Problem with sun.jdbc.rowset.CachedRowSet.

Hi All, I cannot not able to import the package 'sun.jdbc.rowset.CachedRowSet'. while writing the path in the jsp:useBean or import to java class it shows at the compilation time that Error JavaCompile: sun.jdbc.rowset cannot be resolved. Is there an

The driver: sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver could not be loaded with I use jws

Hi, I use Java web start and the problem is that java web start can't be loaded the driver. Here is my error message : See com.borland.dx.dataset.DataSetException error code: BASE+83 com.borland.dx.dataset.DataSetException: The driver: sun.jdbc.odbc.

JBO-26061: Error while opening JDBC connection how to debug in project

Hi, Am using adf jdev Can any one guide me . how can i debug and find out exactly where jdbc error is occurring .How to track down the error as am new to project . <LifecycleImpl> <_handleException> ADF_FACES-60098:Faces lifecycle rec

What do I need to use sun.jdbc.odbc.jdbcOdbcDriver

hi there what do I need to use sun.jdbc.odbc.jdbcOdbcDriver to access MS Access database? String sourceURL = "jdbc:odbc:mysource"; String sqlQuery = "select ComsumerAccountNumber from EDS5"; //getting a connection try { Class.forName(d


Hi, Any one please tell me where i can get sun.jdbc.rowset package. please give me specific URL to download the rowset.jar file Thanking you, ShajahanHello, It's probably this one: It ma

Error while registering JDBC and some more problems (11g)

Hi there. I'm new here and using Oracle,I've been studying SQL Server at the school and I'm going to have Oracle 9i lessons soon. I've installed Oracle 11g here but things aren't going well yet. When I open Oracle SQL Developer,I have the message "Er

Error while opening JDBC connection

Hi The JDBC connection works in the current page, but when I clicked a tab to go to another page using the same database, I received the error: Error while opening JDBC connection. ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied Unexpected exception cau

Sun.jdbc.JdbcOdbcDriver ClassNotFoundException

Hello, I'm using Eclipse, I have created a small test class as I have never used SQL before(except for some querying) and have imported the MySQL connector J .jar, and the whole folder directory (just to be sure). I keep getting ClassNotFoundExceptio

How to setting up the sun.jdbc driver in servlet

in my servlet i implemens the MetaData Interface, The Sun JDBC driver was Not support the getMetaData() function .. I dont knw why it was Pls hel me other 2 answers

Using PL/SQL packages and JDBC

How can I call a PL/SQL procedure stored in a package using JDBC?Sorry, I didn't realise ..... however the difference is trivial. In the example they call a procedure named nxt_flight_time_and_num_routes using CallableStatement l_stmt = m_connection.

Show errors package compile.

Hi group Pls how can I see compilations errors after compile a package trough scripts. SQL> ALTER PACKAGE QUESTPA.QUEST_ADV_SEQUENCE_RULE_PAK COMPILE; Warning: Package altered with compilation errors. SQL> SHOW ERRORS No errors. SQL> ThanksDear u

Error starting sun app server 8.1

I created a user ossj using the usermanager utility imqusermgr add -u ossj -p ossj -g admin I then made the following changes in to allow only ossj user to create connections # service connection access control #connection.NO

CG$ERRORS package bug in code.

The default values in the spec for CG$ERRORS ("LOC" and "MSG_TYPE") don't match up with the default values in the package body... This package will not compile in a database on Sun Solaris 5.9.please find in package body proced

Jakarta Tomcat error - 'Package MyUtils not found in import.'

Jakarta Tomcat - 'Package MyUtils not found in import.' Can anyone help with this error please? My JSP code P6.jsp contains :- <%@page import="MyUtils.* ,java.util.*"%> But, the package MyUtils with class file NameStore.class is not found.

Error installing Sun ONE App Server 7

Hi, when I try to launch the app server installer, this message is shown: launching installer....InvocationTargetException in ArchiveReader constructornull java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newIn

Connection Failed error message for JDBC Driver "SAPClassNotFoundException"

Dear Friends I have strange problem. I am failed to connect with SQL Server from PI Quality system. My configuration of communication channel is working perfectly fine in Development system. Same configuration for Communication channel is not working

ChangeLog Repack Error on Sun Directory Server 6.1

Hello, I am in the process of repacking our LDAP suffixes and I have run into a snagg. Currently our changelog is over 10GB in size and we recently set the max age for changelog entries to 2 months. Once all the records older than 2 months were delet

Java error packaging app

Hi there, I am very new to air and trying to create a simple hello world application. I have created my app and tested it from winxp command prompt and opens etc. I tried to package the app using the adt command and I just get the following error:- '

ERROR: Package deleted because of bad bind-variable

hello, i believe to have a serious problem here and i need help. portal deleted packages twice because of a "bad bind variable" so i had to start over again. i'm trying to write a simple blackboard-application. Users can post and read posts. No

Error: Package StockTablePanel does not exist

I am running j2sdk1.4.0 on RedHat Linux 7.1. I think I set everything up correctly. Compiling simple packages with no custom packages imported works and runs. But when I have a custom package imported like import MyTable.*; an error ... Package MyTab