Disabling images in safari 5.0.3?

Is this even possible? I am using mobile BB and donot want to load images most of the time. If I use the latest firefox I can't get Gmail or facebook to work, and if I use chrome then Gmail just crashes all the time. I currently have three browsers r

How do I disable a Mac Safari Extension?

Everytime I look at anything, including my OWN website of items for sale, I can't see the copy under the photo because the darn box of comparable items (which are NOT so comparable) hides all of my text and prices. I have tried everything and can't f

Return key disabled when using safari with Mavericks OS X

Hi, Has anyone got a way to use return key when using safari??niall1111 wrote: It is,and always was, the return key that did this in snow leopard and other operating systems! ??? I have two Macs that can run Snow Leopard & in neither of them does the

Why is mousewheel scrolling disabled in Safari 5.1?  Fix in sight?

Why is mousewheel scrolling disabled/broken in Safari 5.1?  is there a fix in sight?  I see posts going back to July about this. This is too much of a fundamental, functional problem to have continued for so long.  I upgraded to 5.1 in hopes of the f

DivX "for Mac" and Safari -- anyone get it to work on Snow Leopard?

Pardon me for the length of this post --  it's just a very involved question to which DivX has no answers, and I've literally wasted this entire week trying to get the so-called DivX "Bundle for Mac" to work, with absolutely no joy. 27" iMa

Safari 5 crashes at launch

I downloaded and installed Safari 5 last night and now it crashes on launch every time. Error trace as follows: Process: Safari [915] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: Version: 5.0 (5533.16) Build Info:

Disabling Java In Firefox Beta 19

Does anyone know how to do it?  I can't find a disabling mechanism.   I have already disabled it in Safari and Chrome. Thanx for any help.Tools > add-ons> plugins> you will see java runtime/or applet you can just press the disable button and that

Stock Account hit even though ERD is disabled

I'm using ECC 6.0 and have issued with exchange rate difference posting still posted to stock account even ERD is disabled in configuration. The following scenario causes stock account posted for exchange rate difference: 1. Invoice posted into previ

Safari Crashes When Java Plugins are Enabled

Thanks in advance. On a PPC G4 eMac running 10.4.11 and Safari 3.2.3 Safari repeatedly crashes when visiting Facebook and other sites when Java Applet Plugin Enabler, Java Applet.plugin and JavaPuginCocoa.bundle are enabled. Crash Report: Date/Time:

Safari 6.2 quits on waking from sleep

Currently running an iMac 12,2 using OS X 10.8.5 (12F45). Today's Console Log shows:      11/23/14 8:46:53.934 AM Installer[16530]:  GList Safari 6.200000 is Higher  runtime version  : 6.200000        11/23/14 8:46:53.934 AM Installer[16530]: termina

Safari Text only mode?

is there a prefference or a setting that can be used to disable graphics in safari temporaily ? sometimes when I'm away from the speedy connection at home / work and have to use dial-up on the road, this would be a big help to browse faster. (I know

HT5312 how do you disable cookies

How do you disable cookies in Safari?On Safari's Preferences (command-comma) on the Privacy tab you can set 'Block cookies' to 'Always'. Doing so may affect how some sites behave e.g. you may not be able to stay logged in to websites if you set it to

How can I disable .mp4 videos from playing automatically on Yahoo News? (and elsewhere)

I posted a similar question last week about disabling html5 videos and that seems to have worked. But I notice that when I look at the Yahoo News main page, some videos (thumbnails) are playing automatically as I'm scrolling up and down the page. I f

Html5 youtub videos

since flash is never going to be supported what about html5?YouTube is providing videos via HTML5 with their website, with the option to switch to using HTML5 instead of garbage Flash if you are using a browser that supports HTML5. Safari version 4+

Can't disable Flash

Firefox 13.0.1/Win7x64 - all extensions and plugins disabled, Flash content still loads. Any way to actually disable it other than the (non-working) "disable" button and without uninstalling Flash?Only if Youtube has switched to HTML5. When I be

Stop autoplay ads Safari for iOS?

Is there a way to completely disable autoplay on Safari for iOS (iPad, IPhone)? I hate them with a passion! Why advertisers think that annoying people will make them buy more products is beyond me. . .  I can - and have - disabled them on all my lapt

Hotmail causing safari to freeze

Hi, I am new to this forum do bear with me pls. I have a new mac, and have tried to configurate the hotmail account to the mail progarmme on the mac. Three problems: 1. All of the files over transferred over to the mac from the hotmail account and ha

My computer frezzes constantly and I've tried almost everything.  I just got this report from etrsoft. Can someone please tell me what it says. Thanks

Hardware Information:           iMac (20-inch, Mid 2007)           iMac - model: iMac7,1           1 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2 cores           4 GB RAM Video Information:           ATI,RadeonHD2400 - VRAM: 128 MB System Software:           OS X 1


Both my ISP and iMac Diagnostics indicate that my wi-fi is operational, however, I can access certain websites and not others. In fact, when I click on a video link in Facebook, the video link fails. For websites and links that do not load, the error

Sophos causing widespread system disruptions

Hi all, I've recently rebuilt my system and thought that I'd voice my experiences in the hope in finding some answers.. Particularly pertaining to the Sophos antivirus application. Along with many other I feel that the presence of an antivirus on an