Can't install Blackberry world after upgrade to 7.1

i can't install App world, it says error when it gets to a certain kb. I don't know what to do. Please help?Klokkies2 wrote: my phone has App world on,  Hello Klokkies2 Your Orginal issue is that you're unable to Download BlackBerry App Worl

'BlackBerry ID Installation failed. Please try again later. (80002) ' - BlackBerry World won't work

I bought a BlackBerry Bold 9700 and downloaded Blackberry World. when it finshed downloading i opened it up and it came up with a instruction saying that 'App world requires the latest version of BlackBerry ID' two options also came up saying 'close'

I just downloaded Blackberry apps world and I get a constant hour glass

Ever since I downloaded Blackberry apps world I have been getting a constant hour glass. I tried to uninstall the program but then even after the uninstall the hour glass stays on. Now my Blackberry 8330 is almost unusable. I don't recieve e-mail now

BlackBerry World Total App Count?

Hello there, I was wondering if anyone new what was the total app count for BlackBerry World, this includes all versions of the OSs (BlackBerry OS [4.5.0+], BlackBerry Tablet OS, and BlackBerry 10 OS). A reply would be awesome, thanks. Look in downlo

Blackberry world is not available my country

Hi . I live in Ethiopia blackberry world is not available my country but I have blackberry I'd . What shall I do open my black berry world please give different options Subject Title edited to reflect new topic.Hi and Welcome to the Community! Please

BlackBerry World on 8520?!?!

I cannot download via desktop client, via WIFI, via anything! I have a blackberry curve 8520 which i bought from a guy. It's an old model but it is in exceptional condition (brand new i'd say...)  So i swiped it and BlackBerry world is not there anym

BlackBerry World not accepting VISA card -- follow up to my previous post

Re purchase of an app for new Z10 --  main software all successfully updated to most recent.  Well, I posted last time about being escalated up through the ranks of BlackBerry software helpers from Bell, and after several levels getting a very easy-t

I cannot open my "Payment Options" under 'My Account' in BlackBerry World

Hi, could someone please help me. When I select 'My Account' in BB World and the go to 'Payment Options' I cannot open the icon/option. How can I open this so that I can change my payment options?Hey icejazz, Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Communi

Warning App in Blackberry World

**** warning*** I wanted to get a anti virus for my Blackberry, I went on Blackberry World today and read some great reviews on "Secure AntiVirus Pro by FileArchiveHaven the price said £2.00 for downloading the app. I decided to pay by Paypal, good c


Get "Error Id 11100" when trying to make purchase at. BlackBerry World. Advised to contact BlackBerry World Support. No clue there as to how to resolve this.samimmondal wrote: Hello I do not download in bb world when I click download button then

HELP!! Blackberry world error

I cant download my apps on my bb q10 the message is  :" You have reached the maximum number of PIN changes for this account please visit for more information." please help me I really need my apps that I downloaded pre

Latest version of Blackberry World?

Today Aug-1-2013 I tried to upgrade my Blackbeery world through my Wind mobile network and it shows me version Is that the current App World version? It seems like it should be a lower version.Hey maceblack, Welcome to the BlackBerry Suppor

Can't connect to the BlackBerry World server

It says "BlackBerry World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry World server. Verify your network connections and try again." I have recently updated my BlackBerry Playbook. It's.been like this for weeks now. Any help would be appreciat

Cannot download Blackberry Applications from phone

I use Boost mobile and my Blackberry Curve will not allow me to download Blackberry Applications to my phone. What do I have to do to get this to work?Do you have a BlackBerry Data Plan enabled on your account with your carrier or mobile provider? Yo

Office Outlook 2007 and Blackberry World Edition

How do I get my Outlook 2007 and my Blackberry World Edition synchronized? Thanks!!!Read this link, it may help when Installing the Desktop Software to sync 2007

BlackBerry World: "List is not an Active List".

When I open BBW I'm getting a message: "List is not an Active List" Underneath that there is only 'OK' to get rid of the message, no indication as what needs to be done or any other information. Mine is a Q10.  I have opened and closed the BBW a

Trying to download blackberry protect for my bold 9780

hi i am trying to dowload blackberry protect. so i sign into blackbery world , which takes me to a sytem check webpage, showing blackberry world setup with three steps, The first one has a green checkmark for "get the blackbery world browser plug in.

Unable to Update Blackberry WORLD ...!!!!

Unable to update BlackBerry World after i installed the Brand New Playbook Update any one help PleaseOk so now it sends me to the KNOWLEDGE BASE  KB35784 BlackBerry World displays "There were problems completing this purchase"

BlackBerry World Z-10

Is it possible to get an older version of BlackBerry World or would any apps that were available on an older version still not be available anymore even if you could install an older version of BlackBerry World?With Blackberry 10 I don't think his is

Hong Kong Local Apps Not Available on Blackberry World

I can't find any of the Hong Kong local apps on Blackberry world. i.e. Appledaily, Wechat and Hong Kong Movie. Anyone know why? Thanks!There can be different reasons for this. As far as I can see, you are using a Z10, maybe the apps do not work on yo