When I try to download the Adobe flash plugin, firefox crashes.

I'm on an android, and when I go to the Adobe archive to get the flash plugin, it opens a new tab and says it's loading the page, but it just sits there. When I try to go back, or even if I just let it sit there a bit, it locks up and firefox restart

Why firefox needs a Flash plugin to be downloaded and installed separately ?

I have noticed that other browsers e.g. Opera, Chrome have their flash plugins already included (or somehow encompassed in the core).. no need to manually download, install or manually update. Just wonder why this feature isn't included also in Firef

Safari and Firefox Problems... possibly with flash plugin.

A couple days ago out of nowhere Firefox was crashing whenever i went to... well, most websites. Most noticeably Youtube and Tumblr. So I downloaded the newest versions of firefox and a plugin that was out of date, and the Flash plugin. It still cras

Flash plugin causing Firefox/opera to freeze

Hello all, I've got a problem. Lately when surfing flash-sites like youtube with firefox it starts freezing (for a few seconds) when loading. I managed to locate the problem and it was the adobe flash-plugin. When I uninstalled the plugin I could sur

Firefox Flash plugin crashes when FF launched with "Run as different user"

I often start Firefox in Windows 7 (x64) using the "Run as different user" mechanism. After upgrading my Flash plugin to v11 (11.8.800.94), the browser will hang for several minutes when visiting any page that contains Flash content. When Firefo

Flash plugin for Firefox: 2, 3 speed audio?

Hi all, I am having problem with audio using the flash plugin for Firefox.  The video is OK but the audio seems to be played at double or triple speed, which sounds funy. Here is the address: - &subj=news Anybo

Flash plugin is causing my Firefox to not respond--workaround?

Hi, I have Firefox 3.6.16 and Windows 7. By a process of elimination, I have determined that Shockwave Flash plugin is causing my Firefox to stop responding. The problem is that Flash is a pretty important there any workaround for this or

Adobe flash plugin disappeared from my firefox and I cannot re-download it

Today at approx. noon, I was on youtube and every video said to download Adobe Flash Player plugin. I tried reinstalling Adobe Flash Player and installed the 8.0 beta firefox browser and it still wont reinstall or show it exists as a plugin'''<u>Ado

Which flash plugin versions are supported on Firefox 7.0.1?

I recently upgraded to Firefox 7.0.1 running on Solaris 10 (SPARC) and my flash plug-in is no longer working. It is not listed in the Tools/Add-ons page and if I follow the "Check to see if your plugins are up to date" link, I get the following

Flash Plugin is causing Firefox to freeze

Recently, all of my browsers have been acting up. I use Firefox mainly, but ever since this issue started popping up, I tried Chrome and IE and the same thing is happening there as well. Every time I load up a page with flash on it, the flash plugin

Flash plugin for Firefox: it has trouble after 6-9 hours!

Hi, Vista32 sp2, 4GB Ram, ALL Adobe Flash plugin for FF versions, now perhaps dxdiag.txt needed? Issue: when Firefox 3.6 (in the past) or 8.0 (now) remains open, after 6-9 hours I become issues with Flash plugin for FF. ALL YT videos (24

Flash Player lags Firefox but doesn't when I disable Shockwave Flash Plugin

On certain websites with Flash based web players my whole of Firefox lags like crazy. I have been trying to fix this issue for a while to no avail (Tried resetting, re-installing, etc.) It mostly happens when I move my cursor over the Flash player. A

Death of firefox ..killed by flash plugin

Firefox is very slow due to flashplugin running every now and then.I have been with firefox for last 10 years Could not find a suitable solution to this issue.This is my first and last complaint.I am able to run things smoothly (better) with internet

Adobe Flash Plugin Crash in Firefox and IE

About a week ago my firefox and internet explorer browsers haven't been able to play any flash movies.  For example, I go to and click play on the main video section that pops up and the adobe flash plugin has

Shockwave Flash plugin hangs Firefox, how do I stop this?

The shockwave flash plugin consistantly hangs firefox with everything Youtube related. I can't watch any videos of that format (which seems to be most videos.) Whenever this happens, I have to end the plugin_container process from the task manager. H

I have the latest plugins and firefox but it still says 'adobe flash plugin has crashed' How do i fix this?

Every time I go on YouTube, it comes up with: 'adobe flash plugin has crashed'. I have tried refreshing and restarting my laptop, I have also got all the latest flash and Firefox, but it still won't work.I'd start with disabling Hardware Acceleration

Despite having up to date Firefox and Flash plugin, I still get a crash message. What can I do?

I am trying to use SiteFusion to build a website. When I go to upload a PSD file I get a "Flash plugin has crashed" message and the ability to select the PSD file and upload it stops. I have checked and I am on the most up to date version of Fir

Newest Flash plugin 11.5 doesn't install on Firefox 12

The Adobe flash plugin 11.5 on Firefox 12 is not installed. Neither the separate download from Adobe works nor the download for the plugin in the section "addons" or when clicking on "this web page need an additional addon klick here to ins

Firefox Flash Plugin

I've used the instructions on installing flash for firefox as described in the wiki: - _on_Arch64, and although it was supposed to work ( - ldid=36561 ), it doesn't: [fla

Flash Plugin not getting installed for Mozilla Firefox

Hello There! I am webmaster of Blogingrace. I have been using mozilla firefox browser and it has asked to update my flash player with its recent version. As soon as I click on the link a setup file of 989 Mb is getting downloaded and when I click ins