Update error 80188306

I have a Nokia Lumia 1520. It is an AT&T branded phone but was purchased used and unlocked from a cellphone store. I am using a StraightTalk SIM card. Over the past few days i have received notification about needing to do the update. Unfortunately,

It got setting error on multiple locales under Flex builder

Hi, i try to build a multiple locales application with Flex Builder. When I try to configure "Flex compiler": i enter "-locale en_US,fr_FR -source-path+=/locale/{locale}" for additinal compilere arguments. Then there are errors: unable

Error Message upon boot up/log on - DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant is not working as expected

I get that message upon logon to the system.  The full message of the error box is The DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant service is not running.  Restart the service, or contact the site administrator. is running.  It is like the DCA isn't

Error when calling report

Hi can anybody tell me why am i getting this error Error: The requested URL was not found, or cannot be served at this time. Oracle Reports Server CGI - Unable to communicate with the Reports Server. thanks, mandarChaitali, the 'unable to connect to

Error while creating a datasource for XMLfile in DataFederator

Hi, I am trying to create a datasource in Data federator for XML file, when I tried to click on Generate Elements and Attributes button Data Federator gives me error "Java.lang.reflect.InnovationTargetException". Thanx In Advance. Yogesh Edited

Cut and Paste errors in FHMX 11.0

Hi folks, I have to do plenty of copy and pasting of text for my work, which is done using Freehand MX 11.0 on Windows XP SP2, Athlon XP 3200+, 2GB RAM, GeForce FX 6800 512MB, Philips 170B4 monitor. However, after a couple of copy and pastes, Freehan

ITunes Error: Cannot play bought iTunes movie from one day to the other "The selected movie won't play on your display."

Hi, just a few weeks ago I watched on my new iMac 5k Retina a long-ago-downloaded movie (iTunes content, HD, Billy Joel. Live at Shea Stadium). I had no issues watching it on the new wonderful display just a few weeks ago! Today I wanted to resume th

NFS mount error messages on Solaris 8; is there a patch?

We recently purchased an EMC Celerra NS80 to serve as a front end to our Centerra archive solution. On a Solaris 8 box I've been seeing a large number of NFS errors in the /var/adm/messages file relating directly to the datamover on the NS80. I've tr

Error message after downloading e book

Can somebody help me : after downloading a ebook by I have to download the adobe digital editions. everytime Im doing this i receive the error message: e_adapt_request_expired and a lot of text behind this. Can somebody help me .... Paulineht

Error in Session ID for Web application

Hi, I have a question about the Error Message "Error in Session Id". This error shows up in the browser window when I try to run a form on the Web. I have checked the web server name and port in the html files, but everything seems to be correct

Alv grid (automatic) message error

I've written a table maintenance program with an editable alv grid as per SAP example (BCALV_EDIT_04). It works like a charm except for the NON desired message error log on a specific field/column (<b>PROD_NUM</b>) for appended rows. That is,

Billing Doc error posting to Accounting

Hi, I am getting an error message while posting the Billing doc to Accounting. "Reconciliation a/c 222 or short key 00 is not permitted" Message No. F5788 what may be the reason Rgds SunficoHi This problem usually occurs when the reconciliation

Error Webgate instance already register in Webtier

Hi experts, when  I am deploying the webgate instance in web tier.I am getting this error "Error Webgate instance already register in Web-tier". How to re-register the new webgate instance with old web tier ? Thanks in advance, Gopi THi, I think

Edi workflow error - mail not been sent

Hi,   we have an EDI workflow that sends messages as documents to the users in our production system. It was working fine till we moved one more workflow to the production system which is for purchase requisition release. Since the transports for the

D010TAB error

Hi, I am getting an error - Database error 21 at OPC access to table D010TAB. [21] Warning: Fatal error 829 occured Consequently, I can not display the content of Cubes/ODS. But I can see the objects in RSA1. Even While executing the Bex query, I am

Error while Export from 10g and import to 11g

Hi, I get the following error on few tables when i try to export from 10g and import to 11g DB. import done in US7ASCII character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set import server uses AL32UTF8 character set (possible charset conversion) . importin

OSB Error in deploying a project with jca file adapter

Hi, I am facing an issue where I am getting an error when deploying a service from Eclipse. I am using OSB/SOA 2 node cluster. I have an OSB service where I am writing to a file and am using file adapater. I created a composite with file ada

Email Error Message "updated yesterday"

I cannot send or receive emails. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the email account. I have reset all settings. Nothing works and I still get the "updated yesterday" error message. Any suggestions?Hey cam11746, I see that you are having is

Error  in opening  Query  in Bex Query Designer

Hi all, I am getting an error while opening the InfoProvider for a new Query in the Bex Query Designer. program error in class SAPMSSY1 method : Uncaught_exception. ASystem error in program CL_RSR and form GET_COB_PRO-02 In RSRT: 00000003      I>> R

Error when copying large (65bg) file to TC

I recently switched to aperture from iphoto and want to move my iphoto library file (65gb) to my time capsule for storage. I am using the hd in the TC for storage now, while my time machine backups go to a new external HD connected to the TC. Problem