connection-to-server-unsuccessful-phonegap-android-emulator error during lunch, I think code js is old but phonegap is new from github this wk... any comment? just replaced index.html from a finished book chapter in phonegap 2011-2 (c)... <script typ

Emulation inbound message problem

Hello. I try to emulate call operation in my BPEL process. Operation is defined as synchronous two-way operation in WSDL. But when I create test with emulation inbound message I see in log this: <2008-02-19 10:16:54,136> <ERROR> <

Pass sessionID parameter to Emulator Shadow application

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to pass the sessionID parameter to the Emulator Shadow application? I tried this by using the overrides parameter. Unfortunately it's still not working (The application starts but nothing happens). This is what I tried: Ite

Sync not working on Emulator

Hi All, I have an Emulator now working on my system with the MI Client and everything related to it is installed. All is working fine. But now when I try to Sync, It fails. And may be the reason is that the device doesnt recognize the J2EE Host name.

PUSH REGISTRY will work in Emulator or not

I want to know how to use push registry . First i will change the JAD file . When i run this in emulator , the changes made in JAD files are again changed to the default . So how to use this in emulator . Give the steps for that . Edited by: sathiya_

MIDLET working fine in emulator but not working on mobile!

hi, i have an application which sends http request (get), it works fine in an emulator but when i install that application onto P900 sonyerricson it doesnot send the request and after sometime gives symbian os error:-33 pls. let me know the solution!

Free Linux Terminal emulator

Hi friends, As you know, some oracle DB components  need be installed under GUI interface. Please advise which is a free best linux client Terminal emulator that can be easy configured a linux  GUI interface  for DBA? I do not think  putty is a good

Is an emulator for iOS available?

I would like to use IPad apps also on my MacBook. Is an emulator for iOS available? If not, why not. I think it would be an additional great thing for using Macs.No iOS emulator is available for Mac OSX. Why, because iOS is touch-driven, while Mac OS

SDK 3.2 emulator and socket problem

Hi, all I use syntax"socket://host:port") to create socket connection and it works fine until sdk 3.2, in the new emulator i get exception: IOError in socket::open = 11004\n - com.sun.mi

My source code compiled on Emulator works, on Phone doesnt

Hello, Im using mpp sdk to compile and emulate java code. It works fine but when I download it to my phone, it doesnt work. Im sure the problem is somthing in the code that my doesnt support that the emulator does, I just dont know what it is. My pho

Deamweaver is unable to open app in the emulator

When I try to build and emulate an app i made using jquery i get an error that says Dreamweaver is unable to open "app" in emulator. Please consult the buildlog at c:\workjobapp\buildlog.log for additional details. The othe emulator does start,

How to install adobe air in android emulator

i am implementing one application related to android in adobe flex, .apk is generated and now while installing the .apk file in emulator, emulator is showing one pop up to install adobe air, while again installing on adobe air , it is showing that no

Putting files into emulator

I'm using Netbeans to develop and test a mobile phone application and I need to have some images in the emulator filesystem so my application can work with them. I've read something about putting the file into C:\yourwtkinstallation\appdb\DefaultColo

Intall X3270 Terminal emulator on Solaris 10 x86

Hi! I'm trying to install IBM 3270 Terminal Emulator from source code on solaris 10 x86. I had some problems when I run ./configure but was PATH's configuration. Now I'm trying to run make but at certain moment the folowing erro return: makeconv -d .

Air for android emulator black screen

I run my app for android which I made with flash cs 5.5 and Air 3.0 on my Emulator. Way I see only a black screen on my Emulator?Lets step back and make one thing clear. AndroidSDK and AIR SDK are 2 different SDKs. They are separate. AIR SDK has adt

AIR Runtime on Android Emulator

Greets, I've a problem with AIR Runtime on Android Emulator: after I installed the runtime apk  (everything goes fine) i try to install the helloworld.apk compiled with Flash CS5 + Andr ext. Well, i receive this message "INSTALLED FAILED INVALID APK&

Windows (phone) emulator 8.1/10 stuck at loading the OS

I've been trying to get the emulator to work for days. Previously I tried the Windows Phone 8.1 Emulator as well as the Windows 8.1 Simulator and both were stuck at loading the OS. Earlier today I installed the new Windows 10 Tools and thought I shou

How to input chinese words with emulator?

Netbeans6.8 is on stage now. But there is no downable plugin for WTK2.5.2. It means JavaME SDK 3.0 is offically mature. But I find there is no way to input chinese word with emulator. Any advice is welcome.Don't try to jailbreak it 3d party software

Migration of emulated datasource from 3.5 to BI 7

Hi Experts,     For a requirement I want to migrate a emulated datasource 0material_attr   to bi 7.Previously some one already developed complete dataflow in 3.x, now i need to migrate every thing in bi 7.In order to make sure do i need to follow any

MIDP emulator with support for initiating a dial up connection to a RAS

Hi, Is it possible to emulate the OTA installation via HTTP on an emulator ? I would like to execute some of the test cases for MIDlet downloads on my laptop having Windows 2000. If I understand it right it would either need to interface Windows' TCP