Where do I download drivers for airport iPad can not be set up by he current software

where do I download drivers for airport iPad can not be set up by he current softwareI have an airport extreme with updated software(latest) and I setup an Ipad 3 on it with ios6(wirelessly). You can access the airport to update it wit


I lost my hard drive, had no back up so did a fresh install to windows 8 (64bit).  lost all of my sound.   i tried to re download drivers ,  they download but fail to install,      get a window that says ;   "the hardware detected is not surpported b

Can't install printer on Windows 8.1 with downloaded drivers

Strange problem. I cannot install a printer to a windows 8.1 tablet using either downloaded drivers specific to this printer or with universal drivers.  The printer installation hangs after I enter the port, and it hangs at "installing printer" 

HT3669 Failed printer setup, bonjour via airport express on 10.8.3, unable to download drivers?

Trying to install a Samsung SCX-4500 printer over bonjour via airport express. My Mountain Lion machine sees the printer and I've manually installed the latest Samsung drivers, it says it can't find the software on Apple's servers. I just downloaded

Cannot download drivers for my network adapter - Gigabyte X58A-UD5 Motherboard

Hey everyone, I recently got tired of my wireless connection for obvious reasons and decided to run an ethernet cable from my modem to my computer. I once I plugged in the ethernet cable nothing happened; I was confused and checked my network adapter

Cannot download drivers for Bootcamp

Hello i want to install Windows 7 on my new Macbook Pro '12 10.8 as i open the boot camp assitant and try to download the drivers for windows the stauts bar stucks at about 33% and nothing happend. On my old Macbook with 10.6 the assistant says that

Where can I download drivers and manual for Tecra 8200

Where can I download the drivers and manual for a TECRA 8200 (PIII 900/128/20/CD)Take a look on this Toshiba European website: There you will find an Support homepage which contains different links to the driver

Can't get ny recovery disk to download drivers

my.H.P.pavilion zd7000 went got a new hardrive got recovery disks from H.P. have the windows X.P. on and internet the recovery disk foe the drivers won't downloadHi, yes you can, either in Disk Utility on a Mac... make a DMG of tha

Cant download drivers...

The downloads start and then they get to around 50% and just stop, is there any other place i can download the latest Creative Console Launcher for my X-FI Titanium? ThanksGood morning, I believe all sites are back to normal now. Regards.  (7:30AM We

Satellite A205-S4617 - Where can I download XP drivers?

Hi all. I have a 2 year old Satellite a205-S4617 that I want to install XP onto. Before wiping Vista off though I'm trying to locate and download all the drivers I require as I've been caught out by missing laptop drivers before. Problem is that Tosh

Satellite A300-1N9 - Where can I download Windows 7 drivers and tools?

Welcome At the outset I want to thank you for any help or steer me to an idea about the drivers for this model, for a moment I will describe what exactly it. I bought this laptop with Vista I got him a CD with the system and on this record were alrea

Need link to download graphics drivers

I have contacted hp phone support they cannot help as i have no my warranty now. My video driver is 2.5 years old i want to updrade it sexrched in official website got it too but cant click and download the driver. Phone support told me to log in wit

Blackmagic intensity pro drivers download ubuntu 14.04

You can download drivers off of the manufacturer site anyone know were I can download the drivers for blackmagic intensity pro card I am using Kdenlive video editor This topic first appeared in the Spicewo

How do I download Windows 7 64 bit drivers for my new MacBook Air (Mid 2011) from a Windows 7 PC?

How do I download Windows 7 64 bit drivers for my new MacBook Air (Mid 2011)? I have already formated the HD and preformed a clean install of Windows 7. Perhaps I did this too early. I have read I need to install the drivers from my OS X DVD, however

Cannot download English only version of Appleworks upgrade

I am trying to download the Appleworks 6.2.9 upgrade but when I click on the link for the English version, the browser goes to an iWorks page to purchase iWorks. I tried downloading the international version but it won't install. It keeps saying I it

How i can download hp pavilion webcam drivers for window 8.1 pro os?

please tell me how can i download hp pavilion webcam driver for os window 8.1 pro i am using in my laptopHi,           Could you mention the product and model of the system for which you want to download drivers of webcam. "I work for HP." Pleas

Will not allow me to download ati graphics drivers

have the ati radeon hd5450 graphics card, but when I try to download drivers, it gets to the final stage and says my system cannot accept drivers.  help.Some ati radeon are oem cards and only accept oem drivers. Was it delivered with the pc? Check th

Satellite 5200-701: Where to find drivers for download

Hi I have Satellite 5200-701 I have to re-install my Windows but i don't have recover cd or driver cd. So i try to find in internet but i couldnt find drivers. Can you help me? How can i find its CD or drivers? thanksEverything can be downloaded from

New Canon drivers available on UK site, but not in the US site?

Just got a new MP970, and was looking for downloadable drivers on the US site, and found nothing. But heading to the UK site I found the MP Navigator, drivers for the MP970 and more. I'm not sure why but if anyone needs Canon drivers, check out the U

Need Driver Downloads

The recovery partition on my computer won't properly factory reset the hard-drive.  After I run it, it says that a "recent hardware or software change" has caused windows to be unable to boot.  Something about no valid operating system entry. So