Downloaded Nokia Belle on my N8 - problem cant use...

Hi there i'm new to this but so dont shout at me if I have posted this incorrectly! Thanks I have connected my handset to my PC and started to download Nokia Belle onto my device, the only problem is, is that ive ignored the message "do not touch pho

Where to download nokia communities

Where to download nokia communities for C203? Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject is provided.i don't believe that Communities is available as a stand-alone download for your device. if it is missing on your device, the

Getting "downloading file" notification in Adobe reader 10.1

Viewing a  PDF in Explorer, when trying to use a Sign filed getting the notification: "Downloading the entire file is neede to perform this operation, Proceed? when choosing OK getting the Adobe reader notification - "this operation cannot be do


Hello can someone tell me if the application on NOKIA STORE called SYMBIAN BELLE DEVELOPERS is any good because acording to the application PICSEL SMART OFFICE was on NOKIA STORE as a free download but when i went to NOKIA STORE and found PICSEL SMAR

Move download complete notification to bottom of screen

When a download is complete the notification appears at the top right of the screen. The problem with this is that it is a large notice and covers up the download button so I have to wait for the message to disappear, or click the close button, befor

Problem Downloading Nokia Software Updater

Hi. This is my first time using this board so bare with me. Everytime I try and download the program 'Nokia Software Updater' for my N80 I constantly get the error message that I require 256MB free space and then the installation shuts down completel

Can't download Nokia Battery Monitor 1.1 on N97

I installed Nokia Battery Monitor 1.0, then I saw, a new update is available, but in the Ovi Store I could not click on the download button, after an uninstall, the problem is the same.Here is the solution for the upgrade  of Nokia Battery Moniotr ve

I can't find how to disable the "saved downloaded picture" notification.

I saved downloaded photos from Google and other sources. The little audio signature that accompanies the"save picture as" is driving me nuts. Is this a feature of Firefox and if so, how can I disable it? Thanks very much. (Windows 7 sound scheme

If download of Nokia Maps doesn't work...

...then you can try the following. When I tried to download Nokia Maps from "" via "Web" with my E61i, once I clicked on "Accept Terms Service", the browser always took me back to the starting page with the red

Constant freezes, shut offs, no preloaded or downloaded ringtones n notifications tones

First, I was losing charge, come to find out my charger was dying and now dead. That much is corrected. But now, there are no preloaded ringtones, very few ringtones that I downloaded, or notification tones. My alarm did NOT turn on this morning and

Please launch symbian anna or belle for nokia c5-0...

sir please launch new firmware for my nokia c5-05 because my camera fps is too low and its speed is also low. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi Rohit27, One of the best ways of maintaining your phone is to check for firmware updates periodically, which can i

Nokia PT-6 Remote Camera

Could someone from Nokia tell me why this product is no longer being supported but still advertised and sold worldwide. 1) Nokia have not bothered to rewrite the phone software for Symbian Series 3 software so it cannot be used on their latest phones

Songs not shown up in Nokia 5800 after transfer an...

Hello, I've been trying unsuccessfully to add songs to my new 5800. I'm a Mac user and had,therefore,downloaded Nokia Multimedia Transfer for this purpose. I had NMT up and running and connected my mobile with the usb cable provided with the phone. I

Update nokia 2730 opera mini 4 built in to opera m...

guys! , how can i update my old opera mini , is it possible?Download from​assic/ ..and install..Read other 4 answers

Downloading maps E52 series

Am technologically challenged - but have downloaded the maps and paid the registration fee - and managed to get the lady in the phone to give me directions! but.... does anyone know how often the fee comes up or how often the maps are updated - I'm i

Deletion of youtube app,nokia life app,news&offers...

please help me! I use nokia asha 205 (with the updated software V:4.51). I marked several downloaded applications in the applications folder, in phone. When I deleted them,other built-in apps(YOUTUBE,MAIL,NOKIA LIFE,NEWS&OFFERS and the Xpress Browser

Nokia messaging battery

Hi to all! I love so much nokia messagine email but i have a big problem. it consume my battery! This is a cvs and a screenshot of nokia energy profile when i'm using nokia messagine email... Is there any way to reduce my battery consume? Note that b

Unknown file format when downloading map loader?!?...

I downloaded nokia maps from the nokia website and then nokia map loader but for some reason a get a message on my n73 saying that the nokia map loader is an unknown file format...can anybody tell me what to do??I assume you're trying to install the


Hi! I need to download nokia 6070 modem driver. and i want to know if nokia pc suite come with it? tank for your help.Message Edited by mercurius on 27-Jun-2007 03:13 PMHi salihou Modem driver is available with version 6.83 rel_14.1 of PC Suite or av

How Can I Transfer Videos to Nokia N73 Music Editi...

How Can I Transfer Videos to Nokia N73 Music Editionyou can download nokia multimedia manager,,034-63,00.html try these If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be n