Disp+work.exe stopped, message server not connected.

Dear friend, I have successfully installed the SAP Netweaver 2004s for running WebDynProABAP application. Then I executed the transaction sgen for all packages. But the process seemed not completed succesfully. Then I restarted the machine. But the S

FAIL: process disp+work.EXE Dispatcher not running

Hi All, I've reinstalled OS and installed NW 7.01 ABAP Trial. The installation is fine (no error). At the time I "start application server" through "SAP NW 7.01 ABAP Trial Version => NSP => Start Application Server", it shows the

Disp+work.exe stopped working

Hello all, I am new to SAP, so please bear with me. I have a ABAPJAVA test system, with the central instance and a dialog instance installed in the domain and the central service instance installed as a local installation.  Before, all three instance

Error with disp+work.exe in Cluster

Hi! I have installed SAP Solution Manager 4.0 on Windows as MS Cluster. After Kernel Upgrade the central instance (disp+work.exe) does not start and stopped after a while. Fri Feb 22 16:04:13 2008 SAP HA Trace: Build in SAP Microsoft Cluster library

Error for starting up the ERP server - Dispatcher (disp+work.EXE) stopped

Hi All,      We recently purchased and received a V3 Discovery System from Fujitsu.      We are having a problem starting the ERP server so that we can register the license key.      The problem is that the Dispatcher (disp+work.EXE) is not connectin

Installing IDES 6.07 disp+work.exe error. Parallels windows 7, SQL Server 2012

Hi Experts, I am trying to install sap IDES ECC 6 EhP 7 from scratch. Everything was doing well but I got an error on starting instance. SAPMMC Console Process disp+work.EXE do not change from status: "Server in State STARTING" (Yellow). I have

DB connect problem,Disp+Work.exe dies and the work processes die on startup

Dear Experts, I am getting the error on SAP startup,Disp+Work.exe dies and the work processes die on startup. I found below error in my DEV_W0 trace as below *failed to establish conn to np:(local).* *C  Retrying without protocol specifier: (local)*

/ASU/UPGRADE is terminated.(Runtime Error! disp+work.EXE)

Dear all, I was doing sap upgrade . So I tried pre-check /ASU/UPGRADE, So workprocess was Terminated. Popup Appered . "Application Popup : Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library : Runtime Error! Program: D:\usr\sap\SKT\SYS\exe\run\disp+work.EXE This ap

Disp+work.exe stops after 1.13m

Hi i did the refresh of the database...well i did it on the dirty way where I copied ans renames the data ans log file. i had all SAP services down as wel as SQL ones...For some reason R/3 wond come back up with disp+work.exe goes back down after tur

Avoid 100% CPU usage by disp+work.exe processes

Hi to all: We are facing some problems related to excesive CPU load (100%) related to disp+work.exe SAP processes. We need to know how to avoid this situation, as makes the system unresponsive. The instance is a SAP HR on cluster w2003 with SQL serve

SAP MMC - disp+work.exe starts and stops after a while

I have installed SAP NW ABAP AS Trail in my PC.  I am facing an issue that disp+work.exe in mmc starts and stops in 10-20 seconds. When I saw the developer trace I could find the following para. errornous, could you please help me what this error is

Disp+work.EXE - Application Error

Hi, I downloaded both rars in c:\netweaver and unzipped the first rar in c:\netweaver as well and started the installation. After some time the installation was finished without any warnings, however when I clicked the 'start SAP' checkbox I got the

Disp+work.exe is yellow in MMC?

Hi,everyone: I met a problem. In MMC  the status of disp+work.exe is yellow. I restarted the service but not work. Will I have to uninstall the system?If so,I will have to redo the post-installation,and it is terrible. The deloper trace of disp+work.

SAPNW7 ABAP Trial SP12 problem : disp+work.EXE dispatcher stopped

Hi, i installed the SAP Netweaver 7 ABAP Trial SP12, installation is apparently ok, but i can't connect me to the server. If i open the SAP MMC i can see that in the Process list, the msg_server.EXE run fine, but the disp+work.EXE is stopped. I can't

Disp+Work.exe stop after 1 minute

Hi Experts,                   I am doing the DR setup for production server. Created standby database successfully. Then I shutdown primary database and activate the secodry database to primary database adn chage the profile configration and start th

Disp+work.exe fails

Dear Experts, i was trying to install ides ecc6.0. installation was sucessfull. i am using windows 2003 server 32bit with oracle before it was working fine. after i did a oracle patch update with the dvd the disp+work fails . plz help me.

Disp+work is NOT needed by EP7 (JAVA-only NW04s) ?

I have found out that even you remove disp+work completely, EP7 still operates normally. Please explain why it is like that? Thanks!Hi, what do you mean by disp+work? The dispatcher? -- I cannot believe that. And work? the work directory? Try to rest

Disp+work.exe Running but not connected to Message server

Dear All, I install SAP NetWeaver 7.0 ABAP Trial Version on my PC (Win XP SP2, Proc 2.4 GHZ, RAM 1 GB) installation success, but when I start the application server through mmc the dispatcher failed to start. I've tried to restart my machine, the pro

Installing 4.6c RFC ERR Dispacher disp+work.exe stops after a few secounds

Hi guys please help if possible I am installing 4.6c the installation has stopped at 93% I have noticed my dispatcher shuts down after a few secounds My trace file is attached below. I also get a get a RFC errror at 93% where the installation has sto

Solution Manager MMC DISPATCHER(Disp+Work.exe) STOPPED

Hi All, My Solution manager dispacter stopped, also unable to open SQL server as well. Before I have received an SQL error message unable to connect table,while log on to the system. so I restarted the MMC and server. Regards Edited by: Ravi Mahaling