ITunes extremely slow in "Extracting software"

I currently have iTunes installed on Window 7 64bit. After connecting my iPhone 5 last night, iTunes stated that there was an upgrade to IOS.  When attempting to install the upgrade if failed with an error.  I don't recall exactly what it w

I have atempted to update my ipad 1 with latest update but after extracting software it goes to restoring ipad software and stops at around 25% on the bar. have tried several times but it does the same I have one useless ipad at the moment ! any ideas ?

I have attempted to update ipad1 with latest update but after extracting software it goes to restoring ipad software and stops at 25% on the bar. Have tried several times but it does the same, I now have one usless ipad help! any ideas ?when connecte

Iphone slow to type numbers and letters since downloading ios7

iphone slow to type numbers and letters since downloading ios7RAB7228 wrote: iphone slow to type numbers and letters since downloading ios7 There have been scattered reports of this problem. First try Ralph's solution, as the easiest. Next, try clear

Typing on 3G iPhone slower than 1st iPhone

Anyone noticed that typing on 3g iPhone has lag now? Even the audible clicks are slower... Not huge issue but noticeable. Wife's new phone same as mine... Anyone else?Yep - that's it. Seems to be the system software 2.0 - went to Apple Store last nig

IPhone slow backup

I have an iPhone 4 and when I plug it in to sync, it backed up for 9 hours and still hasn't finished! What's wrong? Or how can I fix this?Wow! That totally solved my problem! I'd been trying to back up my iPhone for the entire morning (from 9:12 am t

While restoring my iPod touch 4G (iOS 6.1.2), after the "extracting software" step, iTunes says that it cant connect to iPod server. Now my iPod is in recovery mode and I can't do anything. Please Help.

I have Windows 7 installed with the LATEST iTunes software. I get this message while restoring and now my iPod is in restore mode. When I try to restore it fails after this message pops up. Please tell me a fix to it. 1) I've checked my internet conn

Iphones slow and no more copy and paste

i upgraded my iphone 4S and 5S from the latest iosX to iosX 8. Problems I encounter: Opening apps slowed down totally. Closing apps slowed down. Navigating within app is slow. Going back to homescreen or moving around there is slowed down (like slow-

OSX Upgrade and new software purchases slow down Mac and Battery won't hold charge?

Any assistance appreciated: I have recently upgraded my OSX from Snow Leopard, which I was quite happy with, and was ticking over very nicely. And, today, I have problems??? I was using Snow Leopard, I purchased Mainstage 2 for my musical work... Nic

TS2529 problem with  update my iphone 5 software -(This device is not eligible for the requested bu

i am using the OS X 10.8.2 (12C60) and i have also itunes updated (11.0.1). i am trying to update my iphone 5. i connect the iphone 5 with itunes and after the extracting software , it appears this message (This device is not eligible for the request

New IPhone is a Brick - after new Software Update

Last night I synced my new IPhone 3G that I got this past July after lining up for 2 hours. Love it! However, it's been turned into a brick. I synced with iTunes 7, using the correct cable with no dock, and it mentioned that there is an update for th

Dropped my iPhone 4s and now it's realllllly Slow! Help:/

I dropped it flat on the front and it's actually fine no scratches or cracks. But now it's exteemely slow and I keep getting a pop up that says storage is almost full which is not true and my apps and everything take forever to open and when I try to

IPhone 5 firmware restore failed (unknown error 1)

hi everyone, I updated my iPhone 5 from ISO 6.1.2 to 7.1.1 via iTunes by restoring and it was working fine but when 7.1.2 update came n I was trying to install via wifi, it failed a lot of times. so I connect my iphone to iTunes n tried by restore ip

Restoring IPhone in Recovery mode

I'm trying to restore my iphone because it said I can not receive or make any calls and I need to restore it because it's in recovery mode (no idea on what that means). So iI began the process of restoring it. It "extracts software" but then the

My iphone 5 is stuck in recovery mode

My iphone 5 is stuck in recovery mode. Last week i took my iphone 5 to the genius bar as it kept powering off randomly. The technician recovered my phone and instructed me to do so if the problem happens again. The technician informed me that if the

IPhone 3G 2.0, glitchy, its all good

I was rather frustrated with all the little problems my new iPhone is having as opposed to my perfect older version... However, I remembered all the little issues my old iPhone had at first and how with each update it got better and better. Hopefully

Iphone 4 will not fully restore

i have an iphone 4 with ios 7.1.2 and it went into recovery mode and when i plugged it into itunes like the screen showed me to it said there is an iphone in recovery mode that needs to be restored so i tried to restore it and it went through the fir

HT201210 Iphone 4s will not update to iOS 7.  Says an error occurred.  I have to plug my phone into the computer also because it will not connect to home wifi.  All other devices will connect to wifi though.  I have enough storage to update also.

My iphone 4s will not update to ios 7.  I'm trying to update this through my imac because the iphone will also not connect to my home wifi.  I've tried several different things but nothing is working.  I deleted enough pics and apps so there is enoug



My iphone 5 is stuck in recovery mode after battery change?

my iphone 5 is stuck in recovery mode after battery change, I decided to change my faulty iphone 5 battery as i was out of warrenty, I managed to chance the battery with no problems (I Think), when i put the phone back together and tried to power on

Iphone in recovery mode, and it disconnects every time I try to restore. HELP!!

I tried to update my Iphone with the latest software update, but it crashed during the update and was stuck for hours without getting any further along in the process, so i disconected it. My phone is now in recovery mode. When i tried to restore it