How to downgrade BBM 8 to BBM 7?

after I install  BBM 8 to my device BB 9320 my device its slowing down. I would like to downgrade to BBM 7. how to downgrade?BBM 7 at Why are you clicking Likes by yourself anyway? • Click Li

BBM version - my bbm contacts cant see my Dp when i change it (Bold 9900 )

Hello, I just bought my blackberry a few days go and I can't see the display image of BBM contacts and they also cant see mine.  The only time I could see their display image is when they change it.  I tried changing my and they still can't see it.  

App world won't open

HI,  I have a BB Bold 9870 that's about a year and half old, and I've never had problems with it, until now.  For the last week or two I've been having trouble with BB App World. The app will not launch. I've tried rebooting, battery pull while power

Downgrade driver software or BBM.

Hi, I've just downloaded the new v5 software for my curve 8520. I really dislike the BBM this version carries. Is there any possible way that I can either downgrade the software or just downgrade the BBm app (which would be most preferable)?  Thank y

Lost bbm contacts while updating to Blackberry messenger 7

Hi can someone please help me! This morning I updated form bbm 6.(something) to bbm 7. My blackberry did an identity update before bbm 7 was installed. After bbm 7 was installed, I went to my bbm and all my contacts where missing. For some reason the

Downgrade from OS6 to 5

I would like to downgrade back to OS5 on my Curve 9300, I kinda like the 6 but battery life is way to short. I'm not a real heavy user but just with a few messagings and going on internet a few times a day battery is not even lasting 8 maybe 9 hrs. S

How to downgrade a Z10

Hi All, I have a problem.   The app my company has created doesn't work with the latest Z10/Q10 OS.  So I need to downgrade a BB Z10 and Q10.   But, I need a method that I can prove will work as well as document so that an average user can follow to

How to downgrade my blackberry curve 8520 from version to version 5.1

Good day, I wipe my phone and want the older version of Blackberry and still i battle to get my facebook and bbm working. Please help me to downgrading my Blackberry curve 8520 to older version. I dont want version I battle to get my faceboo

Downgrading to earlier version of device software

I upgraded the device software on my Curve 8520 today to the 5.0 Bundle 1626 version and I really don't like it. I tried to do the downgrade to my previous software wirelessly but the phone isn't giving me the option...can anyone walk me thru doing t

BBM 5.0 - want the old version back

Dislike BBM 5.0, it slows my phone down alot and pictures take forever to receive. How can i get the old one back?? I own a bb8330 on the Telus Mobility network (Canada) Solved! Go to Solution.ok, so you don't have those options to disable the avatar

BBM 6 - cant send pictures and then app disappeared from phone altogether!

HI i have a Curve 9300 and recently upgraded to BBM 6 At first it worked ok but the functionality to send pictures and all other files through BBM was not available - it wasn't even a selection in the main menu. When I tired to go through the picture

Bbm version 7.0

Hi I have a problem with my bbm, everytime I change display picture, or personal message, or after a broadcast message, my bbm actomatically goes slow for around 10-20 minutes, will not send messages or anything. I'm connected to wifi which is a stro

Need Downgrade to Twitter version

Hey there, I have been experiencing problems with the latest version of Twitter for Blackberry on my Blackberry 9320. It slows down my phone and causes the BB loading icon to pop up constantly until it finally freezes. Resulting in me having to do a

HT201210 i won't to downgrade my i-phone 4 please help me...

i won't to downgrade my apple i-phone 4 iso 6.0.1 to iso 5.0 please help me any one....There is no legit way at all to downgrade SorryRead other 4 answers

How to downgrade EFI 1.8 to 1.7 on Macbook Pro 5,1 (late 2008)

I need to downgrade my EFI 1.8 to 1.7 and then 1.7 to 1.6 to be able to use my new hard disk Western Digital 640GB blue. Can anyone send me the link of the dmg? Thanks in advance!mario181088 wrote: arent there any apple employees who can help me??? T

Lenovo s960 upgrade kitkat can't get any notification from bbm,line or wa for new message

After contact manager problem has finished, I found new problem that I can get any notification when I receive new message from bbm,line n wa..I have to open the application Over n over to know if new messages come..please give me solution for the pr


After doing an upgrade from blackberry app world I cannot access my bbm!!!!!!!!! Help please!!!!!!Hello kamc Welcome to BlackBerry Support Forums Are you getting any error messages Or when you click BBM nothing happens ! Try a battery pull restart by

How do i downgrade back to snow leopard from Lion?

Having installed Lion on my MBP I have realised there are too many incompatibilities for me to work effectively at present. How do I downgrade back to Snow Leopard without losing data? I have a full TimeMachine backup and OS X disc that came with the

WIFI connection issue: After upgrading to Yosemite, I lose my connect in SOAS, university of London. Overtime, it rejects me as Authentication fails in this network. Even the school technicianer cannot fix. I wonder how to downgrade or any solution?

After upgrading to Yosemite, I lose my connect in SOAS, university of London. Overtime, it rejects me as Authentication fails in this network. Even the school technicianer cannot fix. I wonder how to downgrade or any solution?  I never encounter this

How to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 from iOS 6

Can anyone help me go back to iOS 5.1.1 on my iPad 2?I'm sorry, but Apple does not provide a downgrade path for iOS. Because downgrading is unsupported by Apple we cannot discuss it on these forums, but you can use Google to find information on how t