Badi/ User Exit - to update item data on Post GR in MIGO

Guyz, I have a requirement to update the value in ALAN1 , ALAN2 fields while posting GR in MIGO. And also I need to access the value of realted PO (ebeln) and line item(ebelp) and equipment number(or serial number) EQUNR filed ,while doing the coding

User Exit for Idoc being posted through ACC_DOCUMENT

Hi Experts!! We have an inbound interface to post FI document using message type ACC_DOCUMENT. Now, we need to influence the idoc before posting. In detail, we need to change a particular field in the header and then only post it. I tried with EXIT_S

ME21N, User Exit/customize program

Please , advice is it possible to check, whether the is customize program/user exit, in ME21N, When user save ME21N, some funny stuff happened, how to check whether there is a customize program/user exit when save ME21N, please advicehi, you can try

User exit in ob28

Hi gurus I need a explanation how the user exit work in the ob28, this is the first time that i deal with this, and i need to apply the 650827 and it involve a user exit. i dont know what to fill out in prerequisites and check area when in using a ex

How to code the user exit userexit_number_range from mv45afzz

Hi, i need to modify the user exit userexit_number_range from mv45afzz, this is an standard include so when i try to modify i get the request for the my access code. Can someone explain me what is the procedure to modify an user exit. Do i need to re

User-exit during settlement of PM orders to COPA

HI, We have a situation where a plant maintenance order type is sometimes charged to a customer. In those cases, the costs are sent to SD using a DIP profile, the customer invoiced. with the PM orders as the cost object for the revenue posting. At th

Incoming Invoice: MIR4 User Exit

Hi gurus. I have a requirement to add a new tab when you run TCODE - MIR4. This new tab would be on the same level as existing tabs i.e. 'Basic Data  'Payment',  'Details',  'Tax' etc. Does anyone know the user-exit/screen exit that I can use to achi

User Exit for MIGO and PO

Is there a user exit that can be invoked to control the ability to not post a goods receipt based on the value in the confirmation control key or a custom field on the purchase order or scheduling agreement.Hi, Please explain your Business Scenario i

What user exit should I use to...

Hi everyone! I need to check if the due date or bline date of a posting to a GL line item is filled out, which user exit should I use? Btw, I cannot change FSG so it is not an option... Here is a list of FB01 user exits: Exit Name           Descripti

User Exits in Balance Scorecard

In the balance scorecard project (SEM 6.0 and BW 7.0) at our client’s place, we need more details to be incorporated for a given metric and initiative as follows: Metrics: Apart from the metric owner, we need to store data entry responsible, backup f

User Exit Examples

Hi, I am trying to look for User Exit examples in my trail Netweaver ABAP 7.01. can anyone help to see some sample codes and how user exits are called ? ThanksThanks Matt for the help and suggestion, if you dont mind me asking, is it part of the foru

FBRA User Exit

Hi, I'm looking to do some checks to the posting date field in tcode FBRA Reset and Reverse Clearing Documents) (Program SAPMF05R) the one that appears when you choose the function Reset and Reverse. This posting date corresponds to the reversal post

User exit for Exchange rate in PO (ME22n) of Delivery/invoice Tab

Hi SDN, We are using 4.6c. I wanna make the FIELD "Exchange rate" in Purchase Order (Tx: ME22n) of Delivery/invoice Tab into display mode. So can any one tell the USER EXIT i have to use to make SCREEN-INPUT = 0 for this screen field, MEPO1226-W


Hi, I am using IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS F.M for posting material data. Message type MATMAS. There are some customer fields should be considerd. Please let me know whether use user exit available in the above Function Module Regards, SureshHi Suresh,

Production order user exit

I will create a production order in CO01.I wont use planned order,MRP etc.I will assign a WBS element in production orderin assignment tab.Then i will confirm the order and do goods receipt in MB31.When I do goods receipt my finished material should

FBL3N/FBL5N/FAGLL03 user exits and badis for authorization

Hi Gurus, I have tried userexit and badis for FBL3N , FBL5N and FAGLL03 for the purpose of  user want to display documents created by him and other users documents should not display . Please suggest me any user exit or badi and logic for the same. M

BADI or User exit  for FB50 to update custom field in table COEP

Hi all, i have added one custom field in table COEP through include CI_COBL . when i do posting through sales order(VA02) or purchase order(ME22n) that custom fields in COEP get updated with controlling document and through BADI AC_DOCUMENT i m updat

User-Exit for MR1M/MIRO

The unplanned delivery costs can be posted with the help of the User Exit EXIT_SAPLMRMH_014 (for Transaction MR1M / MIRO). It is not possible to settle planned delivery costs. To pass Unplanned Delivery costs (freight), you have to fill also the tax

To get the user exits and modification points

Hi Experts, I am able to find all user exits for a particular transaction,but is there a way to find it for some specific actions alone. Need to find the user exits and enhancement points that are called while clicking a specific button in a standard

User exit for V.23 transaction

Hi, Is there any user exit or BADI available for transaction v.23? Thanks, VenuDear Venu, There are no user Exits for V.23 T code,check whether any BADI's are available. I will suggest you to post the same thread in ABAP Forums. Regards MangalRead ot