Time Trigger in Web dynpro

How to use time trigger in web-dynpro without refreshing the page?      If it's not possible then is there any alternate way to run a timmer in an web-dynpro application?HI, You can use "TIMED_TRIGGER" UI elemant provided by WebDynpro. You can B

Web Dynpro: Where put hibernate hibernate.cfg.xml?

I have seen several people asking about the place to put the config file of Hibernate, but not any conclusive answer until now...    I created a external library in WAS (I verified using Visual Admin that the lib was correctly deployed). In my Web Dy

Problem with Dynpro

Hi,     I have a Dynpro and use Call Screen 9000 Starting at px py. The problem is when the user move it and press enter, the screen return to the original position px and py. I don't find any helpfull field in syst structure. Anybody can help me? Re

Web Dynpro UI Vs SAP Web UI

I have been trying to understand this but don't see enough material on this topic. As we know, we can always go for SAP Web UI (Web version of SAP GUI) to web enable SAP Transactions. I would like to know what are the specific advantages and differen

Get portal user logon details from abap web dynpro

Hi all, I am developing an abap web dynpro which will be added via an iview to our ees/mss portal. What i need to know is how do i get the current user logon details in my web dynpro! i.e. if a user is loged into the portal using personnel number 111

Link image with another dynpro application

Dear friends,                         i have put image in a view in an web dynpro application. my requirement is when i click on image anywhere it should call another view in same window. is it possible???? if yes then assist me.Hi Sunil, Image UI el

Dinamically display an icon on a dynpro

Hi! I would like to display dinamically an icon on a dynpro. It depends on the difference between 2 fields, what kind of icon should appear. If the difference is higher than 20% it should be a red, 20-0 yellow, 0 green icon. What control am I suppose

ABAP Web Dynpro Application changes in Administation Mode no longer working

Hi Gurus, To apply customizing to a standard SAP Web Dynpro application we used to simply run the application in administration mode. After we changed a parameter to allow for theme application this adminstration mode no longer works. Right-Click sim

JAVA, JAVA WEB dynpro and possibility of JAVA workflow

Hi all Just a take here -- I'm just getting some feelers on the way WF SHOULD be going in future. Since starting to use the JAVA WD system and netweaver developer studio it seems that having to encapsulate a lot of NEW Workflows as ABAP objects is go

Is it possible to print the current screen in Module pool program(Dynpro)?

Is it possible to print the current screen in Module pool program(Dynpro)? I create a Module pool program , and customer hope can print the screen when they click print button, Is it possible?Does the customer want a screen shot or what? Please elabo

Event to handle radio button changed in a dynpro

Hi Everyone, how can i handle if a radio button changes in a dynpro? I want to disable other buttons if a radio button is selected ThanksHi , you can do that.. first group the radio buttons in the screen and assign function group for each radio butto

Web Dynpro Model Generation for Application Services

Hi Experts, I'm currently experimenting with the new functionality provided by CE, but there is one thing that I can't seem to figure out. How does the new Web Dynpro model generation work with regards to CAF Application Services? I'm trying to call

Web dynpro application using java

Hi Experts, I am new to netweaver . I developed one web dynpro application in  NWDI  but input fields are disabled on screen . please suggest reason why it is happend. Thanks, Santosh.Hi Santosh, Once you create the input fields in NWDS you need to b

Validation of Adobe Form from Web Dynpro

Hi, can you please support me with the following problem: I created an Adobe Form, which contains several mandatory fields. The Submit-button of the form is positioned in the WebDynpro-View, in which the Adobe Form is embedded, but not within the Ado

How to put water mark in web dynpro abap Adobe forms

Hi Can any body tell me how to put water mark in web dynpro Abap adobe forms , actually I need to print water mark as back ground in gray color. Points will be rewarded of Helpful answer..! Regards, SidramHi, for more information about layout options

Unable to resolve the classpath error in Web Dynpro DC

Hi, While building a new Web Dynpro DC we got the following build errors: The project was not built since its classpath is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for Fix the classpath then try rebuilding this project. ND1_

Sending paramters from Web dynpro to web services

Hi, I need to send extra objects or paramters to my web service from web dynpro which are not part of user inputs. How can i achieve it? Iam new to web dynpro. pls help me with sample code. Thanks a lot in advancehello Sujesh, in webdynpro we import

Calling a method in a public web dynpro DC from EP

Hi all, I have a public web dynpro DC which exposes some methods. I want to call these methods from an EP application (JSP Dynpage). IS this possible to do? Any info on this would be of great help. Regards, Naraharihi, Step by step solution for calli

Web dynpro in gp

Hi, I have developed web dynpro component with GP interface, deployed it and used it on my gp process. If I run this process, my web dynpro UI gets opened. Up to here it's all right. Now if I right click on any element (suppose I right click on input

Where to get Web-Dynpro plugins for Eclipse?

I've downloaded the trail version of "SAP NetWeaver Development Studio" which contains the Web Dynpro. The NWDS is in the fact Eclipse with Web Dynpro Plugins. But I find the version of the eclipse used in NWDS is quite old. I want to use the la