Elements 3 und Casio Exilim Z750

Hallo Forum Ich hoffe, ihr könnt mir helfen: Meine Exilim Z750 macht hervorragende Bilder - bei der Kontrolle auf den Display sind die Farben leuchtend, das Bild meserscharf und alles ist im grünen Bereich. Wenn ich nun die Bilder mit Fotoshop Elemen

Camera fuzzy image help

Camera has fuzzy image helpHi there ladedah30, You may find the troubleshooting steps in the article below helpful. iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting Camera isn't functioning If the screen shows a closed lens or blac

Fuzzy 20" apple cinema display

Hi All, got two major issues with my home studio set up, bought two 20" apple cinema displays only to find out that my crappy G5 only has one port. Has anyone had any problems with the DVI to ADC adaptor?. As this seems to be my only option. I also c

How to create small PDFs with reasonable quality images?

Help me Obiwan Adobe! There seem to be several utilities around the web that claim to do this, but I figured I'd ask the experts first. There must be some sort of step by step technique outlined somewhere that enables you to create PDFs that have rea

Blurry image in Android front camera

Hey All, I've been beating myself with this for a while, I need some help. I am using the device's front camera. In iOS it's working great. In Android - I get this fuzzy image that shows me the front camera 3 times with black and white stripes (See i

Blurry, out of focus, grainy low light photos Noki...

Hi, I have had a Nokia N95 8GB since April and on the whole I am really happy with everything apart from the camera. Day time shots as far as I can tell are OK but night time/indoor/low light shots are a different story. A lot of shots are grainy, th

Ipad with airport extreme

Got a new 32gb IPad with wifi and 3g about a week and a half ago. At the same time, purchased an airport extreme. Whenever I try to play streaming video using WiFi on Netflix, ABC Player, or YouTube, one of three things happen: The video starts to pl

All Quicktime videos are now not displaying video

Up until yesterday, all of my quicktime files and movies that i could view in itunes, including trailers in the intunes store were working fine. Now for some reason, the audio in any of the above mentioned files works, but the video is now random fuz

HT202879 recently saved a Pages document to Dropbox. Now I cannot open it in the new Pages app, and I cannot use the previous Pages version to open it. Attempting to open the document gives me a flash of a page and then the program crashes. Anybody have a

I can go to Time Machine and find the document, even read it in Time Machine, but when I try to restore this version I get the same crash. I cannot open with Text or RTF. Preview opens a fuzzy version and can save out as a .PDF, but when I try to con

Horrible Camera

my Nokia X7 Has 8mp camera but it doesng capture text clear. My friend has a phone with 5mp camera and it captures images crystal clear. What could be wrong with my phone? All settings are set to default. Solved! Go to Solution.Nothing wrong with you

What is largest resolution size I should use?

Hello, I'm working on my first solo project and need help (did some simple things with someone who knew how to use captivate). I'm using Captivate 1. I'm going to take screen shots (or import images) of rather large images (diagrams) one per slide, a

IOS 8.0.2 camera app not working but FaceTime camera does?

Went today and had a new screen installed on my 5c and I initially thought that the camera hardware had been mis-installed, bexause opening the camera app yielded a fuzzy image and then a freeze. I tried installing other camera apps and the image doe

Images 1-19 sharp and clear, images 20-138 fuzzy and pixelly ??????

I printed out a book I am working on yesterday - 138 pages. There is an image on every page. From page 1 to 19 the images are crisp and sharp and look to be the correct 300 dpi. From 20 to 138 the images are blurry and pixelly and look to be 72 dpi o

The images in Photoshop or InDesign improperly anti-aliased, looking fuzzy

I've bought Late 2013 Retina Macbook Pro with Mac OS Mavericks, and am having trouble with anti-aliasing. In short, the images/documents open in Photoshop or InDesign are improperly anti-aliased and look fuzzy. I can understand why the menu bars and

Zooming in on tif images gives fuzzy results

Hi, Using 3.2 lightroom, when I zoom in on a tif image it is fuzzy. If I click on the next image over, then click back it reloads and is sharp. Is there a way to force a reload without clicking to another image and then back. When doing same on a raw

Why is my FaceTime image fuzzy, unlike the adverts?

When I use Face Time on my IPad the images are quite fuzzy, unlike the images used in adverts. Is anyone else finding the same problem or am I expecting too much?There is no FaceTime app for the iPhone. Settings>Phone>FaceTime>On. http://support.

Images in RH Html are fuzzy; generated Help images are fine

I am using RH 7.003.001. I have over 7000 files in my project. Recently the images in RoboHelp all appear fuzzy. They are fine in my generated project. I have 2 GB RAM and a 100 GB drive with 41 GB free. Disk Defragmentor says I do not need to defrag

HT5148 i am using final cut pro x. i have imported some images and video in my timeline. when i play back my video it looks fuzzy. but, when i pause it, it looks clear. how do i get my video to play clear.

i am using final cut pro x. i have imported some images and video in my timeline. when i play back my video it looks fuzzy. but, when i pause it, it looks clear again. how do i get my video to play clear and not fuzzy?Same reply.Read other 2 answers

Images are fuzzy

I am converting files containing psd images into pdfs using Acrobat 8. The images appear fuzzy in the pdfs. I know I sorted this out in Acrobat 6 but can't remember how and the help files are not very helpful. What should I do ?The psd file is an ima

Me tile displays fuzzy picture

HI Just a small issue - I have tried changing my picture fo my me tile several times on my (and my Wifes) 800 but it always displays as fuzzy. Pictures are changed on the live site using my PC, all are of decent resolution but under the required limi