Invoice need to be printed in different printers

Hi We have two printers i.e.,  Printer A & B If invoice copy is one page then print should come form Printer A, if invoice is more then one page print should come from Printer B will it be possible with SAP standard.    Thanks Regards Sudha'Innovatio

Print 2 different forms to 2 different printers 1 ABAP program

Is it possible to print 2 different forms to 2 different printers from one program? Example: a Shipping invoice and a Shipping Label (mailing sticky label) Could they be a combination for form types? SAP Script and SMARTFORMS, SAP Script and PDF, SMA

Develop a form and print program using VBAP, VBAK, MRKT.

I have 2 tables VBAK [fields: VBELN, ERDAT, ERNAM, AUDAT, VBTYP, VKORG] and VBAP [Fields: POSNR, MATNR, CHARG, WAERK] and In output(form) i need the following fields, Output table: -VBELN -ERDAT -VKORG -POSNR -MATNR -MAKTX <- this field is from table

Call two smartforms from two different print programs

Hi Sapiens,   I have a requirement that there are two different smartforms and they have there independent print programs.   Just wanted to know weather is it possible in SAP to merge those to smartforms and there print programs so that first smartfo

Transaction  for triggering  of  form through print program for FI

Hi, I went in table T001F. Now I see couple of programs and forms asscoaited with it. Now lets say program RFKQST20 and associated form is F_RFKQST20_CO_02. Now how do I know what transaction I can test the triggering i.e printing of this form thorug

Error when exexuting a smart form from print program

Hi, I have created a Print Program & Layout Set [Smart Form]. Now when i executed Print program it is throwing following error. As internal table that we are passing to F.M is not having any data i have appended some data in debug mode. After htting

How to print two different multiple pages in smart forms

Hi All, In my form iam printing 12 different pages.In that 11th & 12 th pages are having two different formats and if more records are there for each page i have to print more similar pages.For 12th page iam using main window in that by using command

Problem Exporting / Importing print forms with program RSTXSCRP

Hi! there is problem Exporting / Importing print forms with program RSTXSCRP. when I transfer print form from one SAP system to other, logo image and some text is missing... what could be the reason? Maybe there is other way to transfer print forms b

Syntax Similar to Sorting in form not in Print Program

I want to Print the sales document(s) in the descending order and to achieve this in the print program i don't want to use the SORT statement or logic to achieve the same.Is there any way i can do it in the Form itself.hi, in smart forms we can creat

Finding out the print program associated with form

Hello Gurus, Anyone let me know how to find out print program associated with form. Correct answers will rewarded. Regards, Srihi - Please check with FM SAPSCRIPT_SELECT_PROGRAM. Just execute and give ur form name, it will display teh print program.

Smartform to Adobe interactive form and triggering from print program

Hi, My requirement to migrate puchase order smartformto Adobe interactive form. I have migrated my purchase order smartform to Adobe interactive form, activated form and interface. Question: How do i trigger or my adobe interactive form purchase orde

How find print program and form name from the spool list

Hi,       I have a requirement to find print program and form name from the spool list. I got the list of programs and forms from TNAPR table, I also want to find out any custom program sending the form directly to the spool. Cheers SamHi Try TSP01-S

Use of NACE after creating print program n smart form

Wat's d purpose of NACE?I hav created my own print program n smart form according to my own requirement.If NACE is necessary 4 my smart from.How can i use NACE i mean navigation steps. Please help me out.Its urgent. Thanks & Regards, Santhosh.Hi Sant

Reg: Smart forms and print programs

Hi I would like to locate the print programs and the corresponding smart forms. say for invoice we have a smart form available and how to track the print program for it. pls advise. thkx PrabhuHi Prabhu,       You can track the Program through mainin

Wher e  to assign print program  and  form name

our client  is having  sap4  can any one  tell  me were  to assign print program  for  dunning  and the   form also thanks sreekumarHi, Path to assign dunning form : Financial Accounting>Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable>Business Transactions

Print Program - Export Packing List/Export Invoice Form

Hi friends, I've to create two new smartforms for the above said subject and assign the same in output control as a new output type instead of Script. Im in ECC 6.0 version and in NACE->Billing,i've the std output control(FUEP) in form of script as &qu

Invocie Print Program, Urgent!!!

Hi all, We have invoice form ZBCC_INVOICE_DA4 and print program is ZVADIN01. Now, business requirement is, when custer is paying by Direct debit ( Payment Method 'D') use different invoice. I have copied    form ZBCC_INVOICE_DA4  to ZBCC_INVOICE_DD a

How to use   RLB_INVOICE standard print program

my program is copy of  RLB_INVOICE when i press execute i m not getting any output how can i see print preview by executing print program.hi, check this REPORT  ZRE_SD_INVOICE. *&      Form  ENTRY       text      -->P_ENT_RETCO   text      -->P_

PO Print Program and Script

Hi All, Where I can find a Print Program and Script associated with a particular PO. Please suggest. GSHi, Go to me22n or me23n. Give the PO no . Click on Messages > See whether any output type exists or not. If exists then go to tyransaction nace .

Automatic Print Program

Hi, Receivables Manager > Setup > Receipts > Receipt Classes Under Receipt Class and Receipt Method, We have 'Automatic Print Program' field According to Note 745996.1 Receivables provides one standard receipt print program to format the output o