HT4623 i need help...did a FACEBOOK UPDATE on a iphone 3 and now facebook will not open. i realize the version os 4.3.1, but in settings their is no updates sections

i need help i believe i did an update for facebook on a iphone 4.3.1, and now facebook will not open?You have updated the app to a version that is not compatible with your iphone. The iphone 3g can only go to 4.2.1 You should check compatibiity befor

Facebook does not open after ios upgrade yesterday 3/12/14

Upgrades ios 3/12/14 and now Facebook does not open.Genieo Adware is installed.  Removing it will help. If you have another browser installed, use it. If not, launch App store and get another  browser for temporary use. Remove it afterwards. 1. Use 

Facebook app not working on wifi?

I have the galaxy s5 so does my wife and daughter, and when we are at home we hook up to the wifi, and try to use that to save on data usage. for some reason it does not load photos, comments and videos for a long time. the laptop, tablets, and tv al

Facebook app not working on bb10 after update

Hello. I update the facebook app to the newest update on my bb10 and not it's not working at all. The app is not showing in the icons with the F, just like a spot with unfinished icon. Can't access it, can't delete it or reinstall. What's the point h

3rd Party Apps Not Opening?

Hey, earlier today I installed a 3rd party application and i noticed once I installed it any other 3rd party application that I downloaded would not open so i uninstalled the program which I think was causing the problem yet the problem is still occu

App not opening on mac pro

Hi Could anyone please help? I have downloaded my apps from iphone 4s to Macbook but whilst the apps are in my library they will not open on macbook. Doesanyone know please what I have done wrong? Thanks RichardYou're welcome. Not clear on the questi not open anymore

I installed Mac 10.10 and now the "" will not open. Any ideas or solutions?I am well aware of that Kappy. What I am telling you is that this popup occurred while downloading and installing the Mac OS X 10.10.1 update. After the restart

Ipad2 apps not opening on ios5

Just loaded IOS5 on ipad2 and now downloaded apps will not open - please help !same here only iPad 1. Updated to IOS5, restored from back up copy. all non-apple apps wont start.Read other 3 answers

Facebook app not posting

Hi Folks, I realised that the facebook app is not sending the written post into the FB stream. I use the latest updates of OS and Apps as of today on my brand new Passport. FYI my Web privacy on FB is 'friends only'. Solved! Go to Solution.I found th

IOS5 (beta 5) Apps not opening

I have recently upgraded to beta 5 and none of the applications apart from the basic apple ones are opening, i've tried several restores and still apps are not opening? I have to use safari for social networks over the last two days, and my phones qu

FACEBOOK App not connecting...

Anyone having problems connecting to their Facebook App? I am receiving a message on my Facebook app saying they have "New Privacy Controls".  Their is a button to "Take a Tour", but then when you click that I keep an error message tha

Facebook app not working and my blackberry world has completely disappeared, help please!

Hi guys, I'm in a real stooper, my facebook app. Was due an upgrade but soon after the upgrade it stopped working and everytime I click on to the icon it crashes the phone so I have to switch it on and off again to get it working, it then displays an

Apps not opening after installing iOS4

Hi, I installed the new software update on my iPhone 3G. Now all the downloaded apps won't open.I don't understand what's going on with the apps on my iPod touch when I try to open them they close afet a few seconds never actually getting to the app.

Facebook app not appearing

My facebbok app got stuck so I deleted it. I reinstalled it but it's not appearing but the app store says it is installed.Connect to your PC by cable. Click on your device to open it.  Browse to the Apps page for your device  (where it says summary/I

Installed Snow leopard and now half of my apps not opening

I installed the upgrade of Snow Leopard onto my imac and am having quite a few problems mainly in that when i open many of my Apps such as Waveburner, Soundtrack, Office etc i am presented with a large pop up problem report window detailing the probl

Spotify app not opening after 3.3.0 update

Hello,Today I updated to Spotify 3.3.0 on iPhone 4S with iOS 7.1.2.Spotify app does not even open. I deleted and re-installed it but it still does not work.Thanks for help.Nedim  Hey      Could you try updating to the latest version of iOS (8.3)? Let

App not opening

I purchased an app. It won't open. Downloaded free app. Still a no go. Turned off on didn't work either. Any suggestionsIf it's just one app then it's probably something on the app's end. Look at the reviews for the app on the App Store to see if oth

Email app not opening on iphone 5?

whenever i try to open the email app on my iphone, it expand to fill the screen, but then flashes back to the home screen before it loads. the app does start running and i can see it in the list of open apps, but it's a white screen and it always tak

External apps not opening new tabs

I am currently trying to update my Tomtom Satnav by adding "community" items. In theory when using the "My Tomtom" program, on clicking the "Add Community Content" bar, it should open up a new tab in my browser, whether it be

Why is my iTunes Store app not opening on my iphone?

Every time I try to get onto the iTunes Store from my phone the screen flashes white for a second then goes back to my home screen, tired resting the phone and turning it on and off but still no luck. I have also tried resetting my internet connectio