) . regards srinivasHi, Check business object BUS1003Read other 2 answers

Function module or any BAPI that lets park the document in the transaction

Function module or any BAPI that lets park the document in the transaction FBV1. I need to park the invoice by providing some test value in FBV1. I want to know is there any function module or BAPI that is used to park the doucument in transaction FB

EasyDMS : Function module to define allowed document types

Hello together, I am working on EasyDMS 6.00 and have implemented the function module "Z_EASYDMS_GETDOCTYPES" to have a filtered list of allowed document types for creating folders and documents in EasyDMS. But this FM does not seem to work, the

Function Module to Update Shipment Cost Document through Idoc.....?

Is there any EDI function module which can Update Shipment Cost Document through Idoc.....Hi Vijendra, Welcome to SDN. You can use FM IDOC_INPUT_SHPMNT with message SHPMNT and IDoc type SHPMNT01/02/03/04/05 to update shipment document. Hope this will

Function Module to Fetch the Document

Hi, I have a document ID of my document in C Folders I need to fetch the document . How to acheive the Same. Any Function Modules available to fetch the Document . RegardsPlease check if CFX_API_DOC_GETDETAIL helps. Also, you may check for other FMs

Regarding a Change Document Function Module ----- VERY VERY Urgent

I am using a Change Document Function module "CHANGEDOCUMENT_READ". It is taking a long time. I am using the parameters: Start date is the first date of the current month Enddate as last date of the current month Object class as 'MATERIAL' Table

Link function module to basic type

can anyone give me step by step instructions of how to link a function module to a specific type?when i do inbound idoc processing i get a status code 51 which says function module not allowed APPL_IDOC_INPUTI so i think i need to link fm appl_idoc_i

Remote Function Module for Change document Items.

Hi Experts, I want a Remote Function Module to read Change document Items, can any please help me out. <removed by moderator> Thanks, Sridevi Edited by: Jan Stallkamp on Aug 25, 2008 8:25 PMIf you are looking for the fm here it is..... you can check

How to get a pdf-document out of a function module

hy, we want to create a wd-application which imports a function module. The function module creates a pdf-document. We are planning to deliver the function-module output as a table to webdynpro. The table includes the pdf-document. How can we display

Function module to book one huge FI salary document?

Hello together, following initial  situation: I get a file with various number of lines (e.g. over 3000 lines). All lines together describes one single FI document. Is there a function module which can process an internal table (my source file) with

Can any one suggest me a function module or BAPI for the below requirement.

Hi all, I have a requirement in which i need to send an IDoc for each item of  the delivery document linked to the shipment document. previously i have called the function module in a BADI, but now the requirement has changed.No BADI or USEREXIT has

How to use ET_ATTACH importing parameter Function module BBP_PD_SC_CREATE

hi, how to use ET_ATTACH importing parameter of Function module BBP_PD_SC_CREATE, my requirement is to create SC with attachment. an example would really help. Kind Regards, Kailash.Hi, Generally we create the SC from ITS or Portal, and there in the

Travel Display Form: Error while determining the form function module

Hi, In Travel Reqeust (ECC6/ESS) when i click the Display Form after raising the Travel Request it shows the error "Error while determining the form function module" Can anyone have idea on this? Regards, BoobalanHi, This error was due to Not su