Exception in thread "DoSManager" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: nativeGetNewTLA

Hi, We are facing this 'Exception in thread "DoSManager" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: nativeGetNewTLA' exception in our production logs. Our JVM as part of WebLogic Server is BEA JRockit(R) Version R27.6.5-32_o-121899-1.6.0_14 and linux-x86_64. T

Issue in Deploying application in Weblogic 10 3 3 + Oracle JRockit(R) R28.1

Hi I have Weblogic 10 3 3 with Oracle JRockit(R) R28.1.0-123-138454-1.6.0_20-20101014-1350-linux-ia32 as my JVM on my Linux box. When I deploy my application and starts it, app goes to New state and my Managed servers (on which I deploy my app) are f

Java regex for filenames or filetypes matching

I am trying to write a java regular expression where my application should restrict the names of the files or filetypes mentioned in the regex from being attached to an email. I started the regex like this, .*\\.(?:jpeg|jpg)$ Is this correct?. Right

Kerberos Ticket via Java to BW to access BW Querys with HTTP POST

Hi and thanks for reading, im Working with 2004 and the NWDS SP10. We have a project which must show some reports from the HR system via backend and some BW Reports done with Web Application Designer 3.5. The user of the project application is able t

Code generation in Sun Java Studio enterprise edition 7.0

I went thru the product tour of Java studio enterpise edition 7.0 It says that it will generate code from UML documentation. After that can we

Run a java program in background

Hi, I am implementing a bot that's supposed to do something when it receives mesages. My question is how I can make the program keep running. I guess the idea of threading would help but I just dunno how to do it. some hints will be appreciated. I du

How to launch java files on Mac OS

Hey! I got a question: how to wrap a java file into Mac OS executable file? Analog for Windows is exe4j . It creates a jre in a exe file , so a person dont need to install runtime env. So any way to do like that? I need to launch program on Mac OS wi

Suppressing Applet alerts when using java mail api

Hi, Im using the following code to send email from my application. Im using JSF (tomahawk), Spring and hibernate in my application. I'm using spring email API classes to send email. This code works perfectly fine in the sense its parsing template and

Error on java runtime when issue command smc

Hi all, Getting the below error when try to run Solaris Management Console. No suitable Java runtime found in any of the following directories: /usr/j2se/bin /usr /usr/j2se Please set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to a Java 2 installati

Can't execute java from prompt command on xp. . .

hello! that's the following: I'm trying to execute "java Teste.class " from prompt command and it throws: Exceptio in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError in thread main. The file is compiled finely using "javac

OLE Objects - How to open them in Java?

Hello ppl, An OLE Object contains a header set by the Access Database and the file itself. I just quit trying to find a way to remove the OLE header and get only the file, once the file inside the OLE Object might be from a lot of types, like docs, o

Method invokeMethod(java.lang.String, org.w3c.dom.Element) not found

I am calling a Web Service that returns an XML-file. The XML-file should be passed to a method that puts the xml into a table in my database. I will upload the 3 files that are being used for this. When I rebuild my files I get the following error in

C++ calling java

Hello, I know that I can use JNI to make calls to C++, but I need to do the opposite - I need to call make calls to Java from C++ (actually need to make calls on EJBs running on JBOSS). I was wondering if someone can give me a few high-level tips on

Java.lang.NullPointerException in UWL Manage Substitutions application

Hi SDN, I am using the standard application for Manage Substitutions. (Application is - UWLSubstitution) When I try to create Rule using this application, and try to search for a nominee using the search, I am getting a j

SPNEGO  Problem HP-UX Java

Hello, I have strange Problem with Spnego. I have updated the java and the portal. And now the spnego don't work. The diagtool says : [EXCEPTION] GSSException: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Attempt to obtain new ACCEPT credentials f

JDev 12c: Unable to create an instance of the Java Virtual Machine

Hi! I have installed JDev 12c on windows7 64 bit and try to start it the first time and get this error. The path inside the message point to <myHome>\oracle_common\jdk\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll. There is installed a jre, whichs version is: <myHome&g

Java Applet - GridBagConstraint

Hi, I have a question, could somebody tell me how to decrease the space between buttons in my applet as g.weighty = 1; is making the gap too big? I would like to have all button on top with some space but the space I am getting now is too big and I c

Java dictionary

Hi All, Can i retrive or store data in java dictonary using simple java coding/ using JDBC..?? Is it possible if so, request you to let me know the sample code. Thanks in advHi try this for MSSQL server Class.forName("

Reading sequence of characters in Java-----HELP!!!

I need help with this program here..Im new to Java and struggling to get this to's the problem.. The program monitors a possibly infinite stream of characters from the keyboard (standard input). If it detects the sequence "www" it out

Enterprise JAVA with UML

Hi all , I am studying enterprise java with UML.So below are the concepts i need help . Objective of this discussion . - I have study all the below but still not quite sure and even refer to few 'web site'.That is reason why i submitting this .Pls in