BlackBerry App World ID Installation Fails - error 80003

For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to access BB App World. However, I cannot connect to the App World Server because it gives me a 80003 error when trying to connect.  Please let the world know what is the problem....See the discussion here: htt

Getting an error message trying to sign into Blackberry App World

Good day Can anybody help us, we are trying to log into the Blackberry App World, and every time it just says "An error as occurred. Please try again later".  No error code is given. Please help!!!!! Chantell/BernieHello Bernie 1965, Welcome to

Blackberry 9320 Error after upgrading app world, bbm, blackberry id

Hi, I am a newbie and need some help here. I just bought a blackberry 9320 to replace my old 9700. After bought it, I upgrade the app world application to the newest version from app world website and bbm to bbm 7 from appworld app (9320 originally h

How to operate my blackberry app world?

My blackberry app world saying the data service not operational. My blackberry unit curve 9300Hi berlin12345 Welcome to BlackBerry Support Forums The error message indicates that you're lacking sufficient data plan to use those application over your

Can't sign in to my blackberry app world

for 6 months now can't sign in to my blackberry app world.........cant  upgrade nothing on my phone asking for help please....thank shemara davy. davy Solved! Go to Solution.Hi shanny 1280 Welcome to the Community, As you told for the last 6

Blackberry app world wont let me log in!

I have had lots of trouble with my blackberry app world, at first it wouldn't let me log in and then it crashed so i deleted it and re installed it and made a new account now it wont let me log in again! its really bugging me and would like some help

Curve 9300 - Blackberry App World

Hi, I have a new Curve 9300 and cannot upgrade or doenload any applications via my blackberry app world. I go into Blackberry App world on my device >My World. I log in with my BB ID and for eg. have selected Blackberry Messenger to be upgraded. the

Why can't I get Blackberry App World on my 8130 Blackberry Pearl?

I have a Blackberry 8130 Pearl, with telus mobility and it won't let me load blackberry app world on it. Solutions or reasons for failure please and thank you. =^.^= Added note: I sent the email to my blackberry, opened it, clicked the links, but all

Blackberry App World not working after update to

I have a Bold 9650. I am running BB version 6.0 Bundle 2333, Yesterday (12/25/2011) App World told me I had an update to App World. It was for version I was at at the time. I accepted the upgrade. After the restart, App World no lo

I just downloaded Blackberry apps world and I get a constant hour glass

Ever since I downloaded Blackberry apps world I have been getting a constant hour glass. I tried to uninstall the program but then even after the uninstall the hour glass stays on. Now my Blackberry 8330 is almost unusable. I don't recieve e-mail now

What shall I do when I install blackberry app world, it asks to reset and then won't turn on

Hi Can I have some help, I was installing blackberry app world and I did it successfully until it asked me to reset my device. I agreed to this which then led to my phone shutting down and wouldn't turn on. My red light was flashing showing I had a n

Blackberry app world icon disappeared

Hi anyone could help, I have tried to upgrade my Blackberry app world and the icon just disappeared and tried to open menu to show all hidden icon nothing help. I also tried to re-download the icon but nothing shows on the home screen, please help on

Cannot view my blackberry app world icon

I had to re-download blackberry app world application as it was deleted after trying to download new version. I have it installed but it is not set as an icon. I tried to re-download it again but the same thing happened. I cannot go into blackbery ap

Blackberry app world & unknown symbols

When trying to use my Blackberry app world on my Blackberry curve it is continuously telling me to accept terms and conditions but that is it, I can';t go Any further. Any suggestions ?. also ............ There are two symbols on my home screen and I

Blackberry app world has vanished!

Hey. I had a blackberry app world update earlier on. So I updated it. But now... it's just completely vanished from my home screen. And I can't find it anywhere. How do I get it back?!Ok for a problem that is actually baffling me. I thank you for the

Blackberry app world not displayind functions on my playbool

When BlackBerry App World is opened on my BlackBerry PlayBook only a purple background is displayed and no functionality is available. My Blackbook OS version is, App world 3.1 and my bb device is torch 9800. How will i access app world on


For some reason everytime I try to go on to blackberry app world it always says "upgrade your service to a plan that includes browsing and discover a world of possibilities at blackberry app world, contact your service provider for more details"

Version Blackberry App World

Good morning From that came the version for the BlackBerry App World will apply it to my phone BlackBerry Pearl ™ 3G. (Model: 9100) and from that moment I can not access the application. Is blocked. I appreciate your help because I can not r

Blackberry curve 8520 blackberry app world

Hello, I have a question. Is it possible to download angry birds on curve 8520 when i look on my bb i can see it is but when i look at the computer at blackberry app world i can't see it's possible. I hope somebody can help me. ThanksAngry birds is o

Help wrong email add in blackberry app world!!!!!

ive put the wrong email add in as i set up my blackberry app world what can i do????? i cant find anywhere to reset it on phone or blckberry web site help!!!!!Your choices are: --Use another email account to create an entirely new BlackBerryID (with