EXP-00113: Feature New Composite Partitioning Method is unsupported.

Hi, I'm running a single instance of an Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production With the Partitioning, Automatic Storage Management, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options I try to export some subp

Exp error in oracle 10g

Hi My database is oracle 10g in linux When i m starting export by EXP, i m getting following error EXP-00056: ORACLE error 932 encountered ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected BLOB, CLOB got CHAR EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccess

Using exp dump file, how to know schema/tablespace/database/table....

Hi I have export dump file. I don't have any information other then that about the dumpfile. 1. How do I know what version of exp was used(or database version)? 2. what does the exp contain, whether it is table/schema/tablespace/database level export

How add drop table when i use exp command?

i use: exp USER/pass owner=owner file=dx.dmp in mysql i can use: --add-drop-table Some mysqldump options are shorthand for groups of other options. opt and compact fall into this category. For example, use of opt is the same as specifying add-drop-ta

Customer exp price

Could you please explain about customer expected price.... PradeepHi Pradeep, You can enter the customer expected price manually in the line item pricing screen of sales order or using 2 cndition types EDI1 - Customer exp. Price EDI2 - Customer exp V

Periodic values for INC/EXP accounts in YTD application (first period only)

Greetings, I have a YTD application.  INC/EXP account balances are imported as YTD. When I choose the Periodic measure for the FIRST period of the year, BPC calculates the difference between the YTD value for the first period (which is really the pri

Experts please guide me in Sap Abap Hr and in Sap Hr. I have 1 year exp but didn't get job wht to do  ?

Dear SAP Experts , I Have 1 year exp as an Associate SAP ABAP HR Consultant and i have done MCA but still didn't get any job i am free from 3 months didn't get any call please guide me what to do my abap is not much strong but hr is good . i am so up

Is there any issues to use exp in a live production instance?

Hi all, I'll migrate from 9.0.1 o hp-ux to a 10gR2 on Redhat AS E4 To prepare my upgrade, I need the whole structure from our 9.0.1 instance. Can I without any danger / problem use exp to export the structure of our live instance while its actively r

EXP time is very long

Hi, in 10g R2 our export : EXP user/password BUFFER=102400 FILE=fiel LOG=LOG_FILE FULL=Y It is very long , about 16 hours. Any parameter to optimize this duration ? Many thanks before.I also had issues exporting our 1TB database when we wrote out whi

Need Help..imp/exp utility

Hi, I am not a DBA. I don't know how to imp. I need to import all objects from ABC schema of DB1 to XYZ schema of DB1 or DB2 . I don't want the actual data(rows) should get imported ..just need the definition in imported data. Can anyone please help

Migrate exp/imp into data pump

Hi Experts, we use exp/imp to exp data 150G and works to support stream in past time. As I know, that data pump will speed up exp. How to migrate ex/imp syntax into data pump? my imp/exp as exp USERID=SYSTEM/[email protected] OWNER=tiger FILE=D:\Oraclebacku

PLS-00302: component 'SET_NO_OUTLINES' must be declared on EXP

Hey all, Not sure why I'm getting this. Any ideas where to start? C:\>exp userid=me/[email protected] owner=me file=c:\temp\me.dmp Export: Release - Production on Tue Aug 9 11:14:00 2005 Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle.  All rights reserved. EXP-00

Migrate oracle 9207 DB 8 TB size frm Solaris to AIX?dont want  Exp/Imp

Hi Guys,PLz help I want migrate 8TB oracle database from Solaris 8 to AIX 5. In my last post on the same topic I was told to refer Metalink notes 291024.1,Note:77523.1,Note:277650.1 acc to these notes 'EXPORT/IMPORT IS THE ONLY OPTION TO MIGRATE FROM

Avoid triggers in IMP or EXP

Hello, How to avoid triggers in IMP or EXP. TRIGGERS=Y/N is not available in 11g also. Any other tricks? with regards -mathews p samuelNo other tricks. With the data pump, you can exclude triggers on the impdp command line.Read other 2 answers

Exp/imp problems

Hi, Kindly Help. I plan to export full the database then I'll import it back to the same database, my purpose is to fix the fragmentation of the tables/tablespaces. 1. Before importing the export file should I do anything to the database( e.g. trunca

EXP error on Oracle 8.1.7i

Dear All, I've got problem to export data with Oracle 8.1.7i on W2K. After implementing, EXP working properly for more 2 years I don't know why it happened. Please help me to solve this problem and the how to prevent it happen again. The error messag

How to conect to the Oracle 10 g Exp Edition from Oracle SQL Developer Tool

Hi all, i have installed Oracle 10 g Exp Edition in my stand alone system(no internet connected to the system). I want to connect through Oracle SQL Developer tool. Can any one please tell me the steps involved in "how to connect to the Oracle 10 g E

EXP File Corrupt

i am using Oracle 8.1.7 with Windows 2000 server, everything was working fine but some invisible thing occured and now when i tries to use "EXP" utility it doesnt function just shows EXPORT HELP. Also i have noticed that the size of EXP.EXE in n

Restriction of project no. in travel exps.

Hi every one in my project we are implementing travel management. so all the travel exps are mapped through trip and pr05. now whenever employee is requesting for exps in list he can see all the WBS elements so employee can put the travel exps on any

Getting error EXP-00003: no storage definition found for segment(0, 0)

I am getting an error when using "Export: Release - Production" on "AIX" and connecting to a remote database with version "Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production". I ha