Entry does not exists in check table -- Validation

Hi friends..,   I am able to create new entries in my table with INSERT statement through a function module. But, the problem is.., I am having one key field in my table, and T1(another table) is check table for this. So while creating the entries th

Error Entry does not exist in J_1BNFITMRULE (check entry) Nfe 10 Incomig

Bom dia pessoal. Ao tentar executar um dos passos no cenário de compras normais, (Assign Purchase Order), o seguinte erro ocorreu Entry does not exist in J_1BNFITMRULE (check entry). Detalhe: Para o mesmo pedido ja havia sido efetuada 3 entradas via

Table RSEG: entry does not exist while trying to take print of credit note.

Hello Friends, Requesting you help on following issue. My client want to take printout of credit/debit memo. I've copied output type REKL and created new output type. Have attached form and have done other required settings for calling that new outpu

FORM ROUTINE in Output Types

Hi group,   there is a requirement in which after the generation of accounting document(after saving VF01), we need to immediately reverse some of the lines in the accounting document by using F-02.  We have thought of using the Output Type Program t

QM UD Error Message: Check table XEKBN: entry 45039875220001003 does not exist.

Hello QM expert, I encounter a error when I make a UD. (Please refer to below screenshot. ) Case 1: I did quantity post to unrestricted use, to scrap, to blocked stock, to new material, to reserves, return delivery. When I save this UD, there is a er

Release strategy: Tx CL20N Error: Entry 01 does not exist in table T16FS

Dear MM Gurus, I was designing new release strategy for PR and PO, so I deleted all the previous entries(SPRO) available in SAP. I created my new entries but in the transaction CL20N I got the above mentioned error: "Entry 01 does not exist in table

Processing routine ENTRY in program zprog does not exist

Hi experts, when i try to see print preview from ME23N it is showing status message like below.... "Processing routine ENTRY in program prog does not exist" Message no. VN068 Any help.... Regards RamAs per my understanding, when you press print

Storage bin ZZ1 998 AUFNAHME does not exist (check your entry)

While in MIGO transaction, trying to post goods receipt with movement type 561, the system gives the error : Storage bin ZZ1 998 AUFNAHME does not exist (check your entry) How can I fix this error ?I had the exact same error yesterday, still I haven'

Table T169P: entry 1000   does not exist

Hi, While doing the Goods Receipt, against Purchase Order, the following error is coming: Table T169P: entry 1000   does not exist Please guide. Regards,Hi All, Issued resolved. Table 169P refers to Parameters, Invoice Verification. This is available

Storage bin 999   does not exist (check your entry)

Hi Gurus, In Lean Warehouse Management, When I tried to post the stock in MB1C, using movement type 561 it is giving the following message. Storage bin 999   does not exist (check your entry) Message no. L9009 Will some body try to help me out. Thank

Form does not exist or was deleted by administrator

Hi everyone, There was an Error when i pressed the button Preview in "Form and Ad Hoc Grid Management" ERROR Messages for this page are listed below. Error     Form does not exist or was deleted by administrator. Error     The form 1.Cement is i

EDI 810 - Delivery note/service entry sheet does not exist

Hello, When 810 Inbound Invoice IDOC is processed with two different materials having the same delivery note number using the function module IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM, the IDOC post with error code '51 Delivery note/service entry sheet does not exist' 

ESS Payslip error : Form ZF01 does not exist

Hi, We have created a form in PE51 that is ZF01 and include IMG. But we r getting the following error message: Form ZF01 does not exist      at

Entry point 'Test Batch' does not exist

Hi Forum  I am in the process of upgrading one of our testsystems from TestStand version 3.1 to version 4.1. The system is started up by a Labview app which calls TS by a command line call (-runEntryPoint  "Test Batch"  "C:\..."). Howe

Firefox/3.6.10 shows message whenever I click on an icon needing Internet access, saying 'Firefox couldn't install this item because "install rdf" (provided by the item) is not well-formed or does not exist' and advising me to contact the author - ???

Whenever access to the Internet is needed, clicking on any icon or link (including the Firefox icon) results in a delay of around 20 secs., followed by the appearance of the error message, headed "Malformed File". The message reads 'Firefox coul

P16B Error : Entry pernr date VA does not exist in T5W/G

Hi We are facing an error wherein we are not able to update the salary package details (FBP) using transaction P16B. It throws an error saying "Entry <pernr> <date> VA does not exist in T5W/G" before the screen loads. On debugging we

Bug in Tabular form Not Exist Validation, fails when creating multiple rows

Hi, I have a Not Exist validation created for a Tabular form:    select 1 from my_table where col1 = :col1 and col2 = :col2Execution State: For created and Modified Rows which is working fine when a row already there in DB and I am trying to enter a

Check table 150F: entry  O  does not exist

Hi, when i am doing 102 (previous period) for a subcontracting order error message is coming Error: Check table 150F: entry  O  does not exist { Long text: Check table 150F: entry  O  does not exist Message no. M7001 Diagnosis In table 150F the entry

Entry SE01 1890 does not exists in T005G(Table)

Hi, We are getting Bdoc error "Entry SE01 1890 does not exists in T005G(Table)" in CRM system.We are using CRM 7 and ECC 6. Please help me in resolving this issue. Thanks, RahulHi, Thanks for the reply. We are getting this error in BDOC monitori

"Postal code does not exist" - bypass error message in CREMAS

Hi. I am on a client implementing ALE between HR+Travel and FI/CO. Vendors are created in HR and send to FI/CO with the IDoc CREMAS. They don't want to validate the Postal Codes and Cities in the Vendors' Master Data. But the IDoc ends with the statu