Have restarted my computer multiple times, because of ios5 and it is still freezing at the same loading spot each time of the download. this is my 10th time attempting at updating the software

i have plugged in my phone attempting at the new ios5 download multiple times and to begin with it claims to me that it cannot restore my ipod but gives no reason. but i continues with the download, and now i have a blank iphone with no data on it at

Trouble downloading anything

I'm using an iBook G3 600 mHz with 384 RAM and a 15 GB hard drive. Available HD capacity is at about 40%. When downloading anything, it will reach about 50% completion and then stop. This is regardless of the size of the download and regardless of wh

Error message after downloading e book

Can somebody help me : after downloading a ebook by I have to download the adobe digital editions. everytime Im doing this i receive the error message: e_adapt_request_expired and a lot of text behind this. Can somebody help me .... Paulineht

Where can I download

Hi guys, Where can I download the application? I have scanned my install and cannot find it anywhere? Thanks for the help LyntonHi, download from market place ThanksRead other 2 answers

Recently purchased a Panasonic Lumix but cannot download video from camera to my Mac.

I recently purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 and have taken several videos with it. I am able to download the photos to my Mac but not the videos. Does QuickTime support doing this?iPhoto does not support mts files, you need to convert them to mp4

HT204074 I can not download the APP I already paid for??!!

getting tierd of using Apple'device I just upgraded my iphone,I bought Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English months ago but now I can not download and install it It is not even in my purchase list(in my PC and Device ). but just in my itunes acc

I cant create account because i dont have credit card but I have ipod touch and I need it to download free games and other stuff

I cant create account because i dont have credit card but I have ipod touch and I need it to download free games and other stuff.Is there any option i can write i dont have any credit card? Sorry abaot my englishHi... Click None in the Payment Inform

Cannot download updated version of iTunes7

I have the previous installation of iTunes on my computer, and have been trying to download iTunes7 numerous times, and it will not download. This is the message I get every time: the setup file is not valid with Win32 application And then it says th

Downloading photos to iMac from camera

I often (not always) have two problems when I try to download photos from my camera to my iMac: (1) I am often told that I didn't disconnect properly, I don't understand this. My understanding of the proper procedure for disconnecting anything connec

Download PPro CC after uninstalling trial version

I have CC (the student and teacher version I started today), and I tried the trial version of Premiere Pro before I signed up for the monthy payed CC, and then un-installed it because I'm an idiot. Now when I go to my 'apps' in CC it tells me I have

Need acrobat download-computer crashed

I purchased different Adobe products around 2002. That included: Adobe Web Premium C53 Adobe Acrobat 5.0.5 10/26/2001 The computer they were all on crashed. I do not have the disks, as they were stolen, along with all my programs and backups, during

Please help.downloading apps from ovi store over w...

i simply cannot download a single application from ovi store over wifi.its too costly over 3g .please help me.latest firmware updated.You dont have change your wifi settings.(I hopr you dont have any probs with your internet connection) Use this inst

Download or upload module pool

Hi all, I want to know how can i download a module pool program entirely with all its code, screens, includes etc onto a local system and then upload the same into another local server. there is no connectivity between two servers. please share your

HT1451 Why when i sync my new iphone it doesnt download the muic onto the ipod

I dont know why my music doesnt download when I try to sync my new iphone 3gFile>Transfer PurchasesRead other 2 answers

Download Safari \ Скачать Safari

Why then can not find a page with a download link please tell me Почему то не нахожу страницу с загрузкой, скиньте пожалуйстаWhat OS version are you using? Safari is now part of the OS and no longer available as a separate download.Read other 2 answe

"Error 50" Download failed on final episode of TV series.

Hi team, I bought a TV series on iTunes and it downloaded perfectly except for the last episode. It came up with "Error 50". It's also happened when trying to hire movies. Won't let me resume download or even re-purchase it as it says "You'

I cannot download my photos from icloud thru photostream onto my iMac

I have 1000 pics on my photo stream... I got a new iMac.. only 57 pics got downloaded thru photostream.. it was downloading them and I might have pause it accidentally but dont know how to get it going again...Ideas?Does Image Capture recognize the p

Error -50? Unable to download an album. Please reply

Hi all. I just bough Sonic Firestorm from iTunes (the first one, not the second one, for some reason there are two identical albums in the store), and when it began to download, I got this message: There was a problem downloading "Fury of the Storm /

I have downloaded the program but it wont install .

It looks like it is going to it gets about 1/2 way through the progress bar and then just shuts the window - I cant find it in the programs list - I am using windows 7 and Internet Exploer 8 to download. I am also trying to download another program f

Help!  Won't let me download new Flash...

Apparently the newest Flash version is not compatible with Mac PowerPcs (I have an iMac G5, Mac OS X 10.4.11) I thought I'd download an older version - which installed fine but then all the websites I want to use Flash on tell me to upgrade my Flash