Error handling in abap proxy

Hi, In my scenario, I have written code in the execute_synchronous method of the abap proxy in ECC. I want to capture all possible errors that might occur here and for all of them i want to capture the message id and the text and send it out. what ki

Exception handling in outbound ABAP proxy

Hi All, i need to catch exception in outbound abap proxy in two cases: 1. if RFC dest in R3 which is pinging to XI goes down. 2. IF xi server is down. in both the cases i need to catch the exceptions. now i written the code in this way: DATA: v_excep

Handling appln errors in ABAP proxy

Hello All, How is application related exceptions handled in a ABAP server proxy. Say I update a customer  record from a proxy(asynch). Now the customer data does not exist in R/3. Regards, Jai ShankarJai, for this purpose you should define your messa

Exception Handling in webdynpro abap

Hi I have a function call which raises an exception. How do i handle it?hi, In WD4A, Exception handling in FM is same as We do in R/3. You can check sy-subrc after calling the function module. Also you can raise error message by using web dynpro code

Fault message handling in abap client proxy

Hi experts, i have scenario like this SAPECC---XI---WEBservice i was decided to using the ABAP CLIENT proxy in sender side and soap adapter communication in receiver side i will be get the wsdl file form client problem is i am in bit of confusion lik

Abap Proxy Errors

Hi Experts, My scenario R/3->XI(ABAP Proxy)--->SUS Systems Getting the following error in SUS system.XI system it doesn't throw any error in moni. I am new to proxy concepts.Also please let me know any related blogs or suggestions in this regards. &

Debugging of inbound ABAP proxy

Please To show the debugging of inbound ABAP proxy, the implementation of the demo scenario is used. The demo scenario is available in any installation WebAS 6.40 or higher.follow this method and check debugging mode. Debugging of inbound proxies in

Error in synchronous( abap proxy to soap)scenario

Hi experts, My scenario is synchronous abap proxy to sysnchronous soap. for proxy I am using business system name as ERDCLNT220 and soap business system name as BS_HRS_DEV configuration steps are 1. only client proxy to soap scenario I have done. com

Exceptions Handling Programs Needed! Pls!!!

Hi!    Can any one give some sample programs of how exception handling is done in abap.   Pls send it guys looking for your reply.   [email protected]    Rahul.Hi, Exceptions are situations that occur while an ABAP program is being executed, in which

ABAP Proxy to HTTP Synchronous

Hi All, My scenario is ABAP Proxy to HTTP POST synchronous, while I am trying to execute the scenario I get the following error in SXMB_MONI:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> - <!--  Call Ad

ABAP Proxy call gets stuck in qRFC

When I execute my program to trigger an ABAP proxy, the program executes successfully, but then no message appears in the Integration Engine. I have discovered that every time the program is executed, it ends up with an entry in the qRFC of the sendi

Integration Process exception handling & alerts, Java

Hello, I would like to enhance my basic scenarios fool proof and with as much Java as possible. I have set up several asynchronous and synchronous File to SOAP transfers between systems A and B using PI70 including my own Java mapping classes and PI'

Consume web service in ABAP proxy with SOAP header

Hi Thomas , I am trying to consume web service in  ABAP . I have followed the procedure from one of your web blog <a href="/people/thomas.jung3/blog/2004/11/17/bsp-a-developers-journal-part-xiv--consuming-webservices-with-abap a Developer's Journa

ABAP Proxy runtime is showing status as red

We have ABAP Proxy runtime for four different ABAP systems. Except one all the other three proxies are showing the status as red. Could you please help me with this regard - Points guaranteedHey, Go to <b>SM59 - > R/3 connection to ABAP Systems -

CX_BGRFC_INVALID_DESTINATION during outbound abap proxy call on 7.1

Hi guys, I'm trying to set up a scenario with outbound abap proxy call using the new WS adapter and when I execute the report with the proxy call I'm getting the CX_BGRFC_INVALID_DESTINATION exception. I've generated proxy w/o problems, I've set up e

File to ABAP proxy via AAE

Hi All Am doing a file to ABAP proxy scenario and using SOAP adapter(XI protocol 3.0) at target side in order to make use of AAE. But while testing am getting the following error at both the channels(file and soap) : Error Transmitting the message to

Advantages and disadvantages of ABAP Proxy vs. RFC call on XI target..

Hi guys! We have a scenarion, when we send a message to XI and need to write data to SAP as the target system. Do you have experience, what would be better? RFC adapter or ABAP Proxy? And why? Thanx for answer! Peterhi, ABAP proxy if you can: 1. /peo

Using ABAP Proxy

I am researching a way to integrate SAP system with ABAP Proxy. I have sevareal questions. 1. Is it possible to use XI alerting for ABAP 2. Is it possible to use application acknowlendgement with asynch ABAP Proxy. 3. When I generate ABAP class in SP

ABAP proxy to HTTP sycnchronous scenario.

Hi All, I have an ABAP proxy to HTTP syncronous scenario in which the proxy through PI makes an HTTP request to a third party to download a PDF.Once the PDF is sucessfully downloaded we need to send an acknowledgement to ECC system that the download

Problem Mapping to ABAP Proxy

Hello, I Have a very strange error. So i send a Message from Java Proxy ->to-> ABAP Proxy. The Mapping is a XSLT Mapping. The Mapping everthings fine but the ABAP Proxy get and error like: Error during XML => ABAP conversion (; error ID: ; ( )) .