Free Firefox browser apps for BlackBerry curve

I can I get a free Firefox browser apps for BlackBerry curve? I want to download free firefox browser for my BlackBerry curve mobile phoneUnfortunately, there is no version of Firefox (or Firefox Home) for Blackberry OS.Read other 2 answers

How do i activate the "free trial" in my newly downloaded Reader X1?

how do i activate the "free trial" in my newly downloaded Reader X1?Adobe Reader is a free product; it is not a trial, and it does not need to be activated. If you have a problem, please tell us the details.Read other 2 answers

The browser attemps to download my servlet when I try to access it

Please help: I have a servlet that I'm trying to submit form parameters to but the browser attemps to download the servlet as a file instead of processing the request. Here is my servlet mapping: <servlet-mapping> <servlet-name>action</serv

Skyfire Browser for S60 5th

A short while ago the Skyfire browser for S60 5th edition phones was released in beta. I've installed and have been giving it a try and I have to say that it's very good and extremely fast so would definitley reccomend trying this. I know it sounds l

HT4009 Free apps updates won't download?

My free apps updates are not downloading. What do I need to do?If you get the error of can't connect to iTunes then see there two previous discussions: App Store Updates (but only Updates)...: Apple Support Communities Apps suddenly don't update: App


My desktop crashed and I had to get a new hard drive and motherboard. I got a new os too, it's win 7 pro. Now when I try to download media from bit comet from any of the torrents on the site I cannot browse the internet. What happens is a page comes

When I try download AE or Premiere free trial its says is downloading but nothing shows up

I have been trying to install free trials of After Effects and Premiere Pro. When I click download trial its says on the next page "is downloading now..." but nothing happens for a long time. My creative cloud opens as well but there is nothing

How can i download fruit ninja for free?, how can i download fruit ninja for free?

how can i download games for free?You can use computer iTunes and download the apps you want. You need an Apple ID, Credit card or iTunes Gift card. iPod touch User Guide (For iOS 5.0 Software)Read other 2 answers

Browser for 8520

I am failing to activate browser on my 8520 Curve, but WIFI browser is working fine.Wha do u mean activate ? In browser options u should have 3 choices in there Internet browser Hotspot browser (Ur cellular provider setting) U should have it on inter

Inspiration Browser won't download.

hello, I followed the directions , uninstalled Inspiration Browser, clicked DOWNLOAD for the update and nothing happened. I also updated Adobe Air. Windows 7 Professional OS Please help Thanks FrankHi Frank, try starting over. Uninstall AIR and IB. T

Would like some help with Chrome Browser and interrupted downloads

Hi all, This is my first foray into Macs and I have brought the Mac Mini (base spec, using latest version of lion) about 3 months ago and not regretted it either! I am however having one issue that is puzzling me. Upon getting my Mac I installed Chro

Why my browser want to download JRE?

Applets dont work with SDK? I think it is not possible, but my applet doesn't work, browser starts downloading JRE and want to install it. Appletviewer doesn't work too. I've tried 2 options in htmlconverter use any wersion of java 1.4 or higher and

Cannot change preference for JPG file to open in browser rather than download Mac OS 10.5.8

I want to view individual jpg files uploaded to my mobileme account. The URL ends in .jpg. I can view the files as webpages in Safari, but with Firefox, my only choice is to download the file. I tried to change the preferences>applications>jpeg pict

Received new U2 album for free,  but it won't download from the cloud.

When I logged into iTunes today, it said that the new U2 album was waiting for me to download.  I followed the instructions to download it from the Cloud, but an error appeared on each of the songs saying my connection to the cloud wasn't valid.  The

The browser keeps saying downloading the latest applications at the top but it doesn't download anything.

Firefox keeps saying "Downloading the latest applications" right above the taps, but it doesn't download anything. == This happened == Every time Firefox opened == I removed some firefox apsTools > Addons >> Extensions Do you have an MS

Column freez using browser based scroll bar

hi all, i got some solution to freeze columns using scrollbar its really nice, but i want to freeze columns , i have to use browser based scroll bar instead of report scroll bar, when i scroll mouse then report headers will locked at starting positio

Curve 8520 download app, try to play app, error message appears

I download an app and try to play it (and this can be any type of app) then a message appabout net_rim_database needing to be installed. How can I do this?

I am unable to free up enough storage to download iOS 7.1.

I've deleted any app I don't use, and several that I did use, in an attempt to free up storage for this upgrade. Someone online mentioned "using iTunes to get the upgrade" but I could not do that. Any ideas?"They" mentioned using iTune

I am trying to backup some free books I got and downloaded onto my Ipod touch.  Now I cannot get it to sync onto my computer.  Can anyone help me? I would hate to lose them as they are no longer free.

There seems to only be an option to transfer FROM my computer but not TO my computer from my device. Thanks.Overdrive media are not iTunes purchases so they do not transfer with: iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a

Free Adobe Flashplayer will not download, HELP

HELPthis is not the FLASH help forum. Without details / error messages, etc., users are not going to be able to help you - even if you were posting in the right forum.Read other 2 answers