Essbase excel add-in 7.1.5 compatible with Microsoft office excel 2007

Hi All, Can you please let me know Essbase Excel add-in 7.1.5 version is compatiable with Microsoft excel 2007. Current Environment: Hyperion Essbase Administration services 11.1.2 Essbase Excel add-in 7.1.5 Microsoft excel 2003 We have requirement s

Will Oracle be making any enchancements to the Essbase Excel Add-in?

Will Oracle be making any enchancements to the Essbase Excel Add-in?If you use vb script, you can use the following: ' Step 3. Activate Essbase Excel Add-Ins Set myAddIn = XL.AddIns.Add("C:\Hyperion\Essbase\Bin\essexcln.xll") myAddIn.Installed =

Essbase Excel Add-in

After installing the most recent microsoft patches, users on Office 2000/ Windows 2000 are unable to use the Essbase/ Options menu while connected to a database.They receive an excel.exe error message and are booted out of excel.Has anyone seen this

Essbase Excel Add-in in

Hi All, We have Essbase 9.3.1 in our current configuration with Excel Add-In. We want to migrate to Essbase but we still want to use Excel Add-In, as we have VBA Macros. Please help me regarding this. Thanks SatyaSo what's the issue? The add

Essbase Excel Add-in cannot indent subitems

Hi everyone, I am currently trying to indent subitems on my dimension members. But for some reason, all that gets returned to me is one fully straight column with no indents on my subitems. After setting indentation to subitems, I've tried setting th

Excel run time error (Essbase caused?)

Currently I'm getting an error whenever I open files in Excel that seem to be pointing to an Essbase XLL file called essexcln.xll. I've searched the web and find that most of the causes relate to: 1. The essexcln.xll file being installed in the wrong

VBA code to connect Essbase from Excel

Hi All, I need VBA code to connect & retrive the data from Essbase trough Excel sheet ....Please advise... Regards, PrabhasKVC wrote: As gleen advised install essbase excel addin before going to use below script create push button to trigger below sc

SmartView VBA Commands - HypCreateConnection and HypConnect

I am in the process of converting some spreadsheets with Essbase Excel add-in VBA macros to use the SmartView VBA functions. I am having trouble just doing the connect to the V11 database. Prior to the conversion I used the following command to conne

Print the Server, App and Db in Excel

Is there anyway to get essbase to place the server, application, and database name on an excel sheet? I would imagine something like a function in the vba commands would be perfect. I happen to have a great deal of data spread accross a variety of se

Essbase add-in error:You do not have sufficient access to perform a lock

Hi, I have a user who is doing a retrieve in Excel and is getting this error on v.9.3.1: Essbase Error: "You do not have sufficient access to perform a lock and send on this database". The user is just doing a retrieve, no lock and send. I asked

Excel Add-In & Office 2010 - Can't Connect

I installed the stand-alone executable for the Essbase Excel Add-In version 11.1.2. This is on a Windows 7 64-bit system, but the Office 2010 version is 32-bit. I was able to install the add-in successfully. I started Excel and had to browse from the

Not able to install Essabse Excel Add in

Hi I've installed and configured the Hyperion on my Server Window 208 Rs 64 bit server. The Essbase Excel add in was not installed. So am trying to install ti manually. But am not able to do that. Am getting an error saying that the path tha

JExport cdf function working - but changing essbase files ?

Hello, we finally managed to get CDF JEXPORT function running (Link was very helpful) now we scheduled daily exports to txtfiles and oracle database - it's running well - we scheduled to export every night from testda

Excel with MacBook Air

What is the shortcut for copying cells in Excell using my MacBook Air? On my PC it was control isert.Command C  is the shortcut to copy in Excel Command V to pasteRead other 3 answers

MSCRM 2013 : Ribbon Command Bar enable/disbale on chang of selecting record?

Hi, I'm working on requirement to enable or disbale the command bar button on the Ribbon ,Form and Record. I have a custom entity Sales Updates,  in that I need to do changes like 1. Entity Ribbon(no record selected) then I have to show New,Export to

Essbase error currently multiple reports per retrieval not supported

Hi, One of my users got this error message while working on Essbase Excel add-in. "currently multiple reports per retrieval not supported". Any suggestions why do we get this error and what changes have to be to made to avoid it? Thanks, JunaidI

Excel addin error

Hi, I am using EPM and I have office 2010 and excel addins While retrieving I am getting the below error. I tried the solution provided in the link "

Write Back Capability in Essbase

Dear All, I read some where BSO has a direct write-back capability which is not possible in ASO, correct me if i'm wrong. Now my doubt is What is write back capability.'Write-back' refers to the ability of end-users to send values directly to the cub

Essbase Smart View report

When using the Essbase Excel Add-in, you can highlight part of the Essbase report and refresh only that part. By doing this, you can have multiple Essbase reports on one Excel tab. I tried and can't do this in SV (we are using 931). Is there a way to

Essbase Calculation info

Hi, Where can i find more information about Essbase calculation commands? Thanks MessiTry,